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January 01, 2021
[Commlist] cfp: celebrity and crisis, celebrity in crisis conference
January 03, 2021
[Commlist] PhD position in Roskilde/Denmark: Alternative Media & 1 PhD in Bergen/NO, 1 Teaching post in Leeds/UK
[Commlist] new book: An International Study of Film Museums
January 04, 2021
[Commlist] New issue InMedia French journal of Media Studies (Sorbonne Nouvelle): 8.1 "Ubiquitous Visuality: Towards a Pragmatics of Visual Experience"
[Commlist] Cfp: Future of Journalism
[Commlist] Webinar program - Pop-rock Music and 2000s Cinema
[Commlist] vacancy Assistant Professor, Department of Media and Communications, LSE | focus on gender, sexuality and/or race
[Commlist] Call for Visiting Research Fellows 2021/22 – Department for Media and Communication Studies Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden
[Commlist] CFP: Screening Controversy
[Commlist] New publication: Board Games as Media
January 05, 2021
[Commlist] CFP: Panel 'Emotional political narratives and engagement in contentious politics' as a part of the 15th Conference of the European Sociological Association
[Commlist] CFP: Approaching Race and Ethnicity in Nordic Film Culture
[Commlist] Call for Special Issue Journal Papers: 'New Media and National Identity'
[Commlist] CFP: International Online Conference "Media in America, America in Media"
January 06, 2021
[Commlist] vacancy Dean, College of Communication and Information
[Commlist] EADH2021 - European Association for Digital Humanities - Second International Conference
[Commlist] CFP: Digital Narrative and Interactive Storytelling for Public Engagement with Health and Science
[Commlist] new book: The Evolutionary Dynamics of Discursive Knowledge
January 07, 2021
[Commlist] cfp: Studying digital vulnerabilities, violence and resistance: methodological challenges and epistemological dilemmas in gender and sexualities research
[Commlist] CFP- Special Journal Issue: ‘New Media and National Identity’
[Commlist] Call for Papers — "Media Freedom in Asia: Challenges from Below'
[Commlist] cfp: The Essay Film as a Self-Representational Mode / Ekphrasis - Images, Cinema, Theory, Media
[Commlist] CFP: Issue 7 of "Tecmerin: Journal of Audiovisual Essays"
[Commlist] IJoC Publishes a Special Section on New Feminist Studies in Audiovisual Industries
[Commlist] New special issue: Documentary Film Mutations: New Opportunities for Social Change (Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies)
[Commlist] new issue of Conjunctions. Transdisciplinary Journal of Cultural Participation / special issue on Health, Media and Participation
[Commlist] Call for papers: Media Events in the Age of Global, Digital Networks (Nordic Journal of Media Studies 2022)
[Commlist] Virtual Colloquia - British Audio-Visual Research Network
[Commlist] new book: Music by Numbers
[Commlist] PhD studentship opportunities in photographic history at JOMEC (Cardiff University)
January 08, 2021
[Commlist] cfp: Digital Storytelling for Health
[Commlist] cfp: 6^th Annual International Conference on Communication and Management
[Commlist] Call for Applications - SMART Data Sprint 2021 Lisbon
[Commlist] CfA - PhD Workshop ECREA Crisis Communication Section
[Commlist] 2nd International Conference on Education (EDU2021)
[Commlist] Lectureship in Film and Screen Production at Queen's University, Belfast
[Commlist] Open call: Feminist Media Studies Commentary & Criticism
[Commlist] International Scientific Colloquium Journalism and platforms : Information, infomediation and fake news
[Commlist] New book: "News Values from an Audience Perspective"
[Commlist] 2nd International Hellenic Conference on Political Sciences: Communicating in Politics?
