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(From 2002 until 2005, this mailing list was called the ECCR mailing list)
October 01, 2004
[eccr] World Congress of News Agencies in Moscow
October 02, 2004
[eccr] CFP - Distributed Aesthetics
October 04, 2004
[eccr] CONFERENCE Cinema: Motion-Illusion-Spectacle (National Film Theatre 26-28th November 2004)
[eccr] Radio Spectrum Liberalisation and Trading in the UK
[eccr] CFP for AoIR 6: Internet Generations
[eccr] Fwd: The(e)ories: Advanced Seminars in Queer Research 2005
October 05, 2004
[eccr] Cfp: Challenges at the Top: Leadership in Media Organizations
October 06, 2004
[eccr] Call for Papers - Melbourne University Art History, Cinema, Classics and Archaelogy Postgraduate Association Conference
October 08, 2004
[eccr] Radical Theory at the European Social Forum
[eccr] Digital Media and Digital Culture Seminar Series
October 09, 2004
[eccr] FBI seizes indymedia (Indymedia Radio included) servers in England
[eccr] Jacques Derrida has died Friday night at the age of 74
October 13, 2004
[eccr] 1st Global Conference: Future Literature, Future Criticism
[eccr] CFP: Over the Waves: Music in/and Broadcasting
[eccr] Contested Spaces: representation and the histories o f conflict
[eccr] Psychoanalysis, Politics and Cultural Theory: A Symposium at the University of East London
[eccr] Fwd: The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, October 13, 2004
[eccr] CfP: Researching global media conglomerates
October 15, 2004
[eccr] Media and Public Sphere Volume
October 18, 2004
[eccr] CMA Local and Community Television Research Project (Second Call for Responses)
October 19, 2004
[eccr] Collage as Cultural Practice Conference
[eccr] The Society for Phenomenology and Media, 7th Annual International Conference: Education and Media
[eccr] Radio Conference 2005
[eccr] Tailoring Health Messages: Bridging the Gap between Social and Humanistic Perspective on Health Communication
October 20, 2004
[eccr] Media History Conference - Second CFP
[eccr] III Pan American Congress of Communication - "Commercial Integration or Cultural Dialogue in the context of the Information Society"
October 21, 2004
[eccr] Call for papers: The History of the Media
[eccr] Conference on the origins, nature and impact of the Peacock Report
[eccr] Call for papers: Digital Utopia in the Media. International Conference on Communication and Reality
[eccr] Derrida: Negotiating the legacy
October 22, 2004
[eccr] The Weekly Spin, Thursday, October 21, 2004
[eccr] Ofcom media literacy seminar 2nd November 2004
[eccr] CfP Critical Studies in Television
October 24, 2004
[eccr] New Voices: An Evaluation of 15 "Community Radio". Access Projects
[eccr] Fwd: The Error in 'Terrorism' conference
October 25, 2004
[eccr] CfP: Small Nations, Big Neighbours
October 26, 2004
[eccr] Seminar at Ofcom, London: Emotional / Political Literacy And The Media
[eccr] Third Annual Worldwide Press Freedom Index
[eccr] The Soul Beat - 27 - The Use of Print Media
October 27, 2004
[eccr] The Weekly Spin, Wednesday, October 27, 2004
[eccr] CFP: The Smiths
[eccr] New Issue Journal of Media Business Studies
October 31, 2004
[eccr] CFP - Literature in the Age of Cultural Studies and Globalization