Archive for publications, June 2022

June 01, 2022
[Commlist] New Book: Information Infrastructures in India
[Commlist] Announcing Discarded Visions - Virtual Exhibit accompanying Issue 42.2 of Spectator!
June 03, 2022
[Commlist] News: New publication - Journal for Discourse Studies (JfDS)/ / Zeitschrift für Diskursforschung (ZfD), 9 (1)
[Commlist] Language & Ecology journal published
June 06, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of African Media Studies 14.2 published (Special Issue: ‘Deadly Serious: Pandemic Humour, Media and Critical Perspectives’)
[Commlist] Glitch Poetics by Nathan Jones: new open-access book
[Commlist] New book: Food Instagram
June 07, 2022
[Commlist] New Book: How Toddlers Learn the Secret Language of Movies
[Commlist] New Book: Digital, Class, Work: Before and During COVID-19
[Commlist] Journal of Greek Media & Culture 8.1 published
[Commlist] Journal of Sonic Studies - New issue published
[Commlist] New Issue of the Journal of Science and Technology of the Arts (Vol 14 No 1)
June 08, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds 13.3 published
June 09, 2022
[Commlist] special issue ‘Digital Migration Practices and the Everyday’ published in Communication, Culture & Critique, 15(2)
June 10, 2022
[Commlist] Digital Access to Arts and Culture - Final report published
[Commlist] Studies in Comics 12.1 published (Special Issue: ‘Family and Conflict in Graphic Narratives’)
[Commlist] Politicizing Agency in Digital Play after Humanism - Convergence Special issue published
June 12, 2022
[Commlist] New book: 'TV Transformations & Transgressive Women - From Prisoner: Cell Block H to Wentworth'
[Commlist] Church, Communication and Culture Special Issue on "Covid-19, communication and religion" published
[Commlist] Communication, Engagement and the Lived Experience of the Covid-19 Pandemic-open access e-book
June 13, 2022
[Commlist] New Book - Existential Media: A Media Theory of the Limit Situation
[Commlist] Communications - Issue 2 (Vol. 47) published
June 15, 2022
[Commlist] Journal of Fandom Studies 9.3 published
June 16, 2022
[Commlist] new UK journalism report published
June 20, 2022
[Commlist] New Book: Handbook on Digital Business Ecosystems: Strategies, Platforms, Technologies, Governance and Societal Challenges
June 21, 2022
[Commlist] Media, Culture & Society themed issue: "Reclaiming the Human in Machine Cultures" published
June 22, 2022
[Commlist] new book: Landscape and the Moving Image by Catherine Elwes
[Commