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January 01, 2017
[ecrea] Associate Lecturer - Film and Media
January 03, 2017
[ecrea] New Issue of Communication Management Review, Vol. 1, No. 2, 2016
[ecrea] new book - Advertising and Consumer Culture in China
[ecrea] CFP: For a Cosmopolitan Cinema (Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media)
[ecrea] call for papers: communication management forum 2017
[ecrea] Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship within Media Aesthetics
[ecrea] CfP - "Populism, Post-Truth Politics and Participatory Culture" ICA Popular Communication Division Preconference
January 04, 2017
[ecrea] CfP VII Lisbon Summer School for the Study of Culture
[ecrea] Associate Professor Journalism - University of Leicester
[ecrea] Call for the ICA 2017 Pre-Conference ‘Data and the Future of Critical Social Research'
[ecrea] Call for Papers of the 2017 Amsterdam Symposium on the History of Food
[ecrea] New Issue Revista Mediterránea de Comunicación / Mediterranean Journal of Communication
[ecrea] CFP: CYPRUS: 2nd International Conference on the Right of Freedom of Expression in the Digital Age
[ecrea] NANO: New American Notes Online Announces Publication of Issue 10: Originality in a Digital Age
[ecrea] AHRC Branded Content Network: Seminar 19 January 2017, Bournemouth University.
[ecrea] International Workshop on the Fate of Post-Mortem Personal Data
[ecrea] ESA 2017 conference "(Un)Making Europe: Capitalism, Solidarities, Subjectivities"
[ecrea] CFP Sexualities and Digital Culture in Europe
[ecrea] Call for papers for VI. International Conference on Conflict, Terrorism and Society, "Culture and Politics of Conspiracy Theories in Global Conflicts"
[ecrea] International Journal of Film and Media Arts. CFP: spatial storytelling / new issue online: stereoscopic and immersive media
[ecrea] Discourse, Communication and the Enterprise (DICOEN9) CfP
[ecrea] Essachess - Vol 9, No 2 (18) (2016)/Social media: between freedom and utopia
[ecrea] New CFP: Public Relations
[ecrea] CFP -- Fearful Sounds: Cross-Platform Studies of Audio and Horror
[ecrea] CFP-Screening the Virtues workshop
January 05, 2017
[ecrea] Call for Participation: Symposium on Media, Communication, and Film Studies Programs at Liberal Arts Colleges
[ecrea] Media and Emotions (CFP)
[ecrea] Call for Participants for Three-day PhD Course: Dialogic Communication, Participation and Collaboration in Research
[ecrea] Rádio-Leituras - New issue and Call for Papers
[ecrea] CFPapers/films/performances - Future Imperfect
January 06, 2017
[ecrea] CFP: Poetics and Politics of Documentary
[ecrea] University of Leicester: ESRC funded doctoral studentships in Communication and Media
[ecrea] new book: The Age of Noise in Britain
[ecrea] Two posts at De Montfort University, LMS
January 07, 2017
[ecrea] cfp - NordMedia 2017: Mediated Realities – Global Challenges
[ecrea] CFP "Video Game Art Reader" Inaugural Issue
[ecrea] CMDS Summer School on “Media Capture: The Relationship Between Power, Media Freedom and Advocacy”
[ecrea] Job Announcements at the University of Hartford, CT, USA!
[ecrea] Cfp: ESA Conference Athens 2017, RN18 Communications and Media Research
January 08, 2017
[ecrea] IVSA 2017 Montreal
[ecrea] MeCCSA 2017 conference
January 09, 2017
[ecrea] CfP: autumn issue Mediální studia / Media Studies 11(1) 2017 and last issue ONLINE
[ecrea] cfp - NoPSA Political Communication Workshop - Communicating politics in the digital age: new media, new political,strategies, and new political communication?
