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January 01, 2021
[Commlist] cfp: celebrity and crisis, celebrity in crisis conference
January 03, 2021
[Commlist] PhD position in Roskilde/Denmark: Alternative Media & 1 PhD in Bergen/NO, 1 Teaching post in Leeds/UK
[Commlist] new book: An International Study of Film Museums
January 04, 2021
[Commlist] New issue InMedia French journal of Media Studies (Sorbonne Nouvelle): 8.1 "Ubiquitous Visuality: Towards a Pragmatics of Visual Experience"
[Commlist] Cfp: Future of Journalism
[Commlist] Webinar program - Pop-rock Music and 2000s Cinema
[Commlist] vacancy Assistant Professor, Department of Media and Communications, LSE | focus on gender, sexuality and/or race
[Commlist] Call for Visiting Research Fellows 2021/22 – Department for Media and Communication Studies Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden
[Commlist] CFP: Screening Controversy
[Commlist] New publication: Board Games as Media
January 05, 2021
[Commlist] CFP: Panel 'Emotional political narratives and engagement in contentious politics' as a part of the 15th Conference of the European Sociological Association
[Commlist] CFP: Approaching Race and Ethnicity in Nordic Film Culture
[Commlist] Call for Special Issue Journal Papers: 'New Media and National Identity'
[Commlist] CFP: International Online Conference "Media in America, America in Media"
January 06, 2021
[Commlist] vacancy Dean, College of Communication and Information
[Commlist] EADH2021 - European Association for Digital Humanities - Second International Conference
[Commlist] CFP: Digital Narrative and Interactive Storytelling for Public Engagement with Health and Science
[Commlist] new book: The Evolutionary Dynamics of Discursive Knowledge
January 07, 2021
[Commlist] cfp: Studying digital vulnerabilities, violence and resistance: methodological challenges and epistemological dilemmas in gender and sexualities research
[Commlist] CFP- Special Journal Issue: ‘New Media and National Identity’
[Commlist] Call for Papers — "Media Freedom in Asia: Challenges from Below'
[Commlist] cfp: The Essay Film as a Self-Representational Mode / Ekphrasis - Images, Cinema, Theory, Media
[Commlist] CFP: Issue 7 of "Tecmerin: Journal of Audiovisual Essays"
[Commlist] IJoC Publishes a Special Section on New Feminist Studies in Audiovisual Industries
[Commlist] New special issue: Documentary Film Mutations: New Opportunities for Social Change (Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies)
[Commlist] new issue of Conjunctions. Transdisciplinary Journal of Cultural Participation / special issue on Health, Media and Participation
[Commlist] Call for papers: Media Events in the Age of Global, Digital Networks (Nordic Journal of Media Studies 2022)
[Commlist] Virtual Colloquia - British Audio-Visual Research Network
[Commlist] new book: Music by Numbers
[Commlist] PhD studentship opportunities in photographic history at JOMEC (Cardiff University)
January 08, 2021
[Commlist] cfp: Digital Storytelling for Health
[Commlist] cfp: 6^th Annual International Conference on Communication and Management
[Commlist] Call for Applications - SMART Data Sprint 2021 Lisbon
[Commlist] CfA - PhD Workshop ECREA Crisis Communication Section
[Commlist] 2nd International Conference on Education (EDU2021)
[Commlist] Lectureship in Film and Screen Production at Queen's University, Belfast
[Commlist] Open call: Feminist Media Studies Commentary & Criticism
[Commlist] International Scientific Colloquium Journalism and platforms : Information, infomediation and fake news
[Commlist] New book: "News Values from an Audience Perspective"
[Commlist] 2nd International Hellenic Conference on Political Sciences: Communicating in Politics?
January 10, 2021
[Commlist] New Issue of Health & New Media Research published
[Commlist] Call for Chapters: /The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Digitalisation of Public Diplomacy
January 11, 2021
[Commlist] DIGZOOM spring 2021 online seminar series
[Commlist] PhD studentships in Queen Mary, University of London
[Commlist] Call for Papers: ICCTS 2021: “Global Crises: Media, Politics, and Environment”
[Commlist] Vacancy for Research Associate at Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom in Florence
[Commlist] CfP: IACSS (Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society) 2021, From platforms in cities to the platforming of cities
January 12, 2021
[Commlist] new book: When Media Succumbs to Rising Authoritarianism: Cautionary Tales from Venezuela's Recent History
[Commlist] Special Issue - Covid Communications
[Commlist] CFP Punk Passages: Punk, Ageing and Time – Call for Chapter Proposals
[Commlist] CfP - Community and alternative media Australia - workshop
[Commlist] CFP: Communication Research on Health Disparities
January 13, 2021
[Commlist] Vacancy: Postdoctoral researcher at Oxford
[Commlist] Position Announcement - Visiting Professor of Practice (Open Rank), Morris Professor of Emerging Journalism Practice
[Commlist] Call for contributions AR@K symposium
[Commlist] Open Access Report: Challenges for women musicians in jazz and ways forward for equal gender representation at jazz festivals
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Division of Environment, Science and Risk Communication at NordMedia 2021
[Commlist] new book: Race and Media
[Commlist] Symposium: "Journalism, Media and the Normalization of (Right-Wing) Populism and Nativist Authoritarianism"
January 14, 2021
[Commlist] Funded PhD opportunity - Journalists reporting end-of-life decisions
[Commlist] Workshop: Reflecting on Power and AI: The Case of GPT-3
[Commlist] 2 Tenure-track Assistant Professorships in Creative Technologies / School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design, York University
[Commlist] New Report: (PDF) Women Journalists in Local Media in Turkey Report
[Commlist] Fully funded ESRC General PhD studentships 2021 and South West and Wales AHRC PhD Studentships - JOMEC, Cardiff University, UK
[Commlist] ECSM 2021 Still accepting abstracts for 8th European Conference on Social Media
[Commlist] CFP - Making Monsters: The Production of Terror
[Commlist] Warburg Institute - Times of Festival: Spring 2021
[Commlist] New book: Struggling to be seen: The travails of Palestinian cinema
[Commlist] JIP Special Issue on Communication Rights published
[Commlist] Two issues of ECO-REBEL published
January 15, 2021
[Commlist] Call for Chapters: Mental Health Issues in Fandom
[Commlist] call for book chapters: Communicating health and pandemics in Africa: Theory, Practice, and Guidelines
[Commlist] Research Assistant Job - Film Festivals & COVID-19
[Commlist] New book: Miscommunications Collection
[Commlist] New book: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs New Perspectives on Production, Reception, Legacy
[Commlist] Fully funded doctoral studentship in Media and Communication Studies within the research area of Critical and Cultural Theory, Södertörn
[Commlist] CFP: Realizing Resistance Episode II: Uncharted Galaxies
January 16, 2021
[Commlist] New issue of MATRIZes is published (v. 14, n.2, 2020)
January 17, 2021
[Commlist] New book: The Euro-Western: Reframing Gender, Race and the 'Other' in Film
[Commlist] CfP - journal gamevironments regular issue 2021
[Commlist] Virtual Conference CFP: Revisiting the Warrior Princess and her legacy: Xena 20 years on
January 18, 2021
[Commlist] CFP CHI2021 Workshop: Coping with Messiness in Ethnography: Authority, Bias and Immersion in ethnographic Fieldwork in the non-Western World
[Commlist] NECS Online Lecture Series
[Commlist] TPRC48 Online Graduate Student Research Symposium
[Commlist] CFP: Making Monsters Symposium
[Commlist] 2 Job Vacancies for Research and Teaching Assistants at University of Zurich
[Commlist] Future of Journalism, Cardiff University cfp
[Commlist] New book: The Evolution of the Chinese Internet
January 19, 2021
[Commlist] ACM WebSci'21 | Call for Papers
[Commlist] New posts at Lancaster University
[Commlist] cfp: BledCom 2020 28th International Public Relations Research Symposium
[Commlist] Research Assistant Post: Library Music and Screen Cultures
[Commlist] new book: Nazism and Neo-Nazism in Film and Media
[Commlist] 8th International Congress of Audiovisual Researchers
[Commlist] Call for candidates for the PhD projects 2021 - Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism - Charles University
[Commlist] position Head of the School of Media and Communication, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures University of Leeds, UK
[Commlist] conference Returning to the Page: Visualising Design and Desire in Fan Magazines
[Commlist] CfP ECREA Journalism Education Conference 2021
[Commlist] cfp: Studying digital vulnerabilities, violence and resistance:, methodological challenges and epistemological dilemmas in gender and, sexualities research
January 20, 2021
[Commlist] IAMCR call for Audiovisual Work at Nairobi online 2021 conference
[Commlist] New book: Binge Watching: Motivations and Implications of Our Changing Viewing Behaviors
[Commlist] Call For Papers: ViewFinder Issue 117 - Artificial Intelligence
[Commlist] New anthology from Nordicom: Power, Communication, and Politics in the Nordic Countries
[Commlist] CfP Division of Audience Studies, Nordmedia Conference
[Commlist] CfP: Automation and data-driven journalism beyond the Western world
[Commlist] Job Vacancy at Aarhus University (Postdoc, 2 years)
[Commlist] CFP: Research Conference on “Media Education in an Uncertain and Polarized World”
[Commlist] CFP: Grace Jones: Post-Colonial. Cosmopolitan. Icon.
