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January 02, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, January 1, 2003
January 05, 2003
[eccr] QuickLinks 255 - 6 January 2003
January 06, 2003
[eccr] CfP: international conference ICA-IAMCR-ECCR, Digital Dynamics:Control, Participation and Exclusion, Loughborough University, U.K., 6 - 9 November 2003
January 07, 2003
[eccr] UNESCO online consultation on WSIS
January 08, 2003
[eccr] 2003 IAMCR abstract due February 1
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, January 8, 2003
[eccr] academic workshop on Connectiviy and the Media
[eccr] DoCoMo expects five-fold increase in European i-mode users in 2003
[eccr] EU moves ahead in implementation of new telecommunicationsregulatory framework
[eccr] Fwd: IVSA 2003 Conference
January 09, 2003
[eccr] Reliability of web polls questioned
[eccr] CfP (updated): International Conference Digital Dynamics: Control, Participation and Exclusion Loughborough University, U.K., 6 - 9 November 2003
January 13, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Cultures of Journalism Conference at Goldsmiths College, UK
[eccr] Fwd: CTP section Iamcr
[eccr] EC launches consultation on open platforms in digital televisionand 3G
January 14, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: 2003 PARIP conference
[eccr] Proposed EU libel law under fire
January 15, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, January 15, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Forthcoming Conference Sporting Icons: Media, Celebrity and Popular Culture
January 16, 2003
[eccr] International round table eCulture: The European Perspective. Cultural Policy ­ Knowledge Industries ­ Information La g to be held in Zagreb, Croatia on 25 ­ 27 April 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education Call fo Papers
January 17, 2003
[eccr] Microsoft to reveal source code
[eccr] Fwd: ICT, Social Enterprise and Sustainable Development Newsletter
January 19, 2003
[eccr] Discussion on the implications of the so-called BOLOGNA DECLARATION for communication studies
January 20, 2003
[eccr] CfP: INFORMATION SOCIETY VISIONS AND GOVERNANCE, 5 - 6 - 7 May 2003, Padova, Italy
[eccr] IT 4 ALL International Congress : Opportunities and Challenges for Regions in the New Information Society, 5-6-7 February 2003, Bilbao, Spain
[eccr] QuickLinks 256 - 18 January 2003
[eccr] Mobile phones Think before you talk (From The Economist)
January 21, 2003
[eccr] FW: communication ethics - conference 28th February 2003
[eccr] V2_/DEAF03: Symposium Information is Alive
[eccr] The University of Tampere, Finland,is offering a programme in English MASTER'S PROGRAMME ONINFORMATION SOCIETY
January 22, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, January 22, 2003
[eccr] FW: communication ethics - conference 28th February 2003
January 23, 2003
[eccr] fwd:CFP: The State of the Real
January 25, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Sharing Lectures and Presentations
January 27, 2003
[eccr] Nordic Multicultural Media conference - deadline for enrolment
[eccr] QuickLinks 257 - 26 January 2003
[eccr] European Regulators' Group meets to prepare for New EU Telecoms Legislation
[eccr] Call for papers: owards New Media Paradigms: Content, Producers, Organisations and Audiences
January 28, 2003
[eccr] Call for abstracts: Transnational Media Corporations and National Media Systems: China after Entry into the WTO
[eccr] CfP: Towards New Media Paradigms, University of Navarre 26-28 June 2003
[eccr] IVSA 2003 Conference -- Images of Social Life
January 29, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, January 29, 2003
January 31, 2003
[eccr] Fwd: Scope's new book and film reviews and conference reports