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(From 2002 until 2005, this mailing list was called the ECCR mailing list)
January 02, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, January 1, 2003
January 05, 2003
[eccr] QuickLinks 255 - 6 January 2003
January 06, 2003
[eccr] CfP: international conference ICA-IAMCR-ECCR, Digital Dynamics:Control, Participation and Exclusion, Loughborough University, U.K., 6 - 9 November 2003
January 07, 2003
[eccr] UNESCO online consultation on WSIS
January 08, 2003
[eccr] 2003 IAMCR abstract due February 1
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, January 8, 2003
[eccr] academic workshop on Connectiviy and the Media
[eccr] DoCoMo expects five-fold increase in European i-mode users in 2003
[eccr] EU moves ahead in implementation of new telecommunicationsregulatory framework
[eccr] Fwd: IVSA 2003 Conference
January 09, 2003
[eccr] Reliability of web polls questioned
[eccr] CfP (updated): International Conference Digital Dynamics: Control, Participation and Exclusion Loughborough University, U.K., 6 - 9 November 2003
January 13, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Cultures of Journalism Conference at Goldsmiths College, UK
[eccr] Fwd: CTP section Iamcr
[eccr] EC launches consultation on open platforms in digital televisionand 3G
January 14, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: 2003 PARIP conference
[eccr] Proposed EU libel law under fire
January 15, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, January 15, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Forthcoming Conference Sporting Icons: Media, Celebrity and Popular Culture
January 16, 2003
[eccr] International round table eCulture: The European Perspective. Cultural Policy ­ Knowledge Industries ­ Information La g to be held in Zagreb, Croatia on 25 ­ 27 April 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education Call fo Papers
January 17, 2003
[eccr] Microsoft to reveal source code
[eccr] Fwd: ICT, Social Enterprise and Sustainable Development Newsletter
January 19, 2003
[eccr] Discussion on the implications of the so-called BOLOGNA DECLARATION for communication studies
January 20, 2003
[eccr] CfP: INFORMATION SOCIETY VISIONS AND GOVERNANCE, 5 - 6 - 7 May 2003, Padova, Italy
[eccr] IT 4 ALL International Congress : Opportunities and Challenges for Regions in the New Information Society, 5-6-7 February 2003, Bilbao, Spain
[eccr] QuickLinks 256 - 18 January 2003
[eccr] Mobile phones Think before you talk (From The Economist)
January 21, 2003
[eccr] FW: communication ethics - conference 28th February 2003
[eccr] V2_/DEAF03: Symposium Information is Alive
[eccr] The University of Tampere, Finland,is offering a programme in English MASTER'S PROGRAMME ONINFORMATION SOCIETY
January 22, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, January 22, 2003
[eccr] FW: communication ethics - conference 28th February 2003
January 23, 2003
[eccr] fwd:CFP: The State of the Real
January 25, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Sharing Lectures and Presentations
January 27, 2003
[eccr] Nordic Multicultural Media conference - deadline for enrolment
[eccr] QuickLinks 257 - 26 January 2003
[eccr] European Regulators' Group meets to prepare for New EU Telecoms Legislation
[eccr] Call for papers: owards New Media Paradigms: Content, Producers, Organisations and Audiences
January 28, 2003
[eccr] Call for abstracts: Transnational Media Corporations and National Media Systems: China after Entry into the WTO
[eccr] CfP: Towards New Media Paradigms, University of Navarre 26-28 June 2003
[eccr] IVSA 2003 Conference -- Images of Social Life
January 29, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, January 29, 2003
January 31, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Scope's new book and film reviews and conference reports
February 01, 2003
[eccr] Turner quits AOL after record loss
[eccr] Call for papers new journal of Web Semantics
February 03, 2003
[eccr] Course Announcement
[eccr] FW: A research invitation
[eccr] QuickLinks 258 - 2 February 2003
[eccr] 'Your Voice in Europe': new Commission portal aims to give citizens a bigger role in policy making
[eccr] Conference on Media & Networks - Bahçesehir University, Istanbul, Turkey