[Commlist] New issue of SoundEffects journal published
[Commlist] Call for Papers · Spectrology, Haunting and Ghosts · Spring Seminar 2021
[Commlist] Tenure-Track Assistant Prof of Communication, Media and Technology at San Diego State University
[Commlist] Call for articles - Representations of Spain and Latin America in film and audiovisual
January 21, 2021
[Commlist] Call for chapters - "Trans-versal. Sexual and gender dissidents in communication"
[Commlist] Call for proposals - Influence and organizations: cultures (Revue Communication & Organization)
[Commlist] JSTA · Open Call for audiovisual essay submissions (always open)
[Commlist] grants from Sir Lenny Henry Centre for Media Diversity
[Commlist] Call for articles - Media-Enterprise. Discourses and Practices of Cinema and the Media in Corporate Culture cfp
[Commlist] Fully funded PhD Scholarships 2021 - ESRC and AHRC, JOMEC, Cardiff University
[Commlist] The 2nd Biennial Conference on Food & Communication: Discourses on the Future of Food (Conference)
[Commlist] CfP - Community and alternative media Australia - workshop
[Commlist] New Book: Digital Contention in a Divided Society
January 22, 2021
[Commlist] Call for Visiting Faculty (School of Media, Higher School of Economics, Moscow)
[Commlist] CFP: Bilgi IPCC 2021 - Collaborations
[Commlist] Virtual Conference Periodical Print Media outside the Mainstream
[Commlist] Applications for CDCS Post-Doctoral Fellowships 2021-2022
[Commlist] Bristol seminar series on Greece, Rome, and media theory
[Commlist] post-doc announcement “Transformations of the Popular”
January 24, 2021
[Commlist] Call for Chapters: Screening Controversy
[Commlist] Postdoc Position in Communication, Race and Technology
[Commlist] Call for Book Chapters: Opportunities and Challenges for Computational Social, Science Method
[Commlist] CFP: Migrations, Citizenships, Inclusion. Narratives of Plural Italy, between Imaginary and Diversity Politics
January 25, 2021
[Commlist] Special issue of the Journal of Language and Politics on ‘Discourse Theory: Ways forward for theory development and research practice’ (published in print)
[Commlist] CFP MAI: women, spectatorship and the cinema of the real
[Commlist] New book: The Politics of Nordsploitation: History, Industry, Audiences
[Commlist] CFP Tripodos - Gender and Media
[Commlist] New book: Paranoid Visions: Spies, Conspiracies and the Secret State in British Television Drama
[Commlist] Design Ecologies 9 published
[Commlist] CFP: Film on Demand – Streaming Platforms and their Social, Economic and Cultural Impact
[Commlist] New book: Satire, Comedy and Mental Health. Coping with the Limits of Critique
[Commlist] Call For Papers – Contratexto (Peru) – Political communication
[Commlist] CFP Online Symposium: Masculinity in Times of Change 20-22 September 2021
[Commlist] CfP - 9th Annual conference on comparative media studies (CMSTW'2021)
[Commlist] CfP: Transformation of Newsrooms with the Advent of Artificial Intelligence Journalism
[Commlist] Postdoc Fellowships: Stanford Digital Civil Society Lab
January 26, 2021
[Commlist] CFP - ACM Hypertext & Social Media Conference 2021
[Commlist] Call For Papers: Baltic Screen Media Review /- Participation in transition: Rethinking participatory culture
[Commlist] CfP Atmospheres of Unruliness, Resistance and Desolation: Music Videos in the Anthropocene
[Commlist] Spring 2021 Online Research Seminars in Media, Journalism, and Film at Huddersfield
[Commlist] New journal Publication: Versus "Future. A Time of History"
January 27, 2021
[Commlist] Screen Work 2020 Report
[Commlist] Conference CFP #THINKClimaConference "Lobbying for (in)action: Climate Emergence, Interest Groups and Denial"
[Commlist] Call for papers – Comunicazione Politica n. 3/2021 – Covid crisis and political communication
[Commlist] CFP Migrant Belongings: Digital Practices and the Everyday
[Commlist] Publication – Alphaville 20: Doing Women’s Film & Television History
[Commlist] Two vacancies: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Digital Media and Society, University ofSheffield, UK
[Commlist] Job opportunity: Chancellor's Fellow in Race/ Migration/ Postcolonial Studies
[Commlist] International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics 16.3 published
[Commlist] CfP - 8th International Congress of Audiovisual Researchers
January 28, 2021
[Commlist] Journal of Scandinavian Cinema 10.3 published
[Commlist] Call for Book Chapters | Routledge Handbook of Non-Profit Communication
[Commlist] new issue Comunicazioni Sociali - 2020 - 3. Saving the Planet Bit by Bit: Environmental Communication in the Digital Age
[Commlist] CFP: Nightmare Before Christmas
[Commlist] CFP - eSociety track at 'Digital Transformation & Global Society' Conference
[Commlist] Call for workshop participation: feeling digital and reimagining fieldwork during COVID Time
[Commlist] Call for chapter abstracts on Digital Journalism in China
[Commlist] Call for papers: Academic Life in the Pandemic / Special Forum for Communication, Culture, and Critique
[Commlist] New e-book of ICNOVA: Multidisciplinary perspectives on Communication in the context of a Pandemic
[Commlist] new book: New Blood: Critical Approaches to Contemporary Horror
[Commlist] Central European Journal of Communication (Fall 2020) published (open access)
January 29, 2021
[Commlist] Mediating Change colloquium videos
[Commlist] Invitation to submit your audiovisual works to SIEF 2021 audiovisual programme!