January 10, 2021
[Commlist] New Issue of Health & New Media Research published
[Commlist] Call for Chapters: /The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Digitalisation of Public Diplomacy
January 11, 2021
[Commlist] DIGZOOM spring 2021 online seminar series
[Commlist] PhD studentships in Queen Mary, University of London
[Commlist] Call for Papers: ICCTS 2021: “Global Crises: Media, Politics, and Environment”
[Commlist] Vacancy for Research Associate at Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom in Florence
[Commlist] CfP: IACSS (Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society) 2021, From platforms in cities to the platforming of cities
January 12, 2021
[Commlist] new book: When Media Succumbs to Rising Authoritarianism: Cautionary Tales from Venezuela's Recent History
[Commlist] Special Issue - Covid Communications
[Commlist] CFP Punk Passages: Punk, Ageing and Time – Call for Chapter Proposals
[Commlist] CfP - Community and alternative media Australia - workshop
[Commlist] CFP: Communication Research on Health Disparities
January 13, 2021
[Commlist] Vacancy: Postdoctoral researcher at Oxford
[Commlist] Position Announcement - Visiting Professor of Practice (Open Rank), Morris Professor of Emerging Journalism Practice
[Commlist] Call for contributions AR@K symposium
[Commlist] Open Access Report: Challenges for women musicians in jazz and ways forward for equal gender representation at jazz festivals
[Commlist] Call for Papers: Division of Environment, Science and Risk Communication at NordMedia 2021
[Commlist] new book: Race and Media
[Commlist] Symposium: "Journalism, Media and the Normalization of (Right-Wing) Populism and Nativist Authoritarianism"
January 14, 2021
[Commlist] Funded PhD opportunity - Journalists reporting end-of-life decisions
[Commlist] Workshop: Reflecting on Power and AI: The Case of GPT-3
[Commlist] 2 Tenure-track Assistant Professorships in Creative Technologies / School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design, York University
[Commlist] New Report: (PDF) Women Journalists in Local Media in Turkey Report
[Commlist] Fully funded ESRC General PhD studentships 2021 and South West and Wales AHRC PhD Studentships - JOMEC, Cardiff University, UK
[Commlist] ECSM 2021 Still accepting abstracts for 8th European Conference on Social Media
[Commlist] CFP - Making Monsters: The Production of Terror
[Commlist] Warburg Institute - Times of Festival: Spring 2021
[Commlist] New book: Struggling to be seen: The travails of Palestinian cinema
[Commlist] JIP Special Issue on Communication Rights published
[Commlist] Two issues of ECO-REBEL published
January 15, 2021
[Commlist] Call for Chapters: Mental Health Issues in Fandom
[Commlist] call for book chapters: Communicating health and pandemics in Africa: Theory, Practice, and Guidelines
[Commlist] Research Assistant Job - Film Festivals & COVID-19
[Commlist] New book: Miscommunications Collection
[Commlist] New book: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs New Perspectives on Production, Reception, Legacy
[Commlist] Fully funded doctoral studentship in Media and Communication Studies within the research area of Critical and Cultural Theory, Södertörn
[Commlist] CFP: Realizing Resistance Episode II: Uncharted Galaxies
January 16, 2021
[Commlist] New issue of MATRIZes is published (v. 14, n.2, 2020)
January 17, 2021
[Commlist] New book: The Euro-Western: Reframing Gender, Race and the 'Other' in Film
[Commlist] CfP - journal gamevironments regular issue 2021
[Commlist] Virtual Conference CFP: Revisiting the Warrior Princess and her legacy: Xena 20 years on
January 18, 2021
[Commlist] CFP CHI2021 Workshop: Coping with Messiness in Ethnography: Authority, Bias and Immersion in ethnographic Fieldwork in the non-Western World
[Commlist] NECS Online Lecture Series
[Commlist] TPRC48 Online Graduate Student Research Symposium
[Commlist] CFP: Making Monsters Symposium
[Commlist] 2 Job Vacancies for Research and Teaching Assistants at University of Zurich