[ecrea] Call for Papers: – Publications
[ecrea] PhD scholarships in CAMRI University of Westminster
[ecrea] 2017 Urban Communication Research Grant
[ecrea] Zygmunt Bauman dies at age 91
[ecrea] call for Affect & Social Media#3
[ecrea] Closing the gap in representation: public service and activism for the democratization of the media
January 10, 2017
[ecrea] CFP - *Call for Papers ECREA Symposium Digital Democracy: Critical Perspectives in the Age of Big Data
[ecrea] CfP: “Media Policy and Digitalization” workshop @ NoPSA2017
[ecrea] Call for Papers "Digital Media and Political Extremism“
[ecrea] Aberdoc PhD scholarships - Department of Theatre, Film and TV Studies, Aberystwyth
[ecrea] Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media – Call for book reviews
[ecrea] PhD positions in Film Studies at University of Gothenburg, Sweden
[ecrea] Assistant Professor position at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
[ecrea] CFP - The Future of Journalism 2017 conference, Cardiff University
[ecrea] Disrupting the Humanities: Towards Posthumanities - special issue of JEP
[ecrea] CFP ACM TVX 2017 Conference
January 11, 2017
[ecrea] CFP: The Digital Everyday: Exploration or Alienation?
[ecrea] CFP: The Digital Everyday: Exploration or Alienation?
[ecrea] New Book: DIY Utopia
[ecrea] CFP Black Film British Cinema Conference 2017
[ecrea] CFP Meaningful Data, Semiotica Journal
[ecrea] CFP: Mapping Cultural policy in the Arab Region
[ecrea] Call for chapter proposals: Business Innovation and Disruption in the videogames industry
[ecrea] Call for applications for Visiting Researcher Stipends at The Bill Douglas Cinema Museum
[ecrea] job call: Assistant or Associate Professor in Communication Studies
[ecrea] Sheffield Hallam University recruiting a Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in Journalism
[ecrea] new book: Private Power, Online Information Flows & EU Law
[ecrea] Senior Lecturer in Media and Communication Science - Jönköping University
[ecrea] CFP: Data Publics conference, Lancaster University
[ecrea] New Issue of İleti-ş-im : Galatasaray University Journal of Communication
[ecrea] Screen Production Conference, Gold Coast (Australia)
[ecrea] New book: Finite Media: Environmental Implications of Digital Technologies
[ecrea] CFP The Poetics of Asian Cinemas conference
January 12, 2017
[ecrea] New publication on Life Narratives and Youth Culture
[ecrea] CFP Audiences2030: Imagining a future for audiences
[ecrea] CFP - Media Justice: Race, borders, disability, data
[ecrea] CFP Animation and Memory conference
[ecrea] CfP: The Social Implications of Genre in Historical News Language (CHINED VI)
[ecrea] 3 year funded PhD position in Communications Law
[ecrea] HOUSE-KEEPING message / important phishing warning
[ecrea] Special Topic CFP for the Journal of the Reception Study Society
January 13, 2017
[ecrea] CFP: Rethinking Film Genres: East Asian Cinema and Beyond
[ecrea] New book: Political Communication and European Elections in Times of Crisis
[ecrea] CfP: Sonic Cyberfeminisms
[ecrea] Assistant Professor of Mass Communications, Emory & Henry College
[ecrea] CFP - CCA Annual Conference, Ryerson University
[ecrea] Deadline approaching: PhD studentship opportunity: horror and exploitation cinema beyond the national
[ecrea] New Publication - Comunicação e Sociedade/ vol.30 is now available - Public Broadcasting Service and Participation
[ecrea] CfA Communication Studies Spring School 2017 - *“Media, Culture and Power*”
[ecrea] CFP: Global Conference in Honour of Stuart Hall 2017 - Jamaica
January 14, 2017
[ecrea] One-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship position in Narrative Politics in International Relations