[Commlist] CfP “Historical Traces of European Radio Archives, 1930-1960” workshop
[Commlist] Transmedia & Public History job
[Commlist] Call for papers: Sport and mediatization
[Commlist] new book: Doctor Who and Science
[Commlist] new book on citizen videography in Israel and Palestine
[Commlist] International Conference | Stereo & Immersive Media 2021
[Commlist] Call for papers - conference Narrative, Media and Cognition
January 30, 2021
[Commlist] CFP: What does the algorithm want? Psychoanalysis and the Critique of Digital Culture
January 31, 2021
[Commlist] CFP- TRANSLOCAL Journal #3 | Peripheral Cinema(s)
[Commlist] Call for Films: The 11th Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival 2021
February 01, 2021
[Commlist] Professeur-e (permanent-e) en Sciences de la communication et des médiasàl’Université de Fribourg (Suisse) / Professor (tenured) in Communication Studies at the University of Fribourg (Switzerland)
[Commlist] CFP: B-Film PGR Symposium 'Glocal and Regional Cinema'
[Commlist] cfp: Estudos de Jornalismo [Journalism Studies]
[Commlist] CFP: Horror, Cult and Exploitation Media IV
[Commlist] Vacancy: Lecturer in Media and Communication, University of Winchester, UK
[Commlist] CFP: Pharmacologies of Media
[Commlist] Radiofonias' new issue published and CFPs
[Commlist] Call for Papers – Conference and Edited Volume: Artificial Intelligence and the Human – Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Science and Fiction
[Commlist] CfP: 'Books on Screen' Virtual Symposium
February 02, 2021
[Commlist] CFP InVisible Culture Issue 33 "After Douglas Crimp"
[Commlist] International Journal of Communication Announces the Publication of 57 Papers That Published in January
[Commlist] Making It Real: A Policy Programme for UK Documentary Film
[Commlist] VIEW Journal Issue #18: Tele(visualizing) Health published
[Commlist] Two positions in Media Studies at University of Copenhagen
[Commlist] Georgia State University Moving Image Studies PhD Application
[Commlist] New Book: Adapting Performance Between Stage and Screen by Victoria Lowe
[Commlist] Journal of Science & Popular Culture 3.2 is published
[Commlist] New book: The Computer’s Voice
[Commlist] Position as Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Film Studies at University of Copenhagen
February 03, 2021
[Commlist] New Book - Retelling Cinderella: Cultural and Creative Transformations
[Commlist] PGR Scholarships University of Huddersfield
[Commlist] Job: PhD assistant in French and (social) media, Ghent University (Belgium)
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Health & New Media Research
[Commlist] CFP: Algorithms in Film, Television and Sound Cultures:New Ways of Knowing and Storytelling
[Commlist] Film Education Journal - cfp
[Commlist] Lecturer in Promotional Media: Goldsmiths, University of London
[Commlist] New issue of "Razón y Palabra Magazine" published
[Commlist] new special issue on images
[Commlist] new book: COVID-19 from the Margins
[Commlist] Book proposals welcome: New Studies in European Cinema series relaunch
[Commlist] CfP Comunicação & Educação scientific Journal
February 04, 2021
[Commlist] Special issue - Childhoods in transition: Mediating ‘in-between spaces'
[Commlist] latest issue of Music, Sound, and the Moving Image published
[Commlist] CFP: The multiple dimensions of magazine journalism
[Commlist] Call for Chapters - Difficult Death - Edited Collection
[Commlist] New Book: Reading “BlackMirror” Insights into Technology and the Post-Media Condition.
[Commlist] vacancy postdoctoral researcher in digital media
[Commlist] Chinese Film & Screen Conference - CFP
[Commlist] MAST Journal: call for abstracts: Automating Visuality
[Commlist] Call for Papers for Palabra Clave Journal - The Impact of COVID-19 on Communication. Analysis and Retrospective of the Effects of the Pandemic on the Media Ecosystem
[Commlist] New book: Politics and populism across modes and media
[Commlist] New Book: (W)archives: Archival Imaginaries, War, and Contemporary Art
February 05, 2021
[Commlist] new issue "Sources – Meaning – Experience" published
[Commlist] New post: lectureship in game design
[Commlist] CFA: Beyond Fake News: Mitigating Epistemically Toxic Content
February 06, 2021
[Commlist] TVLT "Media Awards: Beyond the EGOT" CFP
[Commlist] cfp: Edited anniversary collection on Disney’s /Frozen/ (2013)
[Commlist] New book: Photography Off the Scale
[Commlist] 3 open faculty positions at Texas Tech University
[Commlist] CFP: DePaul Pop Culture Conference
[Commlist] Southampton CIFR talk series schedule
[Commlist] Recent publication - The Politics of Technology in Latin America Volume 1 and Volume 2
[Commlist] cfp: Queer Representation: Pasts, Presents, Futures Conference
[Commlist] New book: Analysing Politics and Protest in Digital Popular Culture: A multimodal approach
February 07, 2021
[Commlist] job: call for Animators & Filmmakers for World Media Literacy Forum
[Commlist] cfp: How to survive within the information flood around COVID-19
[Commlist] CFP: STS for a post-truth age: comparative dialogues on reflexivity
February 08, 2021
[Commlist] CFP: Singing Out: The Musical Voice in Audiovisual Media
[Commlist] New Tools for ‘Distanced’ Anthropological Research: Webscraping and Ethnography of Digital Cultures in/of Africa
[Commlist] CfP: The First Annual Conference of a Platform Governance Research Network
[Commlist] Frames Cinema Journal CFP: Issue 18, Phone Camera at the Intersection of Technology, Politics, and Transmedia Storytelling
[Commlist] CFP Tripodos - Narratives in Dispute: Epistemological Approaches to Conflict, Peace and Security
[Commlist] New Book - Re-Imagining Communication in Africa and the Caribbean: Global South Issues in Media, Culture and Technology
[Commlist] Lecturer in Digital Journalism at Birkbeck, University of London
[Commlist] ACM CHI'21 Workshop, 2nd CfP: Developing participatory digital citizenship to address the crisis of democracy (online)
[Commlist] CFP: Global queer fandoms of Asian media and celebrities
[Commlist] New book: Intergenerational Locative Play: Augmenting Family
February 09, 2021
[Commlist] special issue on "Communication Flows in the European Elections: Amid Populism and Euroscepticism". published
[Commlist] New Book: Language of Tomorrow
[Commlist] JOMEC Research Seminars
[Commlist] CfP 4S Conference 2021: “Corona Truth Wars: Testing and Contesting Knowledge in a Hyper-Mobile Pandemic”
[Commlist] WPPC - new issue, open call for papers
February 10, 2021
[Commlist] CfP Special Issue 'Algorithmic Antagonisms: Resistance, Reconfiguration, and Renaissance' for Computational Life
[Commlist] GMD, Volume 3, Issue 1 published
[Commlist] new book: The Globally Familiar: Digital Hip Hop, Masculinity, and Urban Space in Delhi
[Commlist] call for paper "La valle dell'Eden" #39
[Commlist] Open call for special issues - Conjunctions
February 11, 2021
[Commlist] cfp 4s Toronto: 7. Academic Automation, Machine Un/Learning and Artificial Non/Intelligence
[Commlist] CFP Conference on Computer-Mediated Communication and Social Media Corpora 2021
[Commlist] Periodicals symposium
[Commlist] JICMS CFP: Giallo! The Long History of Italian Television Crime Drama
[Commlist] IJCMR Editorial Opportunity: Managing Editor
February 12, 2021
[Commlist] CfP: Visible Evidence XXVII: Documentary and Democracy in Crisis
