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September 30, 2014
[ecrea] Call for Book Chapters: Cultures of Comics Work
[ecrea] CFP (Dec 1st, 2014): Conference on Complicity, Spring 2015.
[ecrea] One Century of Record Labels Conference - 6th-7th Nov 2014 - Registration now open
[ecrea] Job vacancy at Royal Roads University, School of Communication and Culture
[ecrea] International PhD Scholarship - Cardiff University
[ecrea] CFP: Discourses of Culture - Cultures of Discourse
[ecrea] The Fourth International Conference in Communication and Media Studies
[ecrea] New issue of RELACES
October 01, 2014
[ecrea] Professor and Head, School of Arts and Social Sciences-Monash University, Australia
[ecrea] Cfp: Fashion Tales 2015
[ecrea] 3rd 'Equal is not Enough' Conference - 4, 5 & 6 February 2015
[ecrea] Special issue of Flow: 2014 Flow Conference
[ecrea] ANZCA 2015 call for papers | Queenstown New Zealand
[ecrea] Centre for Media and Celebrity Studies (CMCS) 2015 CFP - Ryerson University, Canada
[ecrea] cfp 22nd International Conference of ,Europeanists
[ecrea] Call for Authors: SAGE Encyclopedia of Ethnomusicology
[ecrea] CfP Protest Participation in Variable Communication Ecologies
[ecrea] New report on everyday mediated experiences of disability in the context of the 2012 Paralympics
[ecrea] International conference “New media: critical revaluation” 7-10 April 2015 Moscow NRU “Higher School of Economics”
[ecrea] xCoAx 2015: 3rd International Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics and X (June 2015, Glasgow)
October 02, 2014
[ecrea] CfP 'World Cinema and the Essay Film' Conference, 30th April - 2nd May 2015
[ecrea] CfP Workshop on Social media and the prospects for expanded democratic participation in national policy-setting
[ecrea] CFP: New Directions in Film and Television Production Studies
[ecrea] NYU job announcement: beginning assistant professor (tenure track) in contemporary media, identity formation, and social activism in African-American and/or other African Diaspora communities
October 04, 2014
[ecrea] Wi: Journal of Mobile Media - Vol. 8, No. 1 "What is Mobilities" - issue release
[ecrea] CFP - Philosophy and Popular Culture
[ecrea] ICA Preconference "Bringing together Social and Semantic Networks in Communication Research"
[ecrea] First Call for Papers - Communities & Technologies Conference 2015
[ecrea] Creative Industries Research Assistant Vacancy, University of South Wales
[ecrea] CFP: Technologies and Recording Industries Creative Industries Journal (Fall 2015)
[ecrea] New book announcement – The Emotions Industry
[ecrea] Call for Papers International Conference - The Political Screen
[ecrea] New book by CEI: "Popular and Visual Culture: Design, Circulation and Consumption"
October 05, 2014
[ecrea] Position Announcement--University of Virginia
[ecrea] CFP: ICA Regional Conference (Lodz, Poland, 9-11 April 2015)
[ecrea] CFP: Streets to Screens: Mediating Conflict Through Digital Networks
[ecrea] CFP -- ICA communication history preconference, May 20 2015
[ecrea] Call for Articles in Communication/Media/Journalism studies 2015
[ecrea] Doctoral researcher for “Cypriot Community Media and Conflict” research programme
October 06, 2014
[ecrea] Call for Papers_Media Business Landscapes
[ecrea] Critical Arts CFP: Researching the Indigenous
[ecrea] Picturing the Social: Analysing Social Media Images Conference
[ecrea] Jobs at the University of Leeds
[ecrea] Call for Conference Submissions: Re-Inventing Journalism
[ecrea] New book of interest for Science and Environmental Communication Scholars
[ecrea] Transitions New Directions in Comics Studies symposium
October 07, 2014
[ecrea] Call for Registration, Comedy and Society Conference
[ecrea] Movenet. Congress on Social Movements and NTIC / Deadline extension
[ecrea] ICA Post-conference on Climate and Sustainability Campaigns, May 26 2015
[ecrea] My new book, Minimal Ethics for the Anthropocene: out and available open access
[ecrea] Post-doc fellowship in media literacy: call 2015
[ecrea] new book: Power, Diversity and Public Relations
October 08, 2014
[ecrea] Companion to the Gangster Film
[ecrea] 10 PhD Scholarships: School of International and Intercultural Communication | SIIC
[ecrea] Sites of Protest, 29 October 2014
[ecrea] International conference: “Forms and Functions of Political Participation in the Digital World”
[ecrea] Screen Table of Contents – Volume 55, Issue 3
[ecrea] On TV: Children and Television announcement
[ecrea] The Contradictions of Media Power - just published book
[ecrea] JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Senior colleague in Journalism & Electronic Media
[ecrea] 2nd CfP GeoMedia 2015
October 09, 2014
[ecrea] CFP: International Association for the Study of Popular Music, US Branch
[ecrea] New Book on Situationism & Wargames
[ecrea] New publication: The American President in Film and Television by Gregory Frame
[ecrea] Call for book proposals: Radical Cultural Studies of Space and Place
