Archive for publications, November 2022

November 01, 2022
[Commlist] communication +1 Volume 9, Issue 1 out now
[Commlist] Queer Studies in Media & Popular Culture 7.1-2 published (Special Issue: ‘Rethinking Marginality in New Queer Television’)
November 02, 2022
[Commlist] New Issue Published (Exchanges Journal vol 10.1, Autumn 2022)
[Commlist] New online publication / neues Online-Buch "Transformational POP" Voilume 2 ""~Vibes - The IASPM D-A-CH Series"
November 03, 2022
[Commlist] New Book: David Bowie and Film
[Commlist] New book: Strategic Communication in a Global Crisis
[Commlist] New Book: Researching Creativity in Media Industries
November 07, 2022
[Commlist] new book: Aerial Play: Drone Medium, Mobility, Communication, and,Culture
[Commlist] New book: 21st Century Media and Female Mental Health
[Commlist] New open access book: Passages: Moving beyond liminality in the study of literature and culture (UCL Press)
November 08, 2022
[Commlist] New book announcement: The Algorithmic Distribution of News: Policy Responses
[Commlist] New open-access book from Open Humanities Press: Geological Filmmaking
[Commlist] New book: Youth and Suicide in American Cinema: Context, Causes, and Consequences
November 11, 2022
[Commlist] Latest issue of French Screen Studies published
[Commlist] Journal of Scandinavian Cinema 12.2 published (Special Issue: ‘The Politics of Gendered Work and Representation in the Nordic Screen Industries’)
[Commlist] New Book: Korean Film and Festivals: Global Transcultural Flows
[Commlist] New Book on an ethnography of authoritarian media production
November 14, 2022
[Commlist] Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies on "Communication and Dissent: Competing Voices in a Post-Truth World" published
November 15, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of African Media Studies 14.3 published
[Commlist] New book: The Media and Inequality
November 17, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies 11.3 published
[Commlist] Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research 15.2 published
November 18, 2022
[Commlist] Church Communication and Culture Issue 7.2 published
November 20, 2022
[Commlist] Arts and the Market free virtual issue published
November 21, 2022
[Commlist] New book announcement: Public Relations and the Digital
[Commlist] New Book: Global Pandemics and Media Ethics: Issues and Perspectives
November 22, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Greek Media & Culture 8.2 is out now (Special Issue: ‘Greece and the South: Grammars of Comparison, Protest, and Futurity’)
[Commlist] Journal of Alternative & Community Media 7.1 published
November 23, 2022
[Commlist] Film, Fashion & Consumption 11.2 published (Special Issue: 'Masculinities on Screen')
November 28, 2022
[Commlist] New Book: Authenticating Whiteness: Karens, Selfies, and Pop Stars
November 29, 2022
[Commlist] Communications - Special Issue (Vol. 47) published open access
November 30, 2022
[Commlist] International Journal of Communication Announces the Publication of 36 Papers that Published in November