[Commlist] Future of Journalism, Cardiff University cfp
[Commlist] New book: The Evolution of the Chinese Internet
January 19, 2021
[Commlist] ACM WebSci'21 | Call for Papers
[Commlist] New posts at Lancaster University
[Commlist] cfp: BledCom 2020 28th International Public Relations Research Symposium
[Commlist] Research Assistant Post: Library Music and Screen Cultures
[Commlist] new book: Nazism and Neo-Nazism in Film and Media
[Commlist] 8th International Congress of Audiovisual Researchers
[Commlist] Call for candidates for the PhD projects 2021 - Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism - Charles University
[Commlist] position Head of the School of Media and Communication, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures University of Leeds, UK
[Commlist] conference Returning to the Page: Visualising Design and Desire in Fan Magazines
[Commlist] CfP ECREA Journalism Education Conference 2021
[Commlist] cfp: Studying digital vulnerabilities, violence and resistance:, methodological challenges and epistemological dilemmas in gender and, sexualities research
January 20, 2021
[Commlist] IAMCR call for Audiovisual Work at Nairobi online 2021 conference
[Commlist] New book: Binge Watching: Motivations and Implications of Our Changing Viewing Behaviors
[Commlist] Call For Papers: ViewFinder Issue 117 - Artificial Intelligence
[Commlist] New anthology from Nordicom: Power, Communication, and Politics in the Nordic Countries
[Commlist] CfP Division of Audience Studies, Nordmedia Conference
[Commlist] CfP: Automation and data-driven journalism beyond the Western world
[Commlist] Job Vacancy at Aarhus University (Postdoc, 2 years)
[Commlist] CFP: Research Conference on “Media Education in an Uncertain and Polarized World”
[Commlist] CFP: Grace Jones: Post-Colonial. Cosmopolitan. Icon.
[Commlist] New issue of SoundEffects journal published
[Commlist] Call for Papers · Spectrology, Haunting and Ghosts · Spring Seminar 2021
[Commlist] Tenure-Track Assistant Prof of Communication, Media and Technology at San Diego State University
[Commlist] Call for articles - Representations of Spain and Latin America in film and audiovisual
January 21, 2021
[Commlist] Call for chapters - "Trans-versal. Sexual and gender dissidents in communication"
[Commlist] Call for proposals - Influence and organizations: cultures (Revue Communication & Organization)
[Commlist] JSTA · Open Call for audiovisual essay submissions (always open)
[Commlist] grants from Sir Lenny Henry Centre for Media Diversity
[Commlist] Call for articles - Media-Enterprise. Discourses and Practices of Cinema and the Media in Corporate Culture cfp
[Commlist] Fully funded PhD Scholarships 2021 - ESRC and AHRC, JOMEC, Cardiff University
[Commlist] The 2nd Biennial Conference on Food & Communication: Discourses on the Future of Food (Conference)
[Commlist] CfP - Community and alternative media Australia - workshop
[Commlist] New Book: Digital Contention in a Divided Society
January 22, 2021
[Commlist] Call for Visiting Faculty (School of Media, Higher School of Economics, Moscow)
[Commlist] CFP: Bilgi IPCC 2021 - Collaborations
[Commlist] Virtual Conference Periodical Print Media outside the Mainstream
[Commlist] Applications for CDCS Post-Doctoral Fellowships 2021-2022
[Commlist] Bristol seminar series on Greece, Rome, and media theory
[Commlist] post-doc announcement “Transformations of the Popular”
January 24, 2021
[Commlist] Call for Chapters: Screening Controversy
[Commlist] Postdoc Position in Communication, Race and Technology
[Commlist] Call for Book Chapters: Opportunities and Challenges for Computational Social, Science Method
[Commlist] CFP: Migrations, Citizenships, Inclusion. Narratives of Plural Italy, between Imaginary and Diversity Politics
January 25, 2021
[Commlist] Special issue of the Journal of Language and Politics on ‘Discourse Theory: Ways forward for theory development and research practice’ (published in print)
[Commlist] CFP MAI: women, spectatorship and the cinema of the real