[ecrea] Spring School Media Systems: comparative and transnational perspectives. Focus on China
[ecrea] Commons Journal (vol.5 nº2, 2016). Special Issue:"Communication and Epistemologies of the South"
[ecrea] CFP: Game of Thrones - An International Conference
[ecrea] The Archers in Fact and Fiction conference
[ecrea] cfp - data power 2017
January 15, 2017
[ecrea] Lecturer in the History of New Social Movements / Alternative Cultures
[ecrea] Cinemagoing, Film Experience and Memory: special issue of Memory Studies
[ecrea] CFP - The Radical Film Handbook
[ecrea] Call for Papers for the 2017 EUPRERA conference
[ecrea] Publication of edited volume: Politics, Protest, Emotion: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. A Book of Blogs
[ecrea] cfp - Postcolonial Mediations: Globalisation and Displacement
[ecrea] cfp - GFF 2017: Realities and World Building
January 16, 2017
[ecrea] published: Communication, Politics and Culture Vol 49, Issue 2 (2016)
[ecrea] PhD scholarships at the School of Media and Communication, University of Leeds (UK)
[ecrea] Job Opening: Assistant Professor of Practice in Visual Communication, Texas Tech University
[ecrea] CFP: Journal of Media Practice and MeCCSA Practice Network Symposium 2017 - 'Practice and/as Media Industry Research'
[ecrea] New Book | Practicable - From Participation to Interaction in Contemporary Art | MIT Press
[ecrea] Position - Scholarly Fellow - Screen and Media
January 17, 2017
[ecrea] call for papers merzWissenschaft 2017
[ecrea] Call for Chapters: Sacred Songs: Religion, Spirituality and the Divine in Popular Music Culture
[ecrea] 2nd CFP Web Science Summer School
[ecrea] Call for papers: Print, politics and publishing: the role of the provincial press
[ecrea] CfP: Bodily Extensions and Performance
[ecrea] cfp for Special Issue of Communication Theory - “Latin American communication theory today: charting contemporary developments and their global relevance”
[ecrea] CFP, Internet Histories
[ecrea] Call for papers - Special issue 3/2017 “The Remaking of Truth in the Digital Age”
[ecrea] Communication job at Loughborough University
[ecrea] Programme of The GIG-ARTS 2017 Conference - 30-31 March, Paris
[ecrea] Phd Course on Transnational Television
[ecrea] CfP ICA Preconference: media performance and democracy – the debate continues
January 18, 2017
[ecrea] CFP: The Industrialization of Creativity and its Limits: Value, Self-expression and the Economy of Culture in Times of Crisis
[ecrea] CFP Exoticism in Contemporary Transnational Cinema: Music and Spectacle
[ecrea] CFP - For a Cosmopolitan Cinema (Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media)
[ecrea] Call for submissions to Persona Studies 3.1
[ecrea] CFP: Digital Ecologies and the Anthropocene - Bath Spa University
[ecrea] New Publication Released: Requiem for a Nation - Religion and Politics in Post-War Italian Cinema (Mimesis International)
[ecrea] call: Afroeuropeans, Tampere 6-8- July 2017
[ecrea] Teaching Media Quarterly CFLR - Media Industries
[ecrea] CFP Public Diplomacy Post-conference ICA
[ecrea] CFP - Comparative media studies in today's world
January 19, 2017
[ecrea] Lecturer/ Senior lecturer in Film Production at Bournemouth University
[ecrea] CFP: “Purple Reign: An interdisciplinary conference on the life and legacy of Prince”
[ecrea] 9 Fully funded PhD positions in political science & sociology for the academic year 2017-2018 (Scuola Normale Superiore)
[ecrea] 3rd Annual International Conference on Communication and Management (ICCM2017)
[ecrea] job opportunity KU Leuven - Media Effects Research
[ecrea] Applications open: Eroles Project: Community of Practice: What practices and narratives do we need to peacefully co-create cultures?