February 05, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, February 5, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Euresco conference: Philological Disciplines and Digital Technology Computational Philology: Tradition versus Innovation
[eccr] Fwd: Call for Papers
[eccr] Fwd: Music and television
February 07, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: [creative-radio] FYI - McGill Media Conference
[eccr] Civil Society Representatives: No Discrimination in Providing Access to Information
February 09, 2003
[eccr] QuickLinks 259 - 9 February 2003
February 10, 2003
[eccr] Towards a new Structure of the European Communication Science Community
[eccr] Journalism award entries requested
February 12, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, February 12, 2003
[eccr] EU - Competitors call on European Commission to break Microsoft up
February 13, 2003
[eccr] EM: CfP -- Globalization and Electronic Commerce
[eccr] EU - e-Europe 2002 Action Plan issues final report
February 14, 2003
[eccr] Conference Gender and power in the new Europe
[eccr] Resend - Conference Gender and power in the new Europe
February 15, 2003
[eccr] EU pushes greater internet, telecom competition
February 17, 2003
[eccr] Commission urges Europe to move to Broadband
[eccr] The eEurope 2002 Action Plan has been a success in bringing Europe on-line
[eccr] Commission puts in place final piece of new framework for electronic communications
[eccr] Fwd: communication ethics
[eccr] Young people turn to web for news
February 18, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: CFP: Cinematic Countrysides
[eccr] Press release RSF: Freedom of information on the Internet under threat
February 19, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, February 19, 2003
[eccr] Summit Prep Meet Caught between Two Visions - IPS
[eccr] European and US Media coverage of 'impending war'
February 20, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: ICT, Social Enterprise and Sustainable Development Newsletter
February 21, 2003
[eccr] EU split over broadband regulation
[eccr] Commission supports several initiatives to boost consumerconfidence on e-commerce
[eccr] European IT faces gloomy future
February 23, 2003
[eccr] QuickLinks 260 - 23 February 2003
February 24, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Conference Re-Imagining Ireland
[eccr] Merton dies at 92
February 25, 2003
[eccr] US public turns to Europe for news
[eccr] Fwd: Call for Papers
February 28, 2003
[eccr] fwd:[creative-radio] CALL FOR PAPERS
March 02, 2003
[eccr] [CRIS Info] IPS - Civil Society Wins a Place at WSIS Table
[eccr] Communication Rights Summit in December 2003
[eccr] Expansion of the Observatory on the Information Society
March 03, 2003
[eccr] Amarc Kathmandu Declaration
[eccr] Fwd: Theory and Practice Day Schools
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, February 26, 2003
March 04, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: television conference
March 05, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, March 5, 2003
[eccr] workshop on Current Research and Directions in Discourse Theory
March 06, 2003
[eccr] Public funding of rural broadband OK, says Competition Commissioner
[eccr] NetMedia conference set for Barcelona
March 07, 2003
[eccr] Europeans live life online
[eccr] New media group expands to Europe
March 09, 2003
[eccr] QuickLinks 262 - 9 March 2003
March 10, 2003
[eccr] CfP: Culture and the Media Industry
March 11, 2003
March 12, 2003
[eccr] UK TV news viewers 'increase'
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, March 12, 2003
[eccr] EU Commission officials conclude Microsoft violates anti-trust laws,don't know what to do about it
[eccr] Japan-EU IT talks produce 4G, digital broadcast co-operation
[eccr] FW: media watch
March 13, 2003
[eccr] 1st Global Conference: Interactive Convergence: Research in
March 14, 2003
[eccr] 'After Yugoslavia' conference
March 15, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: J-FLASH 3-14-03
March 16, 2003
[eccr] The implications of the BOLOGNA DECLARATION for communication studies --Brussels, 26 April 2003
[eccr] Online course: ICTs for Developing Countries
[eccr] QuickLinks 263 - 16 March 2003
March 17, 2003
[eccr] taking sides blog - do you approve?
March 18, 2003
[eccr] CTOSE conference, e-evidence, cybercrime, data protection
[eccr] The Economist: Launching Telecoms II
[eccr] Feminist Media Studies
March 19, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, March 19, 2003
[eccr] EM: CfP -- Open Source Software
[eccr] CFP: The State of the Real
March 21, 2003
[eccr] doctoral and post-doctoral positions in media management and transformation
[eccr] US-Iraq Confrontation
March 23, 2003
[eccr] News-hungry surfers slow internet
[eccr] CFP: Humanity in Cyberculture, Cyberpunk, and Science Fiction
[eccr] QuickLinks 264 - 23 March 2003
March 24, 2003
[eccr] Texts for Teaching Online Journalism
[eccr] CRIS Response to Article 19
[eccr] Fwd: New issue of Culture Machine
[eccr] Study says newspapers beat websites
March 25, 2003
[eccr] Journalists among Iraq casualties (Erika Klingener)
[eccr] Digital Media at the Crossroads
[eccr] Studies in Law, Politics and Society, Volume 29
[eccr] War reporters face new challenges
[eccr] Critical Coverage of the Attack on Iraq
[eccr] WSIS Draft declaration and Action Plan
[eccr] Social Statistics: Data Analysis for social science explained
[eccr] Fwd: Conference announcement
[eccr] US and Europe see different wars
March 26, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, March 26, 2003
[eccr] Truth is elusive in wartime
March 27, 2003
[eccr] ECCR Statement on the War in Iraq
[eccr] Europeans sign up to al-Jazeera
[eccr] IPI Criticises Countries Included in the ³Coalition of the Willing²
March 28, 2003
[eccr] Cutting through Iraq's 'fog of war'
[eccr] congres Censures - Censuur
[eccr] How the warriors have learned to control news
[eccr] UNESCO Urges Belligerents in Iraq to Ensure Safety of Journalists
March 29, 2003
[eccr] QuickLinks 265 - 29 March 2003
March 30, 2003
[eccr] NYT ed: Why Al Jazeera Matters
March 31, 2003
[eccr] Commission calls on Member States to adapt e-business policies to Europe's changing environment
[eccr] European Parliament resolution on the General Agreement on Trade inServices (GATS) within the WTO, including cultural diversity
April 01, 2003
[eccr] CfP: ECCR PhD Summer School, London, 26 August-4 Sept. 2003
[eccr] The Right to Communicate: Women in the Information Society
[eccr] TIME: What You See vs. What They See
[eccr] Military accused of mistreating reporters
April 02, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, April 2, 2003
[eccr] Taking Sides - Media & War
[eccr] II Congreso Internacional Comunicación y Realidad , Barcelona, 9-10 May 2003
April 03, 2003
[eccr] 'Women in public life' seminar Friday 6th June 2003
April 04, 2003
[eccr] Online Conference for WSIS
[eccr] EM: Reminder -- CfP 14(1) Globalization and EC
[eccr] XVIII International Conference on Communication. Pamplona (Spain) November, 6 and 7.
[eccr] Sweden, Denmark beat US as top web-savvy nations
[eccr] Vision Book for Information Society Technologies
[eccr] Women and the Information Society - Athens Conference 5-6 May 2003
[eccr] Online Forum on the World Summit for Information Society (WSIS2003-2005)
April 05, 2003
[eccr] EnterText, animation
April 07, 2003
[eccr] QuickLinks 266 - 6 April 2003
[eccr] REMINDER: Discussion on the implications of the so-called BOLOGNA DECLARATION for communication studies Brussels, 26 April 2003
April 08, 2003
[eccr] International Media Survey
[eccr] NYT ed: The Ring of Truth?
[eccr] EU: Speech & Language Survey
[eccr] Journalism - new issue!
[eccr] VIRUS ALERT: latest message from this account with subject:Cellspacing contained a virus - DO NOT OPEN - DELETE IT
April 09, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, April 9, 2003
[eccr] Next 5 Minutes 4 conference
April 10, 2003
[eccr] Media suffer Baghdad losses
[eccr] Media casualties in other conflicts
[eccr] Front pages archived online
[eccr] Science in the Candidate Countries: enthusiastic but with poor prospects, the young abandon research careers
[eccr] Analysis of international TV news coverage of George W. Bush: January - March 2003
[eccr] European journalists condemn Italian media
April 11, 2003
[eccr] Conference: The Information Society - Understanding Its Institutions Interdisciplinary, November 7-10, 2003, Maastricht, the Netherlands
[eccr] [new international mailinglist 'Gender & ICT']
[eccr] Conference "WHOSE UNIVERSITY?" - BIRMINGHAM and Cultural Studies
[eccr] Right of EU citizens to full, impartial and objective information about the Union
April 14, 2003
[eccr] CfP: IST 2003, to be held on October 2-4 in Milan
[eccr] The Economist: The rise of Linux is dividing the computer industry into winners and losers
[eccr] Fwd: Experimental Film Today
April 15, 2003
[eccr] EnterText 3.2: Bridges // Drawbridges
[eccr] Fwd: Life¹s (re-)emergence: philosophy, culture, and politics
[eccr] CfP: ITS Conference, 2 June 2003, Athens
April 16, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, April 16, 2003
April 17, 2003
[eccr] short film festival
[eccr] War coverage and war cover-up
April 18, 2003
[eccr] Action 251, The 'Fog of War'
[eccr] Commissioner Liikanen assesses 'e-Inclusion in Europe' programme
[eccr] Commission proposes extending MEDIA and Culture 2000 programmes until 2006
[eccr] New Software from Unesco
April 22, 2003
[eccr] TBS 10 is out
[eccr] Danish documentary shows uncovered EU
[eccr] World Forum on Communication Rights
[eccr] Institute for Sustainable Development in Business - Environmental Industries Web Conference April 29th
April 23, 2003
[eccr] Journal of Media Business Studies Manuscript Call
[eccr] fwd:The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, April 23, 2003
April 25, 2003
[eccr] fwd:April 29th Environmental Web Conference - Participation Instructions
April 28, 2003
[eccr] Day conference on Broadcasting in the Arab World
[eccr] EC CONFERENCE ON "Governance of the European Research Area"
April 29, 2003
[eccr] QuickLinks 268 - 28 April 2003
April 30, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, April 30, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Visible Evidence XI
May 01, 2003
[eccr] EU - Coupling: spatial information and technology in Europe
[eccr] EU - EU telecoms rules implementation may be delayed
[eccr] Major European Commission ICT and Sustainable Development Event in London on May 22nd
May 02, 2003
[eccr] TV trounced newspapers during Iraq war
[eccr] World Press Freedom Day 2003
[eccr] ECCR's Advisor Mogens Schmidt Joins UNESCO to Lead Division of Freedom of Expression
May 03, 2003
[eccr] Digitales--Webstreaming::Women&Technology
May 05, 2003
[eccr] Festival of Community Media - Sheffield May 8-10
May 06, 2003
[eccr] Call for Papers on TEXTS FOR YOUNG ADULTS
[eccr] EJC - Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University courses
[eccr] QuickLinks 269 - 6 May 2003
May 07, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, May 7, 2003
[eccr] Communities and Technologies Conference Amsterdam
[eccr] TV meets the Web conference, 15/16 May Amsterdam
May 08, 2003
[eccr] Research on attitudes to development issues in new EU Member States
May 10, 2003
[eccr] FNordic Multicultural Media Conference, 12-15 June 2003
[eccr] Invitation to the Arab Media conference in London
May 11, 2003
[eccr] QuickLinks 270 - 11 May 2003
May 12, 2003
[eccr] ECCR Doctoral Seminar: Media Reception: Issues and Practice, 26th August to 4th September 2003, University of Westminster (London, UK)
May 14, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, May 14, 2003
[eccr] CFC/CFF FILM Archive Conference
May 15, 2003
[eccr] Senior Lecturer in Television - Creative Industries Faculty
[eccr] Benchmarking HLT progress in Europe
[eccr] Intersections Summer 2003: preview
May 17, 2003
[eccr] RE: message from Graham and Hugo
May 18, 2003
[eccr] Fw: forum on youth
[eccr] QuickLinks 271 - 18 May 2003
May 19, 2003
[eccr] Forum on youth - Berlin
May 21, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, May 21, 2003
May 22, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Digital Dynamics Conference: 2nd call
May 23, 2003
[eccr] MeCCSA annual conference
May 25, 2003
[eccr] Fifth International Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference
May 26, 2003
[eccr] TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies
May 27, 2003
[eccr] (Amsterdam - 2-5 June 2003) Open Source Software and development cooperation workshop
[eccr] IAMCR 2003 Taipei Conference cancelled
May 28, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, May 28, 2003
May 29, 2003
May 30, 2003
[eccr] Ideas, Intellectuals and the Public
[eccr] Experimental Film Today Conference 4-6 July 2003
June 02, 2003
June 03, 2003
[eccr] Open Cultures conference - Thursday, 5 June & Friday, 6 June Vienna
[eccr] Open Meeting organised by the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom
June 05, 2003
[eccr] EM - 13(1) New Issue TOC & Reminder CfP 14(2)
June 09, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Days of Hope
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, June 4, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Image & Critique Conference
[eccr] Fwd: Power Up: computer games, ideology and play
[eccr] Fwd: Critical Issues in Catholicism
[eccr] Fwd: Venezia:invito venerdì 13 giugno
June 11, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, June 11, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: PARIP 2003 Conference
[eccr] Online discussion on the implications of the so-called BOLOGNA DECLARATION for communication studies
June 12, 2003
[eccr] Commission sets out its objectives for the United Nations World Summit on Information Society
[eccr] QuickLinks 274 - 9 June 2003
June 13, 2003
[eccr] call for papers: conference on copyright and software patents
June 16, 2003
[eccr] fwd:PARIP 2003_abstracts
June 17, 2003
[eccr] XVIII International Conference on Communication. Pamplona (Spain) November, 6 and 7.
[eccr] fwd:launching the australasian cultural studies forum
June 18, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, June 18, 2003
[eccr] EM: CfP -- Innovative Auction Markets
[eccr] Fwd: Conference on the Information Society in South(ern) Africa
June 19, 2003
[eccr] Cultural Studies organizations
[eccr] Fwd: Don't forget to book for the ADC-LTSN Annual Forum!
June 21, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: symposium
June 23, 2003
[eccr] QuickLinks 276 - 23 June 2003
June 24, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: New Research Training Website
June 25, 2003
[eccr] The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, June 25, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Culture & The Unconscious Conference Programme
June 27, 2003
[eccr] EU - Safer Internet - Draft Work programme and call / Information Day
June 30, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Ialic conference - call for papers
July 01, 2003
[eccr] "ICT and productivity: a European perspective"
July 02, 2003
[eccr] Re: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, July 2, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: AMPE conference
July 03, 2003
[eccr] ZKM/Symposium/Hierarchies of Communication
[eccr] Call for Papers for a workshop "Media Change - Community Change" 10-11 of October 2003
July 04, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Situation Analysis
July 08, 2003
[eccr] Fw: [NextGENDERation] Call for Papers: Identities and Alterities (ASCA conference)
[eccr] CFP: Active Heroines
July 09, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, July 9, 2003
[eccr] EM: CfP -- Supply Chain Management
July 10, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Image & Critique - Provisional Programme
[eccr] Fwd: Multimedia Histories Conference - 21-23 July 2003
July 11, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Visible Evidence
[eccr] Sex and the Body Politic
July 16, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, July 16, 2003
[eccr] Media Concentration Eastern Europe
[eccr] 18th World Conference on Health Promotion and Health Education
July 17, 2003
[eccr] Digital Dynamics Conference Registration Now Online.
July 18, 2003
[eccr] New FAO book - radio, ICTs, development
July 21, 2003
[eccr] EM - 13(2) New Issue TOC & Reminder CfP's
July 27, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Telecentre Webinar Presentation Archives now available
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, July 23, 2003
July 28, 2003
[eccr] Europe to push for open source
[eccr] International Conference on Current Research Information Systems - Antwerp
[eccr] Updates on CRIS websiteon WSIS
July 30, 2003
[eccr] Re: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, July 30, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Call For Papers: 'Social Semiotics' Special Symposium on Sexualities - 15/10/03
[eccr] Fwd: Call for Papers: 'Social Semiotics' Special Symposia: 'What is Media Theory?' 15/12/03
[eccr] calls for papers: Journal of British Cinema and Television
July 31, 2003
August 02, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: [G-csacont] Mediactive: New Journal
August 05, 2003
[eccr] ICT, Social Enterprise and Sustainable Development Newsletter - Call for Web Conference Presentations
August 06, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, August 6, 2003
[eccr] 15th European Television and Film Forum
August 07, 2003
[eccr] Deadline for presenting abstracts > 17th NOVEMBER
[eccr] British Universities Newsreel Scripts Project
August 11, 2003
[eccr] QuickLinks 278 - 10 August 2003
August 13, 2003
[eccr] The Economist: MONTI V MICROSOFT
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, August 13, 2003
[eccr] CFP: Camera Obscura / Todd Haynes
August 15, 2003
[eccr] "Club of Rome" publishes Position on WSIS
August 16, 2003
[eccr] Call for Papers: Communication in the Age of Suspicion
August 20, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, August 20, 2003
August 23, 2003
[eccr] new ECCR book - The European Information Society: A Reality Check 2003
August 26, 2003
[eccr] The European IS: An update
[eccr] New Titles in New Media - "The MIT Press"
August 27, 2003
[eccr] EM: CfP -- Pervasive Computing/Ambient Intelligence
August 28, 2003
[eccr] fwd:The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, August 27, 2003
September 02, 2003
[eccr] Conference: Politics of Postcoloniality
[eccr] New Electronic Journal on Baudrillard
[eccr] Fwd: Reminder: 'Social Semiotics' Special Issue on Sexualities 20/10/03
[eccr] CFP: CACS--CULTUREPOLES: City Spaces, Urban Politics & Metropolitan Theory
[eccr] Conference on Time Use Research
September 03, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, September 3, 2003
September 04, 2003
[eccr] CFP: Sex and the Body Politic (10/20/03)
[eccr] RIPE@2003 Book
September 07, 2003
[eccr] QuickLinks 280 - 24 August 2003
[eccr] QuickLinks 281 - 31 August 2003
September 08, 2003
[eccr] Political Representation in the Digital Age
September 09, 2003
[eccr] QuickLinks 282 - 7 September 2003
[eccr] Fwd: conference - 20th September
September 10, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, September 10, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: JourNet announcement
[eccr] EM: Reminder -- CfP 14(2) Open Source Software
September 11, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Call for papers - Gender & ICT Symposium
[eccr] Fwd: Contents list for Media, Culture & Society: special issue on alternative media
[eccr] XVIII International Conference On Communication. Reminder.
September 12, 2003
[eccr] New Cinemas: Journal of Contemporary Film
[eccr] WSIS - call for contributors
[eccr] Fwd: Call for Papers-Media Communities: Local Voices
[eccr] Fwd: Representation of Animals in Film and Television
September 13, 2003
[eccr] Panos GKP Awards- 2003, Call for Submissions.
