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September 30, 2009
[ecrea] Children's TV in the Arab World
[ecrea] CfP for the EDem10: 4th International Conference on eDemocracy, Danube University Krems, Austria
[ecrea] ECA Panel Seeks A Fourth Person
[ecrea] video of the opening of the SBS Center
October 01, 2009
[ecrea] Critical Governance Studies conference
[ecrea] New title announcement: Aesthetic Journalism
[ecrea] Appel à proposition : communication des institutions de pouvoir
[ecrea] Mini Conference on Social Systems Theory and Europe
[ecrea] CFP: Digital Cultures ITP Special Issue
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Supernatural: TV Goes to Hell
[ecrea] Post Doc in New media
October 02, 2009
[ecrea] Parution : Questions de communication (15/2009)]
[ecrea] Culture Machine: Books in search of reviewers
[ecrea] Studies in Transversality: Militant Research London October 13-14
[ecrea] CFP: Wide Screen cinema journal
[ecrea] CFP: The Communicative Turn in Risk Communication Theory and Practice
October 03, 2009
[ecrea] Media, Diversity and Cosmopolitanism in Europe symposium Goldsmiths
[ecrea] Book announcement: Exploring the Maltese Media Landsacpe
October 05, 2009
[ecrea] 'Arab Women & the Media', Special Issue of the Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research
[ecrea] Media Ethics 2000 Colloquium - Who Can and Should Watch the Watchdog in the Twitter Age?
[ecrea] Yale Information Society Project Fellowships for 2010-2011
[ecrea] Launch of Africa Media Centre
[ecrea] ECREA establishes two new thematic sections
[ecrea] [ECREA news] Call for proposals for organising ECC 2012
[ecrea] appel à articles : Te chnologies (et usages ) de l'anonymat à l'heure de l'Internet
October 06, 2009
[ecrea] CFP: Journal of Media Practice
[ecrea] Knowledge Futures conference: Friday 16th and Saturday 17th October 2009
[ecrea] MediaCommons & open peer review
[ecrea] Research Positions, Centre for Cultural Research, UWS
[ecrea] 25th EuroCPR conference: Policies for a digital Europe: lessons learned and challenges ahead.
October 07, 2009
[ecrea] Call for Papers - International Symposium on OnlineJournalism - Papers Due December 14, 2009
[ecrea] transcript Verlag Oktober 2009
[ecrea] Appel à contribution - Interactivité et lien social
[ecrea] Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture
[ecrea] Towards Post-radio - GRER Colloquium - November 2009 Paris
[ecrea] Television & New Media on the future of media studies
[ecrea] Research Associate - Faculty of Creative Arts, University of the West of England (Bristol)
October 08, 2009
[ecrea] Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries (QQML2010) Abstract/Paper submission and Special Session and Workshop Proposals
October 09, 2009
[ecrea] New book on Halloween: Treat or Trick? Halloween in a Globalising World
[ecrea] LT Position in Globalization / George Mason
[ecrea] Fifth International Conference on Multimodality (5ICOM)
[ecrea] Conference on Development and IT. Registration open until 16 October
[ecrea] Standing Out In The Crowd: Competing in the dynamic marketplace of cultural products
[ecrea] Development of Agenda-Setting Theory and Research. Between West and East
[ecrea] Study Day: ?What is New Here? Film, Television and New Media'
[ecrea] First-of-its-Kind Conference Examines How Social Media are Transforming the Economy, Labor and Society
October 10, 2009
[ecrea] Cfp for book on popular television and (post)socialism
[ecrea] CFP: ICFA March 17-21 2010; proposals due Oct 31, 2009
[ecrea] "Deleuze & Activism Conference" at Cardiff
[ecrea] CFP RIPE@2010 Conference - Public Service Media After the Recession
October 11, 2009
[ecrea] CFP - Performance Studies International Conference, Toronto
[ecrea] Speculating on everyday life CFP: Panel Session at ACS Crossroads, Hong Kong
[ecrea] Post, Head of New Zealand Broadcasting School, Christchurch Polytech, NZ
[ecrea] Vers la Post Radio - Colloque GRER - Paris Novembre 2009
[ecrea] Call for Papers - Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Communication - Vancouver, Canada (³Diffusion 2.0: Computing, mobility, and the next generations")
[ecrea] PHD Doctoral Degree Research Admission Vacancies - Monash University
October 12, 2009
[ecrea] Vacancy: Researcher - eDemocracy Programme, Hansard Society
[ecrea] investigative journalists training
[ecrea] DTV Training School in Lisbon
[ecrea] ToCs: Journal of British Cinema and Television, Volume 6 Numbers 1 and 2 - selected highlights
[ecrea] New Book Info - 'Expressions of Blame: Narratives of Battered Women Who Kill, in the Twentieth Century Daily Express'
October 13, 2009
[ecrea] Transnational Protests and the Media - Call for Chapters
[ecrea] FCJ new issue? "Web 2.0: before, during and after the event" ?the Fibreculture Journal issue 14?online now?online now
[ecrea] CFP: special issue on ?Digital Storytelling?
[ecrea] appel a communicati ons, Québec 20-21 mai 2010
October 14, 2009
[ecrea] CFP: Popular Music, Aging, and Elders (Popular Music)
[ecrea] CfP 2010 MeCCSA Postgraduate Conference, Glasgow
[ecrea] Women's filmmaking in France 2000-2010 - call for papers
[ecrea] BACS Conference 2010 - Call for papers
[ecrea] faculty position in Communication Studies - Israel
[ecrea] QI2009 Call for Submissions
October 15, 2009
[ecrea] cfp European Network for Cinema and Media Studies: Fourth Annual Conference, Istanbul, June 24-27, 2010
[ecrea] Subject: CFP: Special Issue on Gender and Social Computing: The International Journal of E-Politics (IJEP)
[ecrea] ICA Call For Papers Announcement
[ecrea] New articles from Culture Unbound!
[ecrea] CFP - IAMCR 2010, Braga Portugal
October 16, 2009
[ecrea] cfp Documentary Now Conference - London 15-16 January 2010
[ecrea] Race and Ethnicity in Fandom (Update: Transformative Works and Cultures; 3-1-2010; Summer 2011)
October 17, 2009
[ecrea] LIRNE report on regulatory agency websites
[ecrea] First Call for Papers and Invited Sessions Proposals
[ecrea] Global Internet Governance Academic Network (GigaNet) Fourth Annual Symposium Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt 14 November 2008
October 18, 2009
[ecrea] Maps on the basis of the Arts & Humanities Citation Index:
October 19, 2009
[ecrea] Performance Paradigm 5.1 and 5.2 now online
[ecrea] Flow Journal, Vol 10, Issue 10 is now online
[ecrea] CFP - International Symposium on Online Journalism 2010
[ecrea] CfP ACS Crossroads 2010: Wong Kar-wai, Hong Kong Cinema and Cultural Studies
[ecrea] Advance Invitation to the first in the ESRC 'Educational Futures' Seminar Series
[ecrea] CFP: Special Issue of Popular Music and Society on Popular Music and Marketing
[ecrea] CFP: Nationalism(s) and Cultural Memory in Texts of Childhood (15 Nov. 2009, 1 Feb. 2010)
[ecrea] Argumentation et analyse du discours (publication du groupeEthos discursif et image d'auteur
October 20, 2009
[ecrea] Faculty Position Announcement - Assistant Professor, Tenure-Track Media Advocacy
[ecrea] The ?G-Words?: Critical understan= dings of globalizations in context
[ecrea] Final CFP Dertmining Creative Practice, Bedfordshire
[ecrea] Fully-funded PhD Studentship: Film, Television, Media - University of Portsmouth
[ecrea] Post in Media Studies - Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen
[ecrea] New research - Generations and online media - comparative study
[ecrea] Call for Essays - Companion to Film Noir
[ecrea] Call for Submissions - TV Archives: Accessing TV History
[ecrea] The Transnational Study of Culture: Lost or found in Translation?
[ecrea] CALL FOR AUTHORS: Encyclopedia of Social Networking
[ecrea] Journal Announcement
October 21, 2009
[ecrea] Facebook ? As A Social Networking Site: ?Videor ergo sum!?
[ecrea] new publication - La parole à la télévision
[ecrea] Networking Democracy? New media innovations in participatory politics
[ecrea] Three $30K PhD scholarships with ECU/CCII 2010-2012
[ecrea] Call for Contributions,Fourth International Conference on,Online Deliberation (OD2010)
October 22, 2009
[ecrea] Media & Security Cultures - cfp, Symposium
[ecrea] Faculty Position, Central European University
[ecrea] Political Communication - CEU PSJ Vol. 5, No. 2
[ecrea] The City and Community, Durham University 18th November 2009
[ecrea] call for applications (PhD candidate)
[ecrea] European Media Policy - newsletter NORDICOM
[ecrea] After the Tsunami. Crisis Communication in Finland and Sweden
[ecrea] Networking Democracy? New media innovations in participatory politics
[ecrea] Visiting Scholar Positions at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
[ecrea] Symposium on media and popular music in East Germany at Salford, 29 Oct
[ecrea] Creative Practice Symposium Dec 2nd
[ecrea] Affective fabrics of digital cultures: feelings,technologies, politics
[ecrea] Communication and E-literature: New Frontiers in International and Cross-Border Collaborations
October 23, 2009
[ecrea] Mime-Version: 1.0
[ecrea] Call for Papers ? ICA Preconference on Research Methods
[ecrea] Black Camera-IU Press
[ecrea] Situated Cultures: Situating Cultural Studies
[ecrea] TV, Cinema, Media Studies Position
[ecrea] Job Posting: University of North Carolina Wilmington
[ecrea] Seminars for Eighth Annual Meeting of the CSA (US) seek participants
[ecrea] newsletter of the ECREA organizational and strategic communication section
October 24, 2009
[ecrea] EPTIC : Community Radio, politics and culture: theoretical reflections and methodological challenges
[ecrea] Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD)
[ecrea] 9th International Conference on Organizational Discourse: Crises, Corruption, Character and Change
October 25, 2009
[ecrea] call for papers / International conference on ethnic minority media
[ecrea] International Multi-Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Informatics
[ecrea] Rutgers Position(s) in Digital Media & Society; Global Media & Democracy
[ecrea] CFP: Knowledge Organization and Web. 2.0
[ecrea] New book published - Kids Online, edited by Sonia Livingstone and Leslie Haddon (Bristol, Policy Press)
October 26, 2009
[ecrea] PLATFORM: Journal of Media and Communication
[ecrea] IAMHIST master class on Media and History
[ecrea] International Workshop and Founding Conference of the ECREA Section Communication History - User Generated Content. Historical perspectives on the participation of audiences in social communication
[ecrea] New Media, Sex, and Culture in the 21st Century
[ecrea] panel on "European Elections and the Internet", IPSA intermediary conference, Luxembourg, 18-20 March 2010
[ecrea] conference: representing the war on terror
[ecrea] Appel à comm. - 15e Collo que Informatique & Société - Paris, juin 2010
[ecrea] Appel à articles - Termin al - Technologies (et usages) de l?'anony mat à l'?heure de l?'Internet
October 27, 2009
[ecrea] new book: Civil Society Media and Global Governance
[ecrea] New Books - Making Our Media Volumes 1 And 2
[ecrea] 1930s Symposium July 2010
[ecrea] Media history conference in Madison, July 2010
[ecrea] Popular Music and Society Special Issue CFP
[ecrea] Journalism Position - Bridgewater State College, Massachusetts USA
October 28, 2009
[ecrea] CFP: Discourse of the Middle East
[ecrea] ICA Singapore Preconference: Cultural Research and Political Theory
[ecrea] Special Issue: Researching and Teaching the Sexually Explicit
[ecrea] Justice, Media and Public extended deadline
[ecrea] ESRC Educational Futures Seminar Series
[ecrea] New Book announcement: Historical Dictionary of Animation and Cartoons
[ecrea] cfp Journalistica 2010
[ecrea] New Book on Cult Film
[ecrea] UCF Photography vacancies
[ecrea] CFP - Screen Studies South West Animation and Computer Games Symposium
[ecrea] Special issue of Music Sound and the Moving Image
[ecrea] First International Forum on free culture and knowledge accessibility
[ecrea] CFP: FASHION (inc popular culture), Sydney 2010
[ecrea] the film archive and cinematic heritage CFP
October 29, 2009
[ecrea] youth, new media & social change
[ecrea] CFP: The Cult of Personality: Constructing and Defining the Cult Film Star
[ecrea] The Third International Conference on Multicultural Discourses - Hangzhou
October 30, 2009
[ecrea] cfp: Les libertés à l'épreuve de l'informatique
[ecrea] December 1 deadline for World Journalism Education Congress submissions
[ecrea] Berkman Center at Harvard: Opportunity - Academic Fellowship, not only academics....
[ecrea] Research Associate (Part-time 0.5 FTE) - Manchester
October 31, 2009
[ecrea] CFP: James Bond and Popular Culture SWPCA 2010
[ecrea] Possible ICA Panel on Virtual Worlds
[ecrea] Journalism Research & Education Section - Call for Papers (IAMCR Conference at Braga, Portugal)
[ecrea] Preserving the Future: Sustainability of Language , Culture and Nature 15th-17th April 2010