[ecrea] Communicating Music Scenes CFP
[ecrea] Call for Applications: Visiting Research Fellowship in Local Media and/or Communication
[ecrea] New Release: Kiosk Literature of Silver Age Spain
[ecrea] CFP State Commemoration in a Digital World
[ecrea] Northern Lights: Film and Media Studies 14.1
January 20, 2017
[ecrea] CFP: Edinburgh International Film Audiences Conference
[ecrea] Cfp - Music and the Jewish World Conference
[ecrea] CFA: Communicating Development / Mediating Social Change
[ecrea] CFP: Competition, regulation and freedom of expression in digital markets
[ecrea] New book: Innovative Methods in Media and Communication Research
[ecrea] CFP: Abusive Language Online
[ecrea] International conference "Communication in the Global Village: Interests and Influences" at Turiba University in Riga, Latvia
[ecrea] Call for Applications -Summer School on “Media in Political Participation and Mobilization” (Firenze 26-30 June 2017)
[ecrea] RGS-IBG Annual Conference: CfP Digital Power, Decolonising Life
[ecrea] UNESCO Call for proposals: Defining Internet Universality Indicators
[ecrea] digital existence II: Precarious Media Life - Call for contributions
[ecrea] New Book: Networking China
[ecrea] Postdoctoral opportunity at Information School at the University of Washington (UW) in Seattle
[ecrea] Job annoncement: Professor of Practice in Gender, Sexuality, and Media Studies
January 21, 2017
[ecrea] CFP reminder: Women in Gothic and Horror Cinema
[ecrea] Journal of Sonic Studies - New issue now available
January 22, 2017
[ecrea] IAMCR 2017, Political Communication Research Section CfP pre-conference
[ecrea] one day conference on Marketing (as) Rhetoric
[ecrea] Submission site for AoIR 2017: Networked Publics now open!
[ecrea] Lecturer in Film Studies at the University of St Andrews
January 23, 2017
[ecrea] Participations: 16 articles from The World Hobbit Project
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Theorising the Popular Conference
[ecrea] Broadcasting War - An interdisciplinary 1-day workshop - University of Warwick
[ecrea] Call for Chapters: Music by Numbers: The Use and Abuse of Statistics in the Music Industry
[ecrea] Special issue of CM - Revisiting classic communication theories
[ecrea] doctoral study opportunities, Örebro University
[ecrea] media mutations 9 - cfp
[ecrea] ESRC PhD Studentship (FUNDED), JOMEC, Cardiff University for Pathway "Journalism and Democracy"
[ecrea] CFP “Immersive Experiences in Later Age” in iLRN 2017
[ecrea] A Companion to Steven Spielberg
[ecrea] cfp: anticipation 2017
[ecrea] FIAT/IFTA Media Studies Grant – Call for Projects
[ecrea] PhD Summer School - Urban Ethnography: Senses, Rhythms and Practices
January 24, 2017
[ecrea] Call for submissions - Journal of Alternative and Community Media, Volume 2 (2017)
[ecrea] 'Communication Worlds' ANZCA 2017 CFP
[ecrea] *Call for papers* Media and Politics: alienation, engagement and resistance
[ecrea] CFP: Besides the Screen Brazil 2017 - VR, Volumetric Filmmaking and Spatial Control
[ecrea] Journal of Media Practice 17.2/3
[ecrea] Television studies CFP
[ecrea] Call for Panelists for MESA 2/8/17: Children, Youth, and Media in Conflict Zones
[ecrea] Digitising early childhood international conference - call for papers
January 25, 2017
[ecrea] new book on Performative Citizenship. Public Art, Urban Design, And Political Participation
[ecrea] cfp - data power 2017
[ecrea] Critical Digital and Social Media Studies - cfp
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Media and Violence
[ecrea] cfp - Language Game[s]: Poetry, Logic and Artificial Language
[ecrea] Baltic Screen Media Review 2017 CFP
[ecrea] new book: Weekend Societies: Electronic Dance Music Festivals and Event-Cultures
[ecrea] Vacancy: Head of School of Film & Media at University of Lincoln
[ecrea] CFP: MIRAJ Special Issue 7:2 Transnationalism and South Asian Artists’ Moving Image
[ecrea] new book: German Pop Music. A Companion
[ecrea] cfp - Audiovisual Records and China-Africa relations
[ecrea] Two PhD Studentships at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
