Archive for publications, November 2014

November 03, 2014
[ecrea] new book: Cultural Constructions of the Femme Fatale - From Pandora's Box to Amanda Knox
November 04, 2014
[ecrea] Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies Double issue on RAI 60th anniversary
[ecrea] New Issue of Frames Cinema Journal Online
[ecrea] new issue Communication & Society
[ecrea] Special Issue of Continuum -- Offshore Processes - International Perspectives on Australian Film and Television -- Monash, 11 Nov
November 05, 2014
[ecrea] New Book Announcement: "Media, Power and Empowerment"
November 07, 2014
[ecrea] new book on Disney
November 08, 2014
[ecrea] Net Children Go Mobile report
November 11, 2014
[ecrea] New Book: Release of "Cinema, Cross-Cultural Collaboration, and Criticism" book last Friday
[ecrea] Special issue: Journal of Media Business Studies (JOMBS)
November 12, 2014
[ecrea] New publication. A history of French television under de Gaulle
[ecrea] New issue of IJEP - campaigning, trolling and social networking
November 14, 2014
[ecrea] new book: Journalism and Political Exclusion: Social Conditions of News Production and Reception
[ecrea] Aesop's Anthropology: A Multispecies Approach, new e-book from Minnesota
[ecrea] New Book: Taking Fame to market: Prehistory and Post-history of Hollywood Stardom
[ecrea] new book: Race and Hegemonic Struggle in the United States: Pop Culture, Politics, and Protest.
[ecrea] new book: The Ashgate Research Companion to Fan Cultures
November 18, 2014
[ecrea] New book: Black Popular Music in Britain since 1945, edited by Jon Stratton and Nabeel Zuberi
[ecrea] Conjunctions: Transdisciplinary Journal of Cultural Participation > first issue Participatory Cultural Citizenship
November 19, 2014
[ecrea] Special Issue of "tic&société" about critical perspectives and relationships between ICT's and societies
[ecrea] new book: Fun and Software: Exploring Pleasure, Pain and Paradox in Computing
[ecrea] Publication of 'Rex Ingram, Visionary Director of the Silent Screen'
November 20, 2014
[ecrea] Special Issue: E-Politics of Food – from Online Campaigning to ‘Food Porn’
November 21, 2014
[ecrea] new issue of Javnost–The Public (with 2 contributions on intellectuals)
[ecrea] New book on Multimedia Stardom in Hong Kong
[ecrea] New Book: Journalism and Political Exclusion: Social Conditions of News Production and Reception
November 23, 2014
[ecrea] New Palgrave Macmillan book series "Postdisciplinary Studies in Discourse"
[ecrea] Diffractions Fall Issue 'Screening War' is now available online
[ecrea] New Book - Internet Studies: Past, Present and Future Directions
[ecrea] New Book: "Media Systems and Communication Policies in Latin America"
November 25, 2014
[ecrea] VIVA CULTURE MACHINE!: Latin American Mediations - new issue of open access journal
[ecrea] New book: Neoliberalism, Media and the Political
[ecrea] New book On Arab TV-Audiences: Negotiating Religion and Identity
[ecrea] New issue on Bridging Communication and Science and Technology Studies (STS)
[ecrea] New issue of CINEJ Cinema Journal (vol. 3, no. 2)
[ecrea] new issue of Participations
[ecrea] new book about semiotics of public interest campaigns
November 26, 2014
[ecrea] CST: The Medical Issue
[ecrea] New book: Digital Publics
[ecrea] New Special Issue on "Cultural diversity policies in Europe"
[ecrea] Media Education Research Journal issue 5.1
November 27, 2014
[ecrea] Special Issue Release: fusion, Issue 5
November 28, 2014
[ecrea] new book: The Zombie Renaissance in Popular Culture
[ecrea] New issue / Media & Diversity
[ecrea] Publication: BRICS and their evolving role in developing media markets
[ecrea] New Book: America's Battle for Media Democracy
[ecrea] Special Issue of Popular Music: The Critical Imperative
[ecrea] new book: The Point of Being