[Commlist] new book: Performance of participation
[Commlist] Call for Book Proposals: Protest, Media and Culture
[Commlist] CfP 4S Conference 2021: 89 “Food for care: Interrogating practices of eating in troubled worlds”
[Commlist] News: Journal for Discourse Studies (JfDS)
[Commlist] New Book: Screen Love: Queer Intimacies in the Grindr Era by Tom Roach
[Commlist] Research Seminar Series: Science, Health, & Data Communication
[Commlist] WPCC Journal - Open call for Papers March 2021
[Commlist] Communication, Culture & Critique Special Issue Calls "Centering Women on Post-2010 Chinese TV" and "Global TV Images of Female Masculinity"
[Commlist] new issue PUBLIC 61: Currencies of Hospitality published
February 13, 2021
[Commlist] Call for papers: Covid-19 as a Global Crisis - International Journal of Cultural Studies
[Commlist] Call For Editors - Contratexto Journal of Communication (Peru)
February 15, 2021
[Commlist] Postdoctoral RA at Keele University
[Commlist] Funded PhD opportunity: British cinema and genre
[Commlist] Metal Music Studies 7.1 published (Special Section: 'Metal Music Studies in Latin America')
[Commlist] new book: Photography from the Turin Shroud to the Turing Machine
[Commlist] Sound on Screen Conference CfP
[Commlist] cfp 8th International Congress of Audiovisual Researchers
[Commlist] New Book: Mapping Precarity
[Commlist] New book on community radio in the UK
February 16, 2021
[Commlist] New book: A Europa da (In)comunicação - The Europe of (In)Communication
[Commlist] CfA: Researching Climate Change Communication
[Commlist] cfp: 9th Graduate Spring School & Research conference on Comparative Media Systems
[Commlist] New book: Desigualdades Digitais no contexto da Sociedade da Informação
[Commlist] cfp: 8th International Research Seminar on Media and Everyday Life
[Commlist] Recording it Ourselves: A Day Event about DIY Cultures, Information, Archives and Heritage (online event)
[Commlist] Tenure Track Faculty Position – Corporate or Marketing Communication
[Commlist] Call: Thematic Panels, Roundtables, and Indigenous & Ethnographic Films Exhibition
[Commlist] cfp Cardiff University biennial Future of Journalism Conference
[Commlist] Call for Papers - The Shifting Ecologies of Photochemical Film in the Digital Era
[Commlist] new book: Social media and everyday life in South Africa
February 17, 2021
[Commlist] CFP: gender and media matters: widening the horizons of the field of study
[Commlist] Call for Papers - Dossier "100 Years of Paulo Freire"
[Commlist] PhD Scholarships at the UCA
February 18, 2021
[Commlist] IJoC Publishes a Special Section on Comparative Approaches to Mis/Disinformation
[Commlist] Call for papers – Problemi dell'Informazione n. 3/2021 – Media and Diversity
[Commlist] MIX 2021: Amplified Publishing
[Commlist] CFP - eSociety track at 'Digital Transformation & Global Society' Conference
[Commlist] 90 new titles from the BFI, on Screen Studies
[Commlist] New book: The Handbook of Peer Production
[Commlist] NordMedia 2021 call for abstracts
February 19, 2021
[Commlist] special issue: Communication in Defense of Nonhuman Animals During an Extinction and Climate Crisis
[Commlist] Call for Applications from PhD Researchers. Voices at the Margins Cultural Memory Theory and Methodology Summer School
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Global Hip-Hop Studies (Special Issue: ‘Breaking and the Olympics’)
[Commlist] cfp CEECOM 2021
February 20, 2021
[Commlist] CFP Inquiring healing across screen cultures: Recuperating narratives, mediums, and creativities
[Commlist] CfP CS 3/2021 - Theatres and politics today. Lights and shadows of a long relationship
[Commlist] CFP Issue 7 of "Tecmerin: Journal of Audiovisual Essays"
February 21, 2021
[Commlist] Gothic Studies Forum CFPs for MLA 2022 Convention
[Commlist] Online Publication – Teaching Nontheatrical and Useful Media
February 22, 2021
[Commlist] Research Assistant Post
[Commlist] Call for abstracts: 'Media and the Far-Right'
[Commlist] CFPs for submissions to Colloquy: Text, Theory, Critique journal
[Commlist] Call for Papers - Information and Communication Technologies’ Role in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage/Essachess - Journal for Communication Studies
[Commlist] CfP on "British and Irish Radio in the 21st Century"
[Commlist] TPRC49 September 2021 Call for Papers
[Commlist] new book: The Huawei Model: The Rise of China’s Technology Giant
February 23, 2021
[Commlist] Algorithms in Film, Television and Sound Cultures: New Ways of Knowing and Storytelling Online Conference
[Commlist] new book: Telenovelas and Transformation
[Commlist] Paulo Freire Centennial Cycle
[Commlist] Cfp: Turkish Review of Communication Studies December 2021 Issue
February 25, 2021
[Commlist] Zoom conference Narrative, Media and Cognition VI
[Commlist] CFP: Digital Matters: Designing/Performing Agency for the Anthropocene
[Commlist] Doctoral Scholarship Opportunities - School of Arts and Creative Industries, London South Bank University
[Commlist] CFP: Special Issue - “Popular Communication in Lockdown: Production, Distribution and Reception in the Age of COVID19”
[Commlist] CFP Making Monsters UEA Reminder
[Commlist] Call ECREA Journalism Education Conference 2021
[Commlist] Vacancy: Postdoctoral researcher in digital media - University of Helsinki
[Commlist] CfP Media Building
[Commlist] Call for Book Chapters: Opportunities and Challenges for Computational Social Science Method
[Commlist] New book: Post-Horror: Art, Genre, and Cultural Elevation
[Commlist] CfA: Digital Methods in Action: Use, Challenges and Prospects
[Commlist] Call for papers for the Virtual Conference of the International Journal of Press/Politics
[Commlist] PhD scholarship - Chinese film aesthetics, Univ of Nottingham Ningbo
[Commlist] Digital Delights & Disturbances (DDD) Online Lecture Series Spring 2021
[Commlist] IJFMA - Call for Papers
February 26, 2021
[Commlist] New post Research Fellow Screen Skills, USW
[Commlist] conference: Social Media, Fake News and Hate Speech
[Commlist] Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds 12.3 published
[Commlist] CfP journal gamevironments Special Issue "End Games: Apocalyptic Play"
[Commlist] new Auteur Film Studies collection on Screen Studies published
[Commlist] English version of MATRIZes dedicated to Armand and Michèle Mattelart is published
[Commlist] Gonzaga University seeking full-time, renewable Lecturer in Communication Studies
[Commlist] cfp: The Superhero Project V
[Commlist] G|A|M|E Games as Art, Media, Entertainment – Issues 8 & 9 publication announcement
[Commlist] cfp: Conference on Latin America
[Commlist] New Book on Intercultural Communication
[Commlist] Two vacancies: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Digital Media and Society, University of Sheffield, DEADLINE 1st March 2021
[Commlist] Frames Cinema Journal CfP: Phone Camera at the Intersection of Technology, Politics, and Transmedia Storytelling
[Commlist] cfp Latin American non-fiction Hipertext journal
[Commlist] CFP: Algorithms in Film, Television and Sound Cultures:New Ways of Knowing and Storytelling
[Commlist] Conference: 'Gothic in a Time of Contagion, Populism and Racial Injustice'
[Commlist] Conference call: the Humanities and the apocalypse
[Commlist] CFP MedieKultur, Special Issue: Digital activism and participation: affect, feelings and politics