September 14, 2003
[eccr] Film-Philosophy: on Psychoanalytic Film Theory
September 15, 2003
[eccr] Call for Papers - Symposium and Critical Reader
[eccr] QuickLinks 283 - 14 September 2003
September 17, 2003
[eccr] CFP: Cultural Studies Association Conference / May 5-9, 2004
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, September 17, 2003
September 18, 2003
[eccr] UIC 6/25-28 Fifth International Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference
[eccr] Conference-debate: Prison : Actualité de la pensée de Michel Foucault
September 22, 2003
[eccr] 2003-11-20 DE, Berlin - The Internet in 2004: Safe or Just Safer? - an INHOPE Initiative
September 23, 2003
[eccr] Criss Cross: Confluence and Influence in 20th Century African American Music, Visual Art and Literature
[eccr] CITY IN (CULTURE] IN CITY - Turkey
September 24, 2003
[eccr] The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, September 24, 2003
September 27, 2003
[eccr] After Social Construction: Technology, Knowledge and Society
September 29, 2003
[eccr] QuickLinks 285 - 28 September 2003
September 30, 2003
[eccr] Globalisation, Regionalisation and the Information Society - A European and South(ern) African encounter
[eccr] Fwd: Call for Papers
October 01, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, October 1, 2003
October 02, 2003
[eccr] Marxism, Media Studies and Culture
October 03, 2003
[eccr] conference The EU as a Civil Superpower
[eccr] [EPSNET KIOSK #12]
October 04, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: 3 continuing vacancies at School of Journalism and Communication, U of Queensland, Australia
October 05, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: TV History Symposium 2
October 08, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, October 8, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: New Signs of the Times discussion papers and events
October 09, 2003
[eccr] Call for Papers - 7th International Conference on Current Research Information Systems
October 11, 2003
[eccr] Spyscreen: Espionage on Film & TV
October 12, 2003
[eccr] JSN iamcr-cyberconference (replacing Tapei)
October 13, 2003
[eccr] Programme and Abstracts of Corfu Workshop, November 6-7, 2003 - CONTEMPORARY ANTI-WAR MOBILIZATIONS
[eccr] EISCO 2003 conference 19, 20 and 21 November 2003
[eccr] conference: Displacement and Integration: the role of the arts and media in reshaping societies and identities in Europe
October 14, 2003
[eccr] CFP: International Society for the Study of European Ideas - journalism panel
October 15, 2003
[eccr] RAI conference, The Cultural Politics of Multiculturalism
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, October 15, 2003
October 17, 2003
[eccr] Undercurrents alternative news
[eccr] Fwd: MeCCSA conference V 2003
October 21, 2003
[eccr] Communication Researchers and Policy-making
[eccr] Call for Contributions - Sarai 4
[eccr] Call for Papers: Ethnography and Everyday Life
[eccr] Conference on Cultural Policy Research
[eccr] post-doc or senior research associate position, two year
October 22, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, October 22, 2003
October 23, 2003
[eccr] Call for Papers - Digital Generations
[eccr] Irish Communications Review
October 25, 2003
[eccr] J-Flash 10-24093
October 27, 2003
[eccr] Conference - Experiencing and Representing the Urban (fwd)
October 29, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, October 29, 2003
[eccr] global television
October 30, 2003
[eccr] can vote, won't vote: the media and political disengagement
November 05, 2003
[eccr] Film Symposium - University of Birmingham, 8th Nov
[eccr] Global Learn Day
[eccr] The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, November 5, 2003
[eccr] EM: Reminder -- CfP 14(3) Innovative Auction Markets
November 07, 2003
[eccr] Prof. Zerdick
[eccr] Deadline for presenting abstracts > 17th NOVEMBER
November 08, 2003
[eccr] Transnational Risks - the Responsibility of the Media & the Social Sciences - Jan 2-10 2004 - Berlin, Germany
November 10, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Free Symposium for Prospective Postgraduate Students
[eccr] Visual Culture and Taste in late Victorian and Edwardian Britain: CALL FOR PAPERS
[eccr] UNESCO WebWorld Newsletter - 7 November 2003 on Information Society
[eccr] QuickLinks 290 - 9 November 2003
November 11, 2003
[eccr] Call: Hampton Book Series: Communication, globalization and cultural identity
