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[eccr] Media suffer Baghdad losses

Thu Apr 10 08:28:14 GMT 2003

Media suffer Baghdad losses
Three journalists have been killed and three others were wounded in Baghdad
after they came under fire, bringing the media death toll in Iraq to 12. Two
cameramen, working for Reuters and Spain's Telecinco, were killed when a
shell hit the hotel which houses hundreds of foreign journalists. There is
video footage of an American Abrams tank firing at the building. Earlier, a
correspondent for the Arabic TV broadcaster al-Jazeera was killed when US
missiles hit the network's office. The US Defense Department has expressed
regret for the deaths of journalists, but said American forces were acting
in self-defence, having encountered small-arms fire coming from the
direction of the hotel. This is disputed by the journalists. The
International Federation of Journalists issued a statement on Tuesday
condemning both sides in the conflict. The international press corps in
Baghdad held a candle-lit vigil for their dead colleagues outside the hotel
on Tuesday night. The names of the journalists who lost their lives in the
war on Iraq are:

8 April: Jose Couso, 37, (Telecinco, Spain)
8 April: Taras Protsyuk, 35, (Reuters, UK)
8 April: Tareq Ayoub (al-Jazeera, Qatar)
7 April: Christian Liebig, 35, (Focus, Germany)
7 April: Julio Anguita Parrado, 32, (El Mundo, Spain)
6 April: David Bloom, 39, (NBC, US)
6 April: Kamaran Abdurazaq Muhamed, 39, (BBC, UK)
4 April: Michael Kelly, 46, (Washington Post, US)
2 April: Kaveh Golestan, 52, (BBC, UK)
30 March: Gaby Rado, 48, (ITN, UK)
22 March: Paul Moran, 39, (ABC, Australia)
22 March: Terry Lloyd, 50, (ITN, UK)

Missing, believed dead:
22 March: Fred Nerac, 43, (ITN, UK)
22 March: Hussein Osman, 28, (ITN, UK)

Sources: BBC News & International Federation of Journalists

Source: - International
Federation of Journalists

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