Archive for publications, January 2022

January 04, 2022
[Commlist] Latest issue of Music, Sound, And The Moving Image journal published
January 06, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research 14.2 published
January 07, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research 14.2 published
January 10, 2022
[Commlist] Publication, January 2022: edited volume - Power, Media and the Covid-19 Pandemic: framing public discourse
[Commlist] Bifurcate: There Is No Alternative - new open access book by Stiegler et al from Open Humanities Press
[Commlist] New book - Digital Media and Participatory Cultures of Health and Illness
[Commlist] Journal of Science & Popular Culture 4.1 published
[Commlist] New Book - Media Narratives in Popular Music
January 12, 2022
[Commlist] International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics 17.2 published
[Commlist] Published: Latest Issue of Extrapolation
January 13, 2022
[Commlist] New book: The Social Media Debate - Unpacking the Social, Psychological, and Cultural Effects of Social Media
[Commlist] Journal of Greek Media & Culture 7.2 published (Special Issue: ‘1821: Mediation, Reception, Archive’)
[Commlist] New book: Storytelling and Collective Psychology
[Commlist] Central European Journal of Communication Fall 2021 issue published
January 14, 2022
[Commlist] special issue of “PlatformedBodies” published in MedieKultur
January 15, 2022
[Commlist] Radiofonias – Journal of Audio Media Studies' new issue, CfAs
January 17, 2022
[Commlist] new book: Media Hot and Cold
January 18, 2022
[Commlist] Special Issue on Media and health in everyday life, MedieKultur: Journal of media and communication research
January 19, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Reckoning with Social Media
[Commlist] New book - Wars of Position? Marxism Today, Cultural Politics and the Remaking of the Left Press, 1979-90
[Commlist] Radio Journal 19.2 published
January 20, 2022
[Commlist] new book: Projecting Russia in a Mediatized World: Recursive Nationhood
[Commlist] Journal of Digital Media & Policy 12.3 published (Special Issue: ‘The Changing Face of the EU’s Audiovisual Media Policy’)
January 24, 2022
[Commlist] New book: Election Politics and the Mass Press in Long Edwardian Britain
[Commlist] Journal of Adaptation in Film & Performance 14.3 published
[Commlist] Italian Cinema & Media Studies 10.2 published (Special Issue: 'Italy–Latin America: 100 Years of Cinema and Media')
January 25, 2022
[Commlist] new book: LGBTQ Digital Cultures
[Commlist] New book: The (new) global becoming of Argentine cinema. Policies and external markets.
[Commlist] new book: Radio - A Cultural History
January 26, 2022
[Commlist] New Volume of International Yearbook for Media Philosophy, Special Issue: Mediality/Theology/Religion, Vol. 7 (2021)
January 27, 2022
[Commlist] Special Issue "Japanese cinema in the 1960s"
[Commlist] New book: The Digital Is Kid Stuff: Making Creative Laborers for a Precarious Economy
January 28, 2022
[Commlist] The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture 10.1-2 published
January 31, 2022
[Commlist] New book - Event Horizon: Sexuality, Politics, Online Culture, and the Limits of Capitalism
[Commlist] new book: The Covid-19 Pandemic as a Challenge for Media and Communication Studies
[Commlist] Journal of Alternative & Community Media 6.1 published (Special Issue: ‘Community and Activist Media: Resistance and Resurgence’)