Archive for publications, November 2010

November 01, 2010
[ecrea] International Journal of Digital Television 1.3
November 02, 2010
[ecrea] New publication - Television Personalities: Stardom and the small screen
November 08, 2010
[ecrea] New Publication on South American Cinema
November 09, 2010
[ecrea] Proposals sought for new book series on global cinema
November 14, 2010
[ecrea] launch of the Journal of Information Policy
November 15, 2010
[ecrea] Special Issue on Film: European film-makers construct the United States
November 17, 2010
[ecrea] New Book Announcement - Audience Evolution: New Technologies and the Transformation of Media Audiences, by Philip M. Napoli (Columbia University Press)
November 19, 2010
[ecrea] Journal of Media and Communication Studies
[ecrea] New book: Teenage Wasteland: Slasher Movie Uncut
[ecrea] Small stations bring big benefits for local communities - 2009/10 Ofcom Community Radio Report
November 22, 2010
[ecrea] New book: Theorising Media and Practice, Bräuchler and Postill (eds)
November 23, 2010
[ecrea] New book on the changing business of journalism
November 27, 2010
[ecrea] A new issue of MATRIZes is available on line
November 28, 2010
[ecrea] ECREA book series: Gendered Transformations available online for free
November 30, 2010
[ecrea] TOC: Digital Icons Issue 4: War, Conflict and Commemoration in the Age of Digital Reproduction