February 27, 2021
[Commlist] Call for Papers - Chasqui, Latin American Journal of Communication n. 147
[Commlist] IJFMA - Call for Papers: Animated space
[Commlist] New Book - Algorithms and the End of Politics: How Technology Shapes 21st-Century American Life
[Commlist] CfP: Dissonant Loves - The Conviviality of Contemporary Sound Diasporas
[Commlist] Call for Papers - Interactions (Journal) Special Edition in conjunction with the Radio Studies Network
[Commlist] New issue of Global Media Journal - German Edition published
[Commlist] CfP Special Issue "Revisiting Teaching and Games" journal gamevironments
[Commlist] 2021 SERCIA Conference - Call for Papers
[Commlist] Call for contributions - Glossary of decentralised technosocial systems
March 01, 2021
[Commlist] cfp: International Conference Borderline Sonorities
[Commlist] Associate Prof/Prof in Screen Arts & Digital Media, University of Bristol
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Media Education in an Uncertain and Polarized World Conference
[Commlist] 'Extrapolating Nostalgia': Special Issue on Nostalgia and Science Fiction, Science Fiction Studies
[Commlist] CfP: CARP 2021 Cancel Culture Conference
[Commlist] Online CES Summer Schhol | Technology, Big Data and International Relations | 28 June - 2 July 2021
March 02, 2021
[Commlist] Senior Lecturer in Film, Television and Digital Screen Arts
[Commlist] Journal issue: "Environment, nature and communication in the anthropocene era"
[Commlist] Death Online Research Symposium #5, April 21-23 2021
[Commlist] CfP Discourse, Intersectionality, Critique: Theory, Methods and Practice
[Commlist] cfp: JCMR Vol. 13 No. 2, October 2021 issue: 27 days to go
[Commlist] cfp: 'The Social, Political and Ideological Semiotics of Comics and Cartoons'
[Commlist] International Journal of Communication Announces the Publication of 31 Papers that Published in FEBRUARY
March 03, 2021
[Commlist] CFP for (Online) Irish Screen Studies Seminar 2021
[Commlist] CFP IFM Conf 2021
[Commlist] Lecturer in Media, Communications and Cultural Studies
[Commlist] Public Relations and Journalism Lecturer Post at Swansea University
[Commlist] New book - Fashion Media and Sustainability
[Commlist] International Visual Methods Conference Seven, Cape Town Dec 2021
[Commlist] Call for sessions –Tenth Finnish Conference of Cultural Studies “Joy”, 8th –10th December 2021
March 04, 2021
[Commlist] Call for Abstracts: Pharmacologies of Media (Reminder)
[Commlist] CFP Interactive Film and Media Conference 2021
[Commlist] New Book: Starring Tom Cruise Edited Collection
[Commlist] Lecturer in Digital Media Design at Birkbeck, University of London
[Commlist] CFP: Queer Representation: Pasts, Presents, Futures Conference
[Commlist] CFP Steve McQueen symposium
[Commlist] New book - The Fight Against Platform Capitalism
[Commlist] eSociety track at 'Digital Transformation & Global Society' Conference
[Commlist] cfp The Routledge Handbook of Soft Power 2nd Edition
[Commlist] From Street to Screen: Charles Burnett’s Killer of Sheep
[Commlist] Conference announcement: New Materialist Informatics
March 05, 2021
[Commlist] Call for Abstracts: Media and the Far-Right
[Commlist] three vacancies @Centre for Media and Journalism Studies, University of Groningen
[Commlist] Call for Papers for Doctoral Congress in Mass Communication
March 07, 2021
[Commlist] Call for Abstracts for I Conference on International Cinema
[Commlist] CFP Digital Journalism Journal Special Edition - 'Disrupting and resettling the local in digital news spaces'
[Commlist] Appel_Postdoc_GRCP//Call_Postdoctoral_Fellowship_GRCP
March 09, 2021
[Commlist] Affirmative Feminism Seminar Series
[Commlist] Call for Papers: MIX 2021: Amplified Publishing
[Commlist] Call for Abstracts: Media and the Palestinian Cause - Reality and Expectations (MPCRE)
[Commlist] Lectureship in Interactive Media at the University of York, UK
[Commlist] CFP: Biennial Conference on Food and Comms
[Commlist] CFP Glocal Street Art
[Commlist] New Book: The Cultural Impact of RuPaul’s Drag Race edited by Cameron Crookston
[Commlist] Call for Papers - FIAT/IFTA Media Study Grants 2021
[Commlist] Call for Chapters - The Mediation of Sustainability: The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Social Movements and Public Discourse
[Commlist] Assistant or Associate Professor in Organizational and Strategic Communication
[Commlist] Two PhD positions at the University of Stavanger
[Commlist] cfp - IAMCR Symposium - "Being Marginal- Performing Raced and Gendered Labour"
[Commlist] New Report about gender inequality in the Israeli film industry
[Commlist] Postdoctoral Tenure Track Postdoc Position on Race and Media at The New School School of Media Studies
[Commlist] CFP: Kubrick and Race
March 10, 2021
[Commlist] CfA Fellowships at the Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS)
[Commlist] WPPC - new issue, open call for papers: Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture
[Commlist] cfp: Conference “Religious Identity and the Media. Methods, concepts, and new research avenues”
[Commlist] Doctoral Congress in Mass Communication 2021
[Commlist] Everywhere It Is Machines Seminar Series
[Commlist] CFP: ReFocus: The Films of JoaquínJordá
[Commlist] Lecturer in Promotional Media: Goldsmiths, University of London
[Commlist] Open Rank Position in Communication Studies (tenure-track) - University of Haifa
[Commlist] CFP Children, Youth and Devices: New Communication Phenomena and New Product Creators
[Commlist] CFP - ComunicaçãoPública | The New Territories of the Podcast
[Commlist] Call for Participants - ECREA Summer School 2021
[Commlist] Fulltime assistant professor in Media Policy
[Commlist] CFP Television Histories in Development conference
March 11, 2021
[Commlist] Call for participation: HSE Summer School in Experimental Methods & Simulations in Social and Cognitive Science
[Commlist] Call for papers - comments, hate speech, disinformation, and public communication regulation
[Commlist] South Asian Filmscapes: Transregional Encounters edited by Elora Halim Chowdhury & Esha Niyogi De
[Commlist] Call for Proposals: Indigenous Language Media and Development Communication (Book Project)
[Commlist] New Nordicom Review Special Issue published: "Uncivility, Racism, and Populism: Discourses and interactive practices in anti- & post-democratic communication"
[Commlist] Cfp: Interactivity and Virtual Reality
[Commlist] Vacancy: Full-time academic position in Strategic Communication at ULB (Brussels)
March 12, 2021
[Commlist] New book "Arab Media Systems" published
[Commlist] Programme leader Post for Journalism in the Liverpool Screen School
[Commlist] vacancy: Professor in Creative Practice
[Commlist] Screenworks Vol 11.1 - Elisabeth Brun’s Thinking Through Form
[Commlist] cfp: Conference Migrations, Citizenships, Inclusion
[Commlist] CFP: International Congress "The cinematographic stardom in Spain": Actresses under Francoism
[Commlist] Tenure Track Position in Television-Production at Ryerson University, Toronto
March 13, 2021
[Commlist] Moscow International Research-to-Practice Conference: Medialandscape of Russia and the world: past, present, future
[Commlist] JICMS 9:2, 2021 published
[Commlist] CFP: Edited anniversary collection on Disney's "Frozen" (2013)
March 14, 2021
[Commlist] CFP: What does the algorithm want?
[Commlist] CFP Convergence Special Issue 'Conspiracy Theories in Digital Environments'
March 15, 2021
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Journal of Environmental Media (Special Issue: ‘Seeing the (In)Justice of Sustainability: Visualizing Inequality at the Centre of Climate Change Communication’)
[Commlist] CFP for Doctoral Congress in Mass Communication
[Commlist] Now published : Multiple Reviews of : ‘'The Social Dilemma'' , film Dir by Jeff Orlowski (Netflix)
[Commlist] PhD scholarship in Media and Communication studies, Lund University Sweden
[Commlist] Call for proposals: Media, social movements and protest cultures in Africa
[Commlist] New book: Independent Filmmaking in South East Asia
[Commlist] housekeeping message - change of email address in "From:" field of the commlist
[Commlist] New book: Discourses of Perfection: Representing Cosmetic Procedures and Beauty Products in UK Lifestyle Magazines
March 16, 2021
[Commlist] CfP: 12th International Music Business Research Days - Staging popular music: sustainable music ecologies for artists, industries and cities
[Commlist] Communications - Issue 1 (Vol. 46) published
[Commlist] Internet Histories, Volume 5, Issue 1, March 2021 published
[Commlist] CFP: “Nordic Speculative Fiction”
[Commlist] CfP - Opting Out of Pandemic Digitalities: Digital Disengagement and Covid-19
[Commlist] Spring Online Seminar for Church Communication Offices - University of Santa Croce
[Commlist] Online Series on AI and Online Hate Speech in the Global South
[Commlist] CFP: Beyond the Echo Chamber – The Tactical Use of Social Media in Social Movements
[Commlist] 2021 Children's Media Conference CFP
March 17, 2021
[Commlist] Sound, Art and Media CFP
[Commlist] Call for Chapters: Coronavirus, Crisis and Culture
[Commlist] CfP – NECSUS Spring 2022_#Rumors
[Commlist] New book series: Palgrave Studies in Digital Inequalities. Call for book proposals
[Commlist] PhD Studentship in Photography
[Commlist] World of Media 1-2021 published
[Commlist] Public Relations - Handbooks of Communication Science 27
[Commlist] 200 years of the Guardian conference
[Commlist] New Book: Beijing Film Academy Yearbook 2018
[Commlist] PhD course audience practices in the age of datafication
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Medical Culture in East Asian Cinema and Media
[Commlist] PhD places and stipends @ Liverpool in China
[Commlist] Call for Chapters: Coronavirus, Crisis and Culture
[Commlist] CfP: Film Education Journal - Decolonising Film Education
March 18, 2021
[Commlist] Carleton University CGC Conference: Transitioning
[Commlist] New Book: Communication Policies and Creative Economy. The Challenge of Culture and Local Development / Políticas de Comunicación y Economía Creativa. El Reto de la Cultura y el Desarrollo Local.
[Commlist] CFP: eSociety track at 'Digital Transformation & Global Society' Conference
[Commlist] CfP: Special Section “Digital Memory & Populism” in the International Journal of Communication (IJoC)
[Commlist] CfP – AoIR '21 Panel on The in(ter)dependencies of mobile online and offline spaces: Reflections on methods, practices, ethics
[Commlist] Global Perspectives on Amateur Film Histories and Cultures Edited
March 19, 2021
[Commlist] New book: Unsettled Voices: Beyond Free Speech in the Late Liberal Era
[Commlist] CFC an anthology about amazon
[Commlist] M/C Journal. Special Issue: ‘Design’
[Commlist] New Kinomatics Post-doc position at University of Alberta
[Commlist] CFP - Multi-platform and Connecting Communities: Contemporary Challenges for Minority Language Media
[Commlist] New book: Marxist Humanism and Communication Theory
March 20, 2021
[Commlist] cfp: Exclusions in the History and Historiography of Communication Studies precon
[Commlist] Fashion, Style & Popular Culture 8.1 (Special Issue: ‘Black Lives Matter: Fashion, Style & Aesthetics’) published
[Commlist] Issue 9, Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism published
March 21, 2021
[Commlist] New Book: Mujahid Film: Usmar Ismail
March 22, 2021
[Commlist] Call for papers - Journal of Contemporary Media and Communication Research (JCMCR)
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Digital Narrative and Interactive Storytelling for Public Engagement with Health and Science
[Commlist] CFP: Steve McQueen
[Commlist] Vacant position: Associate professor in media studies and climate change
[Commlist] Women's Work in PR: Call for Papers
[Commlist] CFP: 13th Central and Eastern European Communication and Media Conference (CEECOM 2021)
[Commlist] CFP: 5th International Conference ComSymbol-Mediatization, New Forms of Militancy and Digitalization
[Commlist] CFP: Folia Toruniensia
[Commlist] Call for papers: Past and present intersections among Italian, Russian, Soviet and post-socialist cinemas and media
[Commlist] Call for applications: Postdoctoral Fellowships 2021-2022
[Commlist] Call for Papers: The Slasher Studies Massacre conference
[Commlist] Online PhD course: Researching Transnational Television
[Commlist] Journal of Screenwriting 12.1 published
[Commlist] ART/DATA/HEALTH seminar series-Communicating public health data creatively
[Commlist] International Visual Methods Conference Seven, Cape Town Dec 2021
[Commlist] Tenure Track Position in Music Industries
March 23, 2021
[Commlist] CFP Ekprasis on Essay Film
[Commlist] cfp: The Dark Side of Organizational Socialization
[Commlist] CFP: Decelerated Academy? Enclosures, Enthusiasms, and Epidemics
[Commlist] Call for conference papers: How to survive within the information flood around COVID-19
[Commlist] CFP - Secondhand Cultures in Unsettled Times - Virtual Symposium
[Commlist] Call for Papers: What's Next for Media Development?
[Commlist] CFP – urban assemblage: the city as architecture, media, AI and big data.
[Commlist] online PhD course “Autoethnographic methods: Building ethnographic reflexivity through creative arts-based practice”
March 24, 2021
[Commlist] Lectureship in Creative Industries at QMUL
[Commlist] CFP Inquiring healing across screen cultures: Recuperating narratives, mediums, and creativities
[Commlist] New book: Creative Control: The Ambivalence of Work in the Culture Industries
March 25, 2021
[Commlist] Call for Abstracts. World Cinema International Conference
[Commlist] Conference: Covid, Culture and Communication (CCC)
[Commlist] New book series from Bloomsbury: Global East Asian Screen Cultures
[Commlist] New book: Game Production Studies edited collection
[Commlist] Vacancy: Lecturer in Film Studies (Production)
March 27, 2021
[Commlist] CFP: Re-introductions to Cultural Science
[Commlist] The Global and the Local in Postmillennial Europe': 9th International SELICUP Conference - Call for Papers
[Commlist] New book: Desire After Dark
[Commlist] New Book: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - A Game Music Companion
[Commlist] Senior Lecturer in Media Production (Immersive Media)
[Commlist] New 2D Digital Animation post at Hertfordshire
[Commlist] Discourse and Discord in CSR initiatives - Call for Papers
March 29, 2021
[Commlist] cfp: Symposium Therapeutic Narratives
[Commlist] vacancy: Professor of Practice (Journalism)
[Commlist] New Book on Women Producers and Engineers in the UK
[Commlist] PhD opportunity: " Syrian Identities in the UK "
[Commlist] CfP “Historical Traces of European Radio Archives, 1930-1960” workshop
[Commlist] CFP Rethinking Culture, Media and Creative Industries in the Era of Covid, CMCI Online Conference
[Commlist] FilmForum 2021 Postcinema Session 29th/30th March "Vulnerable Media"
[Commlist] CFP: AusSTS 2021: Situated Practice — A multi-sited workshop
[Commlist] CFP:Special Issue of Interactions Journal: ‘Dream Factories: Prince, Sign O’ The Times, Box Sets & Cultural Artefacts.’