[ecrea] new book: Political Communication Online
[ecrea] Cosmopolitanism and the Margins. An international symposium on Voice, Space and Citizenship
[ecrea] Call for Papers - Film Studies no. 14: special issue on “Institutions and Agency”
[ecrea] Call for Papers - World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies
[ecrea] Observatory conference - Fiscal incentive schemes and their impact on film and audiovisual production
[ecrea] Call for Chapters: Handbook of Research on Information Architecture and Management in Modern Organizations
[ecrea] University of Vienna - two positions
[ecrea] CfP: 'World Cinema and the Essay Film' Conference, 30th April - 2nd May 2015
[ecrea] Vacancy notice at the European Audiovisual observatory
[ecrea] CFP: Media Studies Symposion, 19. August – 22. August 2015
[ecrea] Position announcements - Gulf University for Science and Technology
[ecrea] CFP Tripodos Journal - From spectators to users: exploring the ongoing transformation of media audiences
October 10, 2014
[ecrea] Funded PhDs in Film, Television and Media Studies at UEA
[ecrea] New book: Access to Information
[ecrea] Call for applications: Visiting Professor position--McGill University
October 13, 2014
[ecrea] CFP for Media and Communication journal
[ecrea] CFP - Approaches to Digital Discourse Analysis
[ecrea] Graduate Teaching Positions and PhD Scholarships at Edge Hill University
[ecrea] Publication: New Media, Culture & Society special section: Digital Media - Social Memory
[ecrea] IX International Seminar Images of Culture / Image Culture e-book release
[ecrea] CFP: “Out of the Dark Stacks and into the Light: Re-Viewing the Moving Image Archive for the 21st Century”
[ecrea] Ass. Professor position, Dept. of media, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow)
[ecrea] Call for Papers: 30th EuroCPR Conference “New intermediaries in the hyperconnected society”
[ecrea] AHRC funding for UK/EU Arts and Humanities Doctoral Research Students
[ecrea] CFP Digital media, power, and democracy in election campaigns
[ecrea] New book on Digital Media
[ecrea] CFP: Society, Informatics and Communication Technologies
October 15, 2014
[ecrea] CFP: Rethinking Early Photography
[ecrea] CFP Edited Collection: Social Class and Television Drama in Contemporary Britain
[ecrea] Call for Papers - International Journal of Linguistics & Communication
[ecrea] Daughter of Fangdom: A Conference on Women and the Television Vampire cfp
[ecrea] New book: Travel Journalism: Exploring Production, Impact and Culture
[ecrea] faculty position announcement - American University of Beirut (AUB)
[ecrea] New book: New Wars, New Media and New War Journalism
[ecrea] CfP: The Materiality of the Immaterial: ICTs and the Digital Commons (tripleC Special Issue)
[ecrea] CfP: Archaeologies of Tele-Visions and -Realities
[ecrea] CHASE AHRC PhD Studentships at Goldsmiths
[ecrea] International Conference Re-Thinking Politics and Political Culture in Everyday Lives (with panel on Media and Politics)
[ecrea] CEECOM2015 - The Digital Media Challenge
[ecrea] Cinema- Issue 7 CFP - Posthumanism. Human and Non-human- links, continuum, interplay
[ecrea] CfP - Art Matters International Conference 2014
October 16, 2014
[ecrea] Research Fellow “Algorithmed Public Spheres”
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Digital Media, Power, and Democracy in Election Campaigns
[ecrea] CfP ACM TVX2015 - International Conference on Interactive Experiences for Television & Online Video
[ecrea] PhD scholarship - Disability on Television: Access, representation and reception
[ecrea] JOB POSTING: Assistant Professor in Design Studies
[ecrea] CFP Media Fields Journal -- Digital Distribution
[ecrea] New e-book on Pluralism, Inclusion and Citizenship
[ecrea] new book--Media and the Eco-Crisis
[ecrea] Call for Papers_Media Business Landscapes, Lisbon_19/20 March 2015
[ecrea] Event, 6-7 November - Forbidden Access: Censoring Books and Archives
[ecrea] CFP: 'So-called waste': Forms of Excess in Post-1960 Art, Film, and Literature - workshop at the University of York
[ecrea] Call for Papers_Media Business Landscapes, Lisbon_19/20 March 2015
October 17, 2014
[ecrea] new book series - discourse, power and society
[ecrea] Administrative v. critical research: implications for contemporary information policy studies: An ICA pre-conference
[ecrea] Tenure Track Instructor Position in Digital Media (UBC Okanagan campus)
October 20, 2014
[ecrea] Call for Chapters: RCA/ECANA at ICA
[ecrea] CFP: Artistic practice as an alternative to news media - June 2015 Paris
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Diffractions - Issue 4 | Popping the Question: The Question of Popular Culture
[ecrea] new publication: embodied encounters
[ecrea] Conference: Cultural and rhetorical aspects of political populism (University of Jyväskylä 24–25 October 2014)
[ecrea] CFP - Subcultures International: The Global Circulation of Style.
