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April 01, 2003
[eccr] CfP: ECCR PhD Summer School, London, 26 August-4 Sept. 2003
[eccr] The Right to Communicate: Women in the Information Society
[eccr] TIME: What You See vs. What They See
[eccr] Military accused of mistreating reporters
April 02, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, April 2, 2003
[eccr] Taking Sides - Media & War
[eccr] II Congreso Internacional Comunicación y Realidad , Barcelona, 9-10 May 2003
April 03, 2003
[eccr] 'Women in public life' seminar Friday 6th June 2003
April 04, 2003
[eccr] Online Conference for WSIS
[eccr] EM: Reminder -- CfP 14(1) Globalization and EC
[eccr] XVIII International Conference on Communication. Pamplona (Spain) November, 6 and 7.
[eccr] Sweden, Denmark beat US as top web-savvy nations
[eccr] Vision Book for Information Society Technologies
[eccr] Women and the Information Society - Athens Conference 5-6 May 2003
[eccr] Online Forum on the World Summit for Information Society (WSIS2003-2005)
April 05, 2003
[eccr] EnterText, animation
April 07, 2003
[eccr] QuickLinks 266 - 6 April 2003
[eccr] REMINDER: Discussion on the implications of the so-called BOLOGNA DECLARATION for communication studies Brussels, 26 April 2003
April 08, 2003
[eccr] International Media Survey
[eccr] NYT ed: The Ring of Truth?
[eccr] EU: Speech & Language Survey
[eccr] Journalism - new issue!
[eccr] VIRUS ALERT: latest message from this account with subject:Cellspacing contained a virus - DO NOT OPEN - DELETE IT
April 09, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, April 9, 2003
[eccr] Next 5 Minutes 4 conference
April 10, 2003
[eccr] Media suffer Baghdad losses
[eccr] Media casualties in other conflicts
[eccr] Front pages archived online
[eccr] Science in the Candidate Countries: enthusiastic but with poor prospects, the young abandon research careers
[eccr] Analysis of international TV news coverage of George W. Bush: January - March 2003
[eccr] European journalists condemn Italian media
April 11, 2003
[eccr] Conference: The Information Society - Understanding Its Institutions Interdisciplinary, November 7-10, 2003, Maastricht, the Netherlands
[eccr] [new international mailinglist 'Gender & ICT']
[eccr] Conference "WHOSE UNIVERSITY?" - BIRMINGHAM and Cultural Studies
[eccr] Right of EU citizens to full, impartial and objective information about the Union
April 14, 2003
[eccr] CfP: IST 2003, to be held on October 2-4 in Milan
[eccr] The Economist: The rise of Linux is dividing the computer industry into winners and losers
[eccr] Fwd: Experimental Film Today
April 15, 2003
[eccr] EnterText 3.2: Bridges // Drawbridges
[eccr] Fwd: Life¹s (re-)emergence: philosophy, culture, and politics
[eccr] CfP: ITS Conference, 2 June 2003, Athens
April 16, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, April 16, 2003
April 17, 2003
[eccr] short film festival
[eccr] War coverage and war cover-up
April 18, 2003
[eccr] Action 251, The 'Fog of War'
[eccr] Commissioner Liikanen assesses 'e-Inclusion in Europe' programme
[eccr] Commission proposes extending MEDIA and Culture 2000 programmes until 2006
[eccr] New Software from Unesco
April 22, 2003
[eccr] TBS 10 is out
[eccr] Danish documentary shows uncovered EU
[eccr] World Forum on Communication Rights
[eccr] Institute for Sustainable Development in Business - Environmental Industries Web Conference April 29th
April 23, 2003
[eccr] Journal of Media Business Studies Manuscript Call
[eccr] fwd:The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, April 23, 2003
April 25, 2003
[eccr] fwd:April 29th Environmental Web Conference - Participation Instructions
April 28, 2003
[eccr] Day conference on Broadcasting in the Arab World
[eccr] EC CONFERENCE ON "Governance of the European Research Area"
April 29, 2003
[eccr] QuickLinks 268 - 28 April 2003
April 30, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, April 30, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Visible Evidence XI