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[eccr] Foucault Studies: New Journal

Thu Apr 22 09:40:25 GMT 2004

>Foucault Studies: Call For Papers
>A new electronic, refereed, international journal titled Foucault
>Studies is
>announced. The first issue will be published in November 2004.
>are welcomed.
>Full details of the journal can be found at 
>Although this is an online journal submissions should conform to the
>standards of presentation and content as other journals. All papers will
>peer-reviewed before acceptance. Please see the detailed submission
>guidelines at 
>Interest in the work of the French thinker Michel Foucault continues to
>develop within the English-speaking world at an exponential rate. There
>exists an ever-expanding corpus of writing which deals either directly
>his work or uses his ideas as the basis for other research. Indeed, some
>his ideas are now so well recognized (notably on power) as to no longer
>require attribution. In addition to this, the popularity of the various
>Foucault websites on the internet attests to the influence of his work.
>Aside from being widely used at the research level, Foucault's work is
>commonly referred to in university undergraduate courses across the
>humanities and the social sciences, as well as in applied professional
>disciplines, e.g., education, architecture and social work. There are
>several research and discussion networks in existence which focus on his
>work, the Foucault Centre in Paris, the History of the Present groups in
>Canada and the UK, the Foucault Circle in the USA and a new Centro de
>Estudios Multidisciplinarios Michel Foucault in Mexico.
>Given this general context, a journal which provides a forum for the
>discussion of Foucault's work, the publication of new translations and
>reviews and reports of books, conferences and other activities in
>to his work is well overdue.
>Aims of the journal
>The journal will provide a forum for discussion of Foucault which goes
>beyond received orthodoxies, simplifications and uncritical
>Firstly, the journal aims to publish work utilizing the more familiar
>material by Foucault. Secondly, the journal will avail itself of the
>range of material made available via the 1994 four volume publication
>French) of over 360 of Foucault's shorter writings. And, thirdly, the
>journal will examine, interpret and comment on the more recent and
>publication of his lectures. Much of this material is still in the
>of being translated into English.
>Recognizing that Foucault's work is being used productively across the
>and across a whole range of disciplines, the journal will invite
>of material that not only deals with his work directly but also material
>that critiques, updates and augments his claims across very diverse
>geographical, disciplinary and historical domains. Just to name a few of
>areas which will be covered: power, politics, law, history, social and
>cultural theory, sexuality, race, religion, gender studies,
>philosophy, architecture, education, health studies, management studies,
>media studies. These are merely some of the areas touched on by those
>inspired by Foucault's work. In addition the journal will look to
>translations of shorter pieces from Foucault's oeuvre and will carry
>reviews and conference and seminar reports.
>The text of this message can be found at
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