[ecrea] Call for Articles - “Social Representations, ICTs and Community Empowerment”
[ecrea] A History of Cinema without Names – Call for P​ro​posal​s
[ecrea] Dept. Head, Media & Communication, RPI
[ecrea] CFP: Global TV After 9/11 (edited anthology)
[ecrea] Cfp: III International Conference on Media Ethics
[ecrea] Spectator CFP: Performing Labor in the Media Industries
October 21, 2014
[ecrea] 'Mediated Pedagogies' CFC
[ecrea] CfP - Journalism Education special issue
[ecrea] CfP, Journalism Studies Graduate Student Colloquium, San Juan, 21 May 2015
[ecrea] Call for papers: Studies in South Asian Film and Media, special issue on Science Fiction
[ecrea] Registration open for One Century of Record Labels
[ecrea] CFP: Audiences and their musics: new approaches
[ecrea] call for outreach officer-MeCCSA PGN
October 23, 2014
[ecrea] housekeeping - mailing list archive open - see
[ecrea] On TV conference 14-15 November - registration open
[ecrea] CFP: the 2015 ICA mobile pre-conference
[ecrea] New book: Playing with Religion in Digital Games
[ecrea] Position Announcement: Assoc Prof in Media & Communication / UWA
[ecrea] Rural Mythologies - call for submissions
[ecrea] UAL Research Data Management in Art and Design Conference | Invitation
[ecrea] PhD STUDENTSHIPS in Media, Film and Music at Sussex
[ecrea] cfp - Barcelona PR Meeting #5
[ecrea] CFP: Jewish Film and New Media: An International Journal
[ecrea] Conference on radio
[ecrea] EBU recruiting a media researcher
[ecrea] CFP: Audiences and their musics: new approaches
[ecrea] CFP for Distributors, Discs and Disciples: Exploring the Home Media Renaissance
[ecrea] Pararchive Community Showcase and Conference
[ecrea] Call for Chapters - Digital Leisure Cultures
[ecrea] CfP - 2015 ICA Preconference on Discussion, Dialogue, Discourse: Meanings and Methods
[ecrea] CfP 2015 CFP: CSA Working Group on War and Culture
[ecrea] 3rd ACS Institute -- 7-12 December 2015
[ecrea] Studentships, Media and Communication, University of Leicester, AHRC Three Cities Consortium
[ecrea] PhD Studentships in Film and Television Studies at the University of Glasgow, 2015-16
[ecrea] CFP: Audiences and their musics: new approaches
October 24, 2014
[ecrea] Popular Music Fandom and the Public Sphere: A One Day Symposium
[ecrea] Archiving Tomorrow Conference 2015
[ecrea] CFP- Medicine and the Media
[ecrea] Chair and HOD in Media and Communication at the University of Leicester
[ecrea] 4th International SEARCH Conference 2015
[ecrea] 1st CFP: North American In/Securities: A Local-Global Nexus
[ecrea] Call for Papers: The Story of Children’s Television – An International Conference
[ecrea] 2015-2016 Harry Ransom Center Research Fellowships in the Humanities
[ecrea] Senior lecturer in Strategic Communication, Lund University, Sweden
[ecrea] Senior faculty position - Assoc or Full Professor of Journalism & Electronic Media
[ecrea] UOttawa : 2 tenure track positions...
