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[Commlist] Call for Papers - Chasqui, Latin American Journal of Communication n. 147

Sat Feb 27 18:31:59 GMT 2021

Chasqui, Latin American Journal of Communication n. 147 <>: Call for Papers

Digital networks as sociotechnical mirrors of Ibero-America

Guest editors:

Edson Capoano, Pedro Rodrigues & Daniel Barredo

University of Minho (Portugal) and Universidad del Rosario (Colombia)

Deadline for submission: March 25th, 2021

Notification of acceptance: May 12th 2021

Publication: September 2021

More info: <>

< <>>


The objective of this monograph is to invite researchers to map Ibero-American production on digital social networks. Applicant researchers are expected to provide examples of how the Ibero-American transnational and transcultural space is configured in the sociotechnical environment of the web. As a technological condition of our time, culture and the arts also spread through sociotechnical networks, transferring to digital public opinion, together with the appearance of a constellation of territories and landscapes: websites, portals, blogs, games, repositories and virtual museums, among others. The thematic lines are a conceptual guide that allows to better understand the focus and scope of the call. Eleven are proposed for this call, which are not mutually exclusive and serve as an orientation for the presentation of proposals:

- Digital culture and production of information and communication in network;

- the most relevant topics, content, speeches and networks;

- formats, supports and dynamics in Spanish and Portuguese;

- participation, prosumption and activism;

- identities and profiles of the actors;

- practices of professionals in a digital context (web designers, online curators, museum managers, webactivists, youtubers, influencers);

- protection and security of digital content;

- disinformation, hate speech and fake news;

- new analysis methods (Big data, algorithms and data visualization);

- reception studies on the effects caused by the contents;

- scientific communication research carried out in and through the networks.

Section Policies:

• Papers. Original texts of between 5,000 and 6,500 words, including the

bibliography. Recommended structure: introduction, theoretical

framework, methodology, results, discussion, and references.

• Essays. Texts of between 5,000 and 6,500 words,

excluding the bibliography. With free structure.

structure: introduction, report, discussion, references

Languages: Originals written in Spanish or Portuguese.

Revision: Peer Review

Contact: Gissela Dávila, Editor-in-chief, (ediciones /at/ <mailto:(ediciones /at/>

<mailto:(ediciones /at/ <mailto:(ediciones /at/>>

Publication Fees: The authors do not need to pay any article-processing

charge (APC).

Chasqui, Latin American Journal of Communication is an Open Access created by the International Center for Higher Communication Studies for Latin America (Ecuador)

More information about this call for papers: <>

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