Archive for publications, October 2014

September 30, 2014
[ecrea] New issue of RELACES
October 01, 2014
[ecrea] New report on everyday mediated experiences of disability in the context of the 2012 Paralympics
October 04, 2014
[ecrea] Wi: Journal of Mobile Media - Vol. 8, No. 1 "What is Mobilities" - issue release
[ecrea] New book announcement – The Emotions Industry
[ecrea] New book by CEI: "Popular and Visual Culture: Design, Circulation and Consumption"
October 06, 2014
[ecrea] New book of interest for Science and Environmental Communication Scholars
October 07, 2014
[ecrea] My new book, Minimal Ethics for the Anthropocene: out and available open access
[ecrea] new book: Power, Diversity and Public Relations
October 08, 2014
[ecrea] The Contradictions of Media Power - just published book
October 09, 2014
[ecrea] New Book on Situationism & Wargames
[ecrea] New publication: The American President in Film and Television by Gregory Frame
[ecrea] new book: Political Communication Online
October 10, 2014
[ecrea] New book: Access to Information
October 13, 2014
[ecrea] Publication: New Media, Culture & Society special section: Digital Media - Social Memory
[ecrea] IX International Seminar Images of Culture / Image Culture e-book release
[ecrea] New book on Digital Media
October 15, 2014
[ecrea] New book: Travel Journalism: Exploring Production, Impact and Culture
[ecrea] New book: New Wars, New Media and New War Journalism
October 16, 2014
[ecrea] New e-book on Pluralism, Inclusion and Citizenship
[ecrea] new book--Media and the Eco-Crisis
October 17, 2014
[ecrea] new book series - discourse, power and society
October 20, 2014
[ecrea] new publication: embodied encounters
October 23, 2014
[ecrea] New book: Playing with Religion in Digital Games
October 26, 2014
[ecrea] new book: Cybertheology
[ecrea] new book: The Global Public Sphere
October 29, 2014
[ecrea] New book announcement: "Journalism that Matters: Views from Central and Eastern Europe"
October 31, 2014
[ecrea] New Issue of Irish Communications Review
[ecrea] New Book Announcement: Whiteness, transnational feminism, & media studies
[ecrea] special journal issue > Public sphere in the digital media era
[ecrea] Journal of Peer Production #5: Shared Machine Shops