March 30, 2021
[Commlist] Vacancy: Assistant Professor of Film Studies
[Commlist] Conference registration for Migrant Belongings: Digital Practices & the Everyday
[Commlist] CfP: Queer Cultures in Digital Asia
[Commlist] CARGC Fellows Early Career Symposium: “No Going Back: Global Communication and Post-Pandemic Politics”
[Commlist] New Book: Narrating the City: Mediated Representations of Architecture, Urban Forms and Social Life
[Commlist] Call for Papers - "Habitual New Media" - Journal of Communications and Languages
[Commlist] International Journal of Communication - 26 Papers published in MARCH
[Commlist] Social Media: A Critical Introduction - new third book edition
[Commlist] Call for papers "Global Maradona", Funes Journal of Narratives and Social Sciences / Eracle Journal of Sport and Social Sciences
[Commlist] cfp International Design and Cinema Symposium
March 31, 2021
[Commlist] CfP Queer Cultures in Digital Asia
[Commlist] cfp: TEBEC Conference
[Commlist] CFP. Time to Re-shape the Digital Society International Conference
[Commlist] cfp: Media Building
[Commlist] Viral Culture: New Issue of Cultural Politics published
[Commlist] New Book: Radical Secrecy: The Ends of Transparency in Datafied America
[Commlist] new book: Gaming Utopia
[Commlist] New publication from Nordicom: Nordicom Review Special Issue "Media Systems in "the other" Nordic Countries and Autonomous Regions”
April 01, 2021
[Commlist] Walking Festival of Sound 2021 / April 5-25
[Commlist] CFP - I World Cinema International Conference
[Commlist] MAB20: DIY & more-than-human media architecture workshop - cfp
[Commlist] Besides the Screen - Conference CFP
[Commlist] Call for papers - Thematic Dossier on "The new territories of the podcast"
[Commlist] cfp: Estudos de Jornalismo [journalism studies journal]
April 02, 2021
[Commlist] 'Visual Studies': Call for Proposals for NMRs and Translations
[Commlist] CFP - Digital Inclusion Policy and Research Conference (DIPRC) - September 2021
April 03, 2021
[Commlist] Data Then and Now seminar series 2021
[Commlist] MM2021 - cfp
April 05, 2021
[Commlist] "Narrating Cold Wars" – Call for Proposals
[Commlist] call for candidates: Thessaloniki International Media Summer Academy
[Commlist] New Book: Media and Public Relations Research in Post-Socialist Societies
[Commlist] CFP Conviviality
April 06, 2021
[Commlist] Call for Papers - FIAT/IFTA Media Study Grants 2021
[Commlist] Histories of AI: Imaginaries and Materialities - Online Seminar
[Commlist] Sound System Outernational #7 - Conference CFP
[Commlist] CFP - European Journal of American Studies
April 07, 2021
[Commlist] What is Communication? (2021) Speaker Series
[Commlist] Fwd: Call for contributions: Student video essay competition on queer media
[Commlist] CFP: "Internationalisation Interrupted" workshop
[Commlist] 8th European Communication Conference
[Commlist] New book on Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt
[Commlist] Online Workshop: Schools of Thought in Communication Studies
[Commlist] cfp conference - Reconfigurations
[Commlist] East Asian Journal of Popular Culture 7.1 published
[Commlist] CFP: Qualitative Health Communication
[Commlist] Horror Studies 12.1 published
April 08, 2021
[Commlist] CfP: Transformation of Newsrooms with the Advent of Artificial Intelligence Journalism
[Commlist] New book : Television Drama in the Age of Streaming
[Commlist] Call for anthology chapters: Audiovisual content for children and adolescents in the Nordics
[Commlist] PhD scholarship opportunity - Stories of Hope and Action: Climate change futures explored through narrative practices in an Australian museum
[Commlist] Mediating Italy in Global Culture Summer School, IV Edition - Call for Applications
April 09, 2021
[Commlist] open access special issue on Arts-based research in Communication and media studies
[Commlist] Call for papers - comments, hate speech, disinformation, and public communication regulation
[Commlist] Call for Chapters. Silver Screens: Ageing Masculinities in Contemporary [European and Anglophone] Screen Cultures
[Commlist] Old media persistence, Ecrea post-conference CFP
[Commlist] Call for chapters. Digital Inequalities in Multicultural Contexts: A Global Perspective
[Commlist] Call for chapters - Racializing Media Policy
April 11, 2021
[Commlist] Cfp International Conference: Stereo & Immersive Media 2021
[Commlist] CFP - Multi-platform and Connecting Communities: Contemporary Challenges for Minority Language Media
[Commlist] Fwd: [CULTSTUD-L] Assistant Professor of Global Media Communication at National University of Singapore (NUS)
[Commlist] JCMR Releases Vol. 13, No. 1, April 2021 edition – 26th Issue
[Commlist] Online Workshop: Beyond Fake News: Mitigating the Spread of Epistemically Toxic Content
April 12, 2021
[Commlist] Lecturer in Digital Media and Communication – Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Digital Inclusion, Policy and Research Conference (DIPRC)
[Commlist] CFP Steve McQueen deadline
[Commlist] Menstruation in the Media: Call for Contributions
[Commlist] Book publication from the international Game of Thrones project
April 13, 2021
[Commlist] Call for participation: Workshop “Designing Web-based Experiments” (WebSci’21)
[Commlist] CFP: 13th International Seminar on the Origins and History of Cinema: Virtual worlds in early cinema: devices, aesthetics and audiences
[Commlist] CFP interactive film and media conference
[Commlist] Vacancy for SL in Digital Advertising at London College of Communication
[Commlist] Job Opportunity - LSE Fellow in Media, Communication and Development
[Commlist] Call for participation: HSE Summer School in Experimental Methods & Simulations in Social and Cognitive Science
[Commlist] Political Economy of Communication issue 8.2 published
[Commlist] Adam Curtis Conference Call for Papers
April 14, 2021
[Commlist] Difficult Death Call for Chapter Abstracts
[Commlist] CFP Interactive Film and Media Conference 2021
[Commlist] Virtual conference: Shifting Learning & Teaching Online
[Commlist] Virtual Conference CFP - Behind the Screen and Off the Stage: Film and Television Representations of American Entertainment
[Commlist] Book and Print Initiative - Summer Term 2021
[Commlist] CFP: Transitions in tension. Controversies and tensions around ecological transitions - Transitions en tension - Transiciones en tensión
[Commlist] Inaugural Issue of the Chinese Independent Cinema Observer published
April 16, 2021
[Commlist] call for IAMCR conference hosts
[Commlist] Call for chapters -1st Volume of the series Reflections on Fashion Design and Media
[Commlist] CfP Gender and Media Matters
[Commlist] CFP Postcolonial publics: art and citizen media in Europe
[Commlist] Conference: Innovative Planet Go Mobile – Stay Sustainable
[Commlist] New book: Biographical Television Drama
April 18, 2021
[Commlist] Call for Abstracts. I World Cinema International Conference
[Commlist] Technology and Tradition Academic Conference
April 19, 2021
[Commlist] Augmented Cities Conference (21st- 23rd April 2021) - Where did the Night Go?
