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April 01, 2004
[eccr] Fwd: Call for papers: Imaging Social Movements
[eccr] Social Semiotics General Call for paper
[eccr] Call for Papers -- Media in Post-war Britain
April 02, 2004
[eccr] Superheroes conference
[eccr] call for papers
April 07, 2004
[eccr] The Soul Beat - 14 - Women & Media
[eccr] Call for papers international radio summer school University of Siena
April 08, 2004
[eccr] fwd:[csaa-forum] Culture Machine 6
[eccr] Joint MeCCSA and AMPE Conference 2005 - Call for Papers
[eccr] 37th Annual Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis
April 10, 2004
[eccr] Culture - Media - Economy(Erlangen)
April 12, 2004
[eccr] Ejournalist A refereed media journal
April 13, 2004
[eccr] Making Use of Culture
April 14, 2004
[eccr] CFP: New Research for New Media - Innovative Research Methodologies :: extended deadline April 30 and confirmed scientific board
[eccr] The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, April 14, 2004
[eccr] JMM: Call for Paper
[eccr] Cfp Beja 2004 session on humanist photography
April 15, 2004
[eccr] JMM: Call for Paper - Impact of Regulatory Changes on Media Market Competition and Media Management
[eccr] [ECCR] --> Mobile Research Forum
[eccr] Fwd: China symposium
April 16, 2004
[eccr] Re-Imagining Amateur Film: study day 25/4/04
April 17, 2004
[eccr] Vacancy: Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Level A): SCHOOL OF JOURNALISM AND COMMUNICATION, University of Queensland
April 19, 2004
[eccr] Cultural Diversity and Language Education
[eccr] Enhancing the Visibility and Collaboration of Researchers in Intercultural Education in Finland
[eccr] Democracy & Culture in the Transatlantic World
April 20, 2004
[eccr] Call for papers - Banal Militarism
[eccr] Fwd: Manchester Conference
April 21, 2004
[eccr] The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, April 21, 2004
[eccr] New reviews in cyberculture studies (april 2004)
April 22, 2004
[eccr] Foucault Studies: New Journal
April 23, 2004
[eccr] ICA Conference Program is available!
[eccr] 1998 Inventory of textbooks in communication studies around the world
[eccr] European Parliament votes on report regarding freedom of expression and media pluralism
April 26, 2004
[eccr] Symposium announcement: 'The Rebirth of the Museum'
April 27, 2004
[eccr] Call for Chapter Contributions to a Book on Public Diplomacy and Global Communication
[eccr] Reality Tv day - update and registration
[eccr] New online resource - creative video project / + Inaugural lecture
[eccr] WARNING
[eccr] Future faculty report now available
[eccr] World Electronic Media Forum (WEMF) Final Report now on line
[communards] Connecting Free Media. Exchange within and beyond Central and Eastern Europe
[eccr] Research Issues No.6
April 28, 2004
[eccr] Link to online book: "Revisiting the Magix Box: Local Appropriation of ICTs"
[eccr] The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, April 28, 2004
April 29, 2004
[eccr] Imaging Nature: Cradle Mountain 27-29 June