[Commlist] New book: The Politics of Nordsploitation: History, Industry, Audiences
[Commlist] CFP Tripodos - Gender and Media
[Commlist] New book: Paranoid Visions: Spies, Conspiracies and the Secret State in British Television Drama
[Commlist] Design Ecologies 9 published
[Commlist] CFP: Film on Demand – Streaming Platforms and their Social, Economic and Cultural Impact
[Commlist] New book: Satire, Comedy and Mental Health. Coping with the Limits of Critique
[Commlist] Call For Papers – Contratexto (Peru) – Political communication
[Commlist] CFP Online Symposium: Masculinity in Times of Change 20-22 September 2021
[Commlist] CfP - 9th Annual conference on comparative media studies (CMSTW'2021)
[Commlist] CfP: Transformation of Newsrooms with the Advent of Artificial Intelligence Journalism
[Commlist] Postdoc Fellowships: Stanford Digital Civil Society Lab
January 26, 2021
[Commlist] CFP - ACM Hypertext & Social Media Conference 2021
[Commlist] Call For Papers: Baltic Screen Media Review /- Participation in transition: Rethinking participatory culture
[Commlist] CfP Atmospheres of Unruliness, Resistance and Desolation: Music Videos in the Anthropocene
[Commlist] Spring 2021 Online Research Seminars in Media, Journalism, and Film at Huddersfield
[Commlist] New journal Publication: Versus "Future. A Time of History"
January 27, 2021
[Commlist] Screen Work 2020 Report
[Commlist] Conference CFP #THINKClimaConference "Lobbying for (in)action: Climate Emergence, Interest Groups and Denial"
[Commlist] Call for papers – Comunicazione Politica n. 3/2021 – Covid crisis and political communication
[Commlist] CFP Migrant Belongings: Digital Practices and the Everyday
[Commlist] Publication – Alphaville 20: Doing Women’s Film & Television History
[Commlist] Two vacancies: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Digital Media and Society, University ofSheffield, UK
[Commlist] Job opportunity: Chancellor's Fellow in Race/ Migration/ Postcolonial Studies
[Commlist] International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics 16.3 published
[Commlist] CfP - 8th International Congress of Audiovisual Researchers
January 28, 2021
[Commlist] Journal of Scandinavian Cinema 10.3 published
[Commlist] Call for Book Chapters | Routledge Handbook of Non-Profit Communication
[Commlist] new issue Comunicazioni Sociali - 2020 - 3. Saving the Planet Bit by Bit: Environmental Communication in the Digital Age
[Commlist] CFP: Nightmare Before Christmas
[Commlist] CFP - eSociety track at 'Digital Transformation & Global Society' Conference
[Commlist] Call for workshop participation: feeling digital and reimagining fieldwork during COVID Time
[Commlist] Call for chapter abstracts on Digital Journalism in China
[Commlist] Call for papers: Academic Life in the Pandemic / Special Forum for Communication, Culture, and Critique
[Commlist] New e-book of ICNOVA: Multidisciplinary perspectives on Communication in the context of a Pandemic
[Commlist] new book: New Blood: Critical Approaches to Contemporary Horror
[Commlist] Central European Journal of Communication (Fall 2020) published (open access)
January 29, 2021
[Commlist] Mediating Change colloquium videos
[Commlist] Invitation to submit your audiovisual works to SIEF 2021 audiovisual programme!
[Commlist] CfP “Historical Traces of European Radio Archives, 1930-1960” workshop
[Commlist] Transmedia & Public History job
[Commlist] Call for papers: Sport and mediatization
[Commlist] new book: Doctor Who and Science
[Commlist] new book on citizen videography in Israel and Palestine
[Commlist] International Conference | Stereo & Immersive Media 2021
[Commlist] Call for papers - conference Narrative, Media and Cognition
January 30, 2021
[Commlist] CFP: What does the algorithm want? Psychoanalysis and the Critique of Digital Culture
January 31, 2021
[Commlist] CFP- TRANSLOCAL Journal #3 | Peripheral Cinema(s)
[Commlist] Call for Films: The 11th Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival 2021