[Commlist] CFP - Singing Out: The Musical Voice in Audiovisual Media
April 20, 2021
[Commlist] Call for Papers Critical Perspectives on the Films of Adam Curtis
[Commlist] Call for contributions to Open Access anthology about online surveillance
[Commlist] CFP reminder: Television Histories in Development conference
[Commlist] International Visual Methods Conference Seven, Cape Town Dec 2021
[Commlist] Conference Communication & Cultural Policy in the Age of the Platform
[Commlist] Anthem Press: Call for Proposals, Anthem Studies in Emerging Media and Society
[Commlist] Issue 22 of Miranda published : "Unheard Possibilities: Reappraising Classical Film Music Scoring and Analysis”
April 21, 2021
[Commlist] New issue of Media & Jornalismo is published (v. 21, n.38, 2021)
[Commlist] PhD course: The datafication of the media industry – infrastructures of data and networks in the future of media
[Commlist] New book: The Other Side of the Digital: The Sacrificial Economy of New Media
[Commlist] Irish Screen Studies Seminar 2021
April 22, 2021
[Commlist] Call for Documentary/Activist Films, Video Art Projects and Activist Talks – IIPPE Conference
[Commlist] European Film Remakes (new book)
[Commlist] New book: Musicals at the Margins
[Commlist] Job opportunities at Edinburgh Napier University
[Commlist] cfp: special issue "Migrations / Mediations. Promoting transcultural dialogue through media, arts and culture"
[Commlist] New Book: Trans-Global Punk Scenes: The Punk Reader Volume 2
[Commlist] CFP: Wide Screen 9.1 2021
[Commlist] Programme and Registration - Queer Representation: Pasts, Presents, Futures Conference
[Commlist] New open access book: On Boredom
April 23, 2021
[Commlist] Job Opportunity - 2 Postdocs in Cultural Data Analytics at Tallinn University
[Commlist] Conference: Bilgi IPCC 2021 – Interdisciplinary PhD Communication Conference
[Commlist] Call for papers: Indigenous Journalism and Self-Determination Conference
[Commlist] New book: Lesbians on Television available open access
[Commlist] RECSM Summer Methods School 2021
April 24, 2021
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Media Education in an Uncertain and Polarized World Conference
[Commlist] cfp: MAB20: DIY & more-than-human media architecture workshop
[Commlist] SSO #7 Call for Participation: Sound System Outernational #7 online
April 26, 2021
[Commlist] CFP The Somatechnics of Research
[Commlist] Call for Submissions: Decolonising Film and Screen Studies
[Commlist] CFP: Television Histories in Development conference
[Commlist] CfP: new forms of reach, impact and significance
[Commlist] Digital Humanities Research Hub seminar series
[Commlist] CFP: Reimagining the Victim in Post-1970s Horror Media
[Commlist] CFP: A peer-reviewed journal Mediální studia / Media Studies 3/2021 Issue
[Commlist] New Book: Gothic Theory and Aesthetics
[Commlist] Call for book chapters: “The Handbook of Applied Journalism and Media Studies - Investigating Journalism Practice Across Regions and Cultures”
April 27, 2021
[Commlist] new book: The Machinic City: Media, Performance and Participation
[Commlist] CFP: Special Collection: Translation, Remediation, Spread: The Global Circulation of Comics in Digital Distribution
[Commlist] Lectureships in Sports Journalism, Media, and Broadcasting @ UCFB
[Commlist] Deep Mediations: Thinking Space in Cinema and Digital Cultures
[Commlist] Lecturer (Education) in Film and Screen Production Queen's University Belfast
[Commlist] Conference “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Journalism - Will AI take hold of the 4th estate?”
[Commlist] CFP: 5th International Conference ComSymbol-Mediatization, New Forms of Militancy and Digitalization
[Commlist] New Award in Visual Sociology
April 28, 2021
[Commlist] CfP Special Issue of "Global Media Journal - German Edition"
[Commlist] Call for Contributions. CMNH Symposium 2021. ‘Anti-Racist Research in the Age of Black Lives Matter’
[Commlist] CFP University of Kent in Canterbury, UK. Digital Arts and Cultures
[Commlist] CFP - Edited volume on Masks and human connections
[Commlist] New publication from Nordicom: Nordicom Review Special Issue "Class in/and the media"
April 29, 2021
[Commlist] New book: "Snapping and Wrapping" about photography in society
[Commlist] Job post in Film Studies at Manchester
[Commlist] Job Posting: Professor in Film Studies at The University of St Andrews
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Special Issue on "Mis- and Disinformation about COVID-19: Challenges for Health Communication" of the European Journal of Health Communication (EJHC)
[Commlist] CFP: eco_media III Symposium
[Commlist] Call for Papers ‘Media Anthropologies in Europe’
[Commlist] University of Ghana Department of Communication Studies – Faculty Positions
[Commlist] CFP: Culture.s of Technics, innovation and communication: imaginaries, potentialities, utopias
April 30, 2021
[Commlist] CFP - Special Issue on Conspiracy Theories in Digital Environment
[Commlist] New book: Virtual Music: Sound, Music, and Image in the Digital Era
[Commlist] CFP: Indigenous Language Media and Development Communication (Book Project)
[Commlist] New book: African Communication Systems and the Digital Age
[Commlist] International Journal of Communication Announces the Publication of 23 Papers that Published in April
[Commlist] Postdoct position for UKRI/AHRC project
[Commlist] Data Justice Conference
[Commlist] CFP: Media Archaeology & Nostalgia strand of 'The Neo-Victorian and the Late-Victorian' conference
[Commlist] e-book "Digital citizenship, literacies and contexts of inequalities" published
[Commlist] Call for Papers - World cinema in the age of Netflix (Studies in World Cinema)
May 02, 2021
[Commlist] Call for Chapters: SDG18-Communication for all
[Commlist] New Book - Third Digital Documentary: A Theory and Practice of Transmedia Arts Activism, Critical Design and Ethics
May 04, 2021
[Commlist] part II of “Images,” a special issue of Semiotic Review published
[Commlist] job Assistant or Associate Professor in Information Responsible
[Commlist] CfP: Mediated Conversation minitrack of HICSS
[Commlist] Call For Papers: SAGE Special Issue with Earth in focus
[Commlist] Call for Papers, Appel à publication, Sur le journalisme – About Journalism – Sobre jornalismo, Journalists and media construction of public problems, Journalistes et construction médiatique des problèmes publics
[Commlist] CFP: Television Histories in Development conference
[Commlist] Scottish Graduate School for the Arts and Humanities (SGSAH) Applied Research Collaborative Studentship: 'Film Bang: communities of practice, cross-media interconnections and sectoral growth within Scotland film and television industries'
[Commlist] Call for Chapters: Edited Book on Media, Political Participation and Human Rights in the Middle East
[Commlist] Open access LUP journals
[Commlist] Spring Seminar 2021 · Spectrology, Haunting and Ghosts
May 05, 2021
[Commlist] Funded Studentship: Understanding Diversity in the Scottish Screen Sector
[Commlist] Film-Philosophy Conference
[Commlist] CfP - Opting Out of Pandemic Digitalities: Digital Disengagement and Covid-19
[Commlist] Special double issue of Cultural Studies: The cultural politics of covid
[Commlist] (Re)Contextualising the Discursive Construction of Europe (Conference)
[Commlist] More-than-Human & DIY Media Architecture Workshop
[Commlist] New book: The Routledge Handbook of Mobile Socialities
[Commlist] Manufacturing government communication towards Covid-19: a crisis, realities / workshop
[Commlist] Kimposium! the sequel
[Commlist] IEEE GLOBECOM 2021 - Social Networks SAC
[Commlist] PhD Scholarship at Canterbury Christ Church University
May 06, 2021
[Commlist] Call for contributions ICEC 2021- The 20th IFIP international conference on entertainment computing
[Commlist] University of Nottingham Ningbo China - Call for Visiting Scholars
[Commlist] cfp Audiovisual Traces for Journal Research in Film and History
[Commlist] Lecturer (Academic) in Media Production (Fixed-Term) - Bournemouth University
[Commlist] Call for Chapters: Edited Book on Media, Political Participation and Human Rights in the Middle East
[Commlist] Lecturers in Film & Media Practice - University of Kent vacancy
[Commlist] Call for Abstract/Draft Articles: Media and the EU Governance. Democracy, participation, and innovation
[Commlist] Global Media and China_Special Issue: Platformisation and entrepreneurial labour via Chinese digital networks
[Commlist] New open access book: The Global Smartphone
May 07, 2021
[Commlist] New open access book: Ageing with Smartphones in Ireland (UCL Press)
[Commlist] New JAMMR Journal Issue on 'Media Coverage of COVID-19 Pandemic' published
[Commlist] CFP Edited Collection: Participatory Culture Wars: Controversy, Conflict and Complicity in Fandom
[Commlist] Clothing Cultures 6.3 published
[Commlist] New Posts at Glasgow Caledonian University
[Commlist] Journalism, Digital Media posts
[Commlist] Journal of Digital Media & Policy 12.1 published (Special Issue: ‘COVID-19 and Digital Media Policy’)