[eccr] FW: Conference on copyright and software patents
[eccr] Edward Said - symposium 4/dec/03
[eccr] Book: Tell Me Lies - Propaganda & Media Distortion in the Attack on Iraq
[eccr] RIPE@2004 Call for Paper Proposals
November 12, 2003
[eccr] IAMCR Porto Alegre - CTP Call for Papers
[eccr] Conference on Social Science Methodology, Amsterdam
[eccr] (Re)Introducing TOPIA
[eccr] Visible Evidence in Bristol
[eccr] IAMCR Porto Alegre - CTP Call for Papers - correction
November 13, 2003
[eccr] Registration Open for World Forum on Communications Rights
[eccr] The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, November 12, 2003
November 14, 2003
[eccr] Trends in Communication: Call for Papers
November 18, 2003
[eccr] QuickLinks 291 - 15 November 2003
[eccr] PISTA 2004 - Politics and Information Systems
[eccr] CFP Internet Research
November 19, 2003
[eccr] The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, November 19, 2003
[eccr] call for papers - Journalism
[eccr] cfp Society for Cinema and Media Studies
[eccr] Media and Transformation in Arab Societies
[eccr] International Society for the Study of European Ideas - The Narrative of Modernity
[eccr] cfp Religion and the Culture of Print in America
November 20, 2003
[eccr] Call for PapersCulture and Communications in Wales After the Communications Act/Diwylliant a Chyfathrebu yng Nghymru ar ôl y Ddeddf Gyfathrebu
[eccr] 2nd Global Conference - Monsters and the Monstrous: Myths and Metaphors of Enduring Evil
[eccr] CFP: marxism/queer theory
November 25, 2003
[eccr] Breaking Boundaries in Television Historiography
November 26, 2003
[eccr] The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, November 26, 2003
[eccr] Journeys Across Media Conference
December 01, 2003
[eccr] Evolutionary Epistemology, Language and Culture/ FIRST CALL FOR ABSTRACTS
December 02, 2003
[eccr] Cyfrwng: Media Wales Journal - Cyfnodolyn Cyfryngau Cymru
[eccr] CALL FOR PAPERS - An Age of Information: New Anxieties: New Opportunities
December 03, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, December 3, 2003
[eccr] EM: Changes at the Editorial Office
[eccr] World Electronic Media Forum (WEMF) at WSIS
December 04, 2003
[eccr] --- !!! ECCR !!!! --- CALL FOR PAPERS & CHAPTERS --- please read
December 05, 2003
[eccr] Call for Papers: Sounding Out 2
[eccr] Screen Studies Conference 2004
December 07, 2003
[eccr] announcement and cfp: MEDIA and CULTURAL POLITICS
December 08, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: How to Bust the Propagandists
[eccr] Culture and the Unconscious 2, London July 2004
December 09, 2003
[eccr] RIPE@2004 - June 3 -- 5 in Denmark - Mission , Market and Management: Public Service Broadcasting and the Cultural Commons
December 10, 2003
[eccr] Extension of deadline: 'What is Media Theory?' Special Symposium for 'Social Semiotics'
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, December 10, 2003
December 11, 2003
[eccr] CFP: Southern Review - The Public, the people, the masses
[eccr] CFP: Judging a book by its cover 30/1/04
[eccr] Fwd: CPU Press Freedom Review
[eccr] New Chair International Communication Division (Iamcr)
December 12, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Taste: A Symposium
December 15, 2003
[eccr] Conference: Communication in the age of suspicion
December 16, 2003
[eccr] Book announcement--Turow -- The Wired Homestead
[eccr] Globalization Conference in Istanbul
December 17, 2003
[eccr] The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, December 17, 2003
[eccr] Call for Papers of the Psychology and Public Opinion Section of the IAMCR conference in Porto Allegre, 25.-30th of July, 2004
December 18, 2003
[eccr] Gender and Information Society
December 19, 2003
[eccr] New E-Journal - [jc2m], journal for crime, conflict and the media
[eccr] ++ Invitation for Gender & ICT Symposium ++
December 20, 2003
[eccr] Netherlands Supreme Court decides on legality Kazaa
December 23, 2003
[eccr] Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Journalism and Communication , University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
December 24, 2003
[eccr] The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, December 24, 2003
December 30, 2003
[eccr] Closing of Media Action International
December 31, 2003
[eccr] The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, December 31, 2003
[eccr] Porto-Allegre - Digital Divide and the Media: Challenges for Communication and Democracy