January 26, 2017
[ecrea] CfP Abstinence from Inventing Tradition and from Preserving Memories? ­­­­­­ Narratives of the European Women’s Movements
[ecrea] Cfp: ESA Conference Athens 2017, RN18 Communications and Media Research
[ecrea] CfP - Celebrating Hercules in the Modern World
[ecrea] Call for Papers: The Fan Studies Network 2017 Conference
[ecrea] Call for papers of the Internet Policy Review : Special issue on ‘Political micro-targeting’
[ecrea] New issue of the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies 3.3
[ecrea] Call for Papers "Sexualities and digital culture in Europe"
[ecrea] New Book Announcement: Showman of the Screen: Joseph E. Levine and his Revolutions in Film Promotion
[ecrea] CFP: Reminder and Update, International Conference Collaboration and Competition in the Cultural and Creative Industries
[ecrea] Call for Book Proposals: Protest, Media and Culture
January 28, 2017
[ecrea] PhD opportunity in Languages and Media and Communication Studies at the University of Manchester
[ecrea] new book: “Giving Voice: Mobile Communication, Disability, and Inequality” by Meryl Alper
[ecrea] CFP: Visualizing (in) the New Media
[ecrea] publication - Miskimmon, Alister: Forging the World: Strategic Narratives and International Relations
[ecrea] Call For Papers: Lost in Translation? People, Technologies for Practices and Concepts Across Boundaries
[ecrea] Postdoctoral positions in Tallinn on audiovisual industries, policy and AR
[ecrea] Job Posting: Assistant Professor of Speech Communication / U of Waterloo
[ecrea] CFP ECREA Film Studies conference: Multivoicedness and European Cinema: Representation, Industry, Politics
[ecrea] Call for Papers ­ The Future of Journalism: Journalism in a Post-Truth Age?
[ecrea] CFP - Media Sustainability, Value Creation and Public Policies
January 29, 2017
[ecrea] CFP - funding proposals Society for Animation Studies
[ecrea] 15^th Conference of the Associación de Historiadores de Comunicación
[ecrea] CFP: Flow Special Issue - Mary Tyler Moore
[ecrea] CfP: International Conference on Islam, Media and Communication 2017
January 30, 2017
[ecrea] special issue CFP - Journal of Marketing Management - on Marketing (as) Rhetoric.
[ecrea] 2nd International Workshop on Visual Methods for Doctoral Students and ECR's
[ecrea] Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Grace Jones: note of revised conference dates and re-opened CFP
[ecrea] Spiral Film and Philosophy Conference: "Love and Death"
[ecrea] CFP - When the Musik Takes Over. Musical Numbers in Film and Television, 2018
[ecrea] CFP: Communication, Culture, & Critique Special Issue: Media and the Extreme Right
[ecrea] Call for papers - VI. International Conference on Conflict, Terrorism and Society - “Culture and Politics of Conspiracy Theories in Global Conflicts”
[ecrea] new issue of Journal of Organizational Knowledge Communication
[ecrea] CFP: anticipation 2017
[ecrea] CFP: Transmedia Earth Conference
[ecrea] Trump's America Call for Papers
[ecrea] Special issue of Asian Cinema, 27.2
[ecrea] Call for participants 10th CEECOM conference "Critique of/at/on periphery?"
[ecrea] Call for new Temporary Working Groups
January 31, 2017
[ecrea] CFP: Millennial Culture and Communication Pedagogies: Narratives from the Classroom and Higher Education
[ecrea] cfp - On the Move – Exploring Contemporary Dynamics of Migration
[ecrea] new book: Gender, Politics, News: A Game of Three Sides
[ecrea] Cfp Brazilian Journalism Research: Special Issue Journalism in Brazil and Africa: Cross-influences, Developments, and Perspectives
[ecrea] Radio Research Conference 2017
[ecrea] Lecturer in Communications and Media, LCC
[ecrea] CFP: Religion and Popular Culture/ Race and Whiteness and Popular Culture
[ecrea] Call for papers - Computer Networks Histories
[ecrea] Lecturer in Documentary Filmmaking at UWS Creative Media Academy
[ecrea] *Jeunesse* 8.2 Out Now
[ecrea] 35 Papers Published in IJoC in January
[ecrea] CFP - 3rd Biennial Philosophy of Communication Conference