[ecrea] International PhD Studentship in the School of English, Queen's University Belfast
October 26, 2014
[ecrea] PhD Opportunities and Scholarships: Aberystwyth University, Dept of Theatre, Film and Television Studies
[ecrea] Call for papers: Brazilian Journal of Communication Policies is receiving papers in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French
[ecrea] SGAE Awards – Media, communication and culture research awards 2014
[ecrea] new book: Cybertheology
[ecrea] Digital Methods Winter School 2015 - Univ. of Amsterdam (New Media Monitoring and Data Analytics as Critical Practice)
[ecrea] CONFERENCE OCT 23-25: Interactive Narratives, New Media and Social Engagement -- University of Toronto
[ecrea] Job posting: tenure full-time position in strategic communication of organizations, Universite catholique de Louvain, Belgium
[ecrea] Call for Contributions 4th International Visual Methods conference
[ecrea] CFP: Special Issue of 'Text' - 'Beyond Australia Queer'
[ecrea] Call For Papers/Appel à communication - CCA 2 015 Annual Conference
[ecrea] Conference: Narratives of the crisis: myths and realities of contemporary society
[ecrea] cfp: Sexual Cultures 2: Academia Meets Activism
[ecrea] CFP: Convergence special issue on Connected Viewing
[ecrea] Job announcement: Postdoctoral Research Fellow - -Meetings, discourse & strategic change'
[ecrea] CFP: Communication History Conference - Venice, Italy - 16-18 September, 2015
[ecrea] Call for papers annual conference of the SACM 2015
[ecrea] cfp: *Civic life in digital age. Mapping the impact of big data and social media*
[ecrea] new book: The Global Public Sphere
[ecrea] CFP: 'Rethinking Disability on Screen' Symposium, University of York, 14 May 2015
[ecrea] CFP for Convergence: special issue on connected viewing
October 27, 2014
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Media Engagement, International Conference at Lund University
[ecrea] Call for Chapters - Mobile Gaming in Asia: Politics, Culture and Emerging Technologies
[ecrea] cfp - In the Shadow of The Birth of a Nation
[ecrea] Call for Proposals: Small Grants for Research Proposals on Media Law and Policy
[ecrea] Professorship in Media and Communication Studies in Helsinki University
[ecrea] Standing Working Group (SWG) "Organization as Communication".
October 28, 2014
[ecrea] call for papers: Critical Spaces: Disorienting the Topological
[ecrea] Call for Contributions 4th International Visual Methods conference
[ecrea] Documenting Africa: Creating Fact or Fiction through the Lens, 8-9 November 2014, London
[ecrea] Call for Papers – International Journal of E-Politics
[ecrea] CFP: mobile trash
[ecrea] Call for Proposals: Teaching Media Quarterly on Work and Media
[ecrea] Scholars as Critics: A Professional Development Workshop for Academics (May 27, 2015) - Ryerson University, Canada
[ecrea] AHRC doctoral funding at University of Nottingham
[ecrea] Three Media Research Associate Positions Vacant at the Sarai Centre for the Study of Developing Societies
[ecrea] Screen Policies in the 21st Century - 17-18 November - Sorbonne Nouvelle
[ecrea] cfp: Interaction of Media and Politics in the Baltic States
[ecrea] CFP "The Border Within – Human body in Contemporary Media (2)"
October 29, 2014
[ecrea] seminar on civic engagement: media, democracy & alliances
[ecrea] New book announcement: "Journalism that Matters: Views from Central and Eastern Europe"
[ecrea] Conference on mobile communications in developing countries
[ecrea] TOC Critical Arts 28(5) "South Africa's publishing and reading culture"
[ecrea] PhD Opportunities at Southampton
[ecrea] PhD studentships: University of Reading
[ecrea] New Assistant Professor post - Department of Media and Communications - closes 31st October 2014
October 31, 2014
[ecrea] Everyday Life in Contemporary India - International Conference
[ecrea] Conference on the Media in Scotland Post-Referendum: 13 January 2015
[ecrea] ICA preconference; Communications and the State: Toward a New International History
[ecrea] Open access to CEJC articles and call for book reviews
[ecrea] New Issue of Irish Communications Review
[ecrea] New Book Announcement: Whiteness, transnational feminism, & media studies
[ecrea] special journal issue > Public sphere in the digital media era
[ecrea] Seminar 'Moving Memories', School of Advanced Study, U of London
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Deletion---Deviation: The Perversions of Science Fiction
[ecrea] Film Production Post
[ecrea] Comparative Media Systems: Media Cultures as Cultures of Mediatization (IUC-CMS 2015) Postgraduate course & research conference,
[ecrea] PhD studentships and ESRC grants on offer to study at the LSE's media and communications department
[ecrea] Journal of Peer Production #5: Shared Machine Shops
[ecrea] PhD opportunities East Anglia
[ecrea] CFP: Culture, Migration, and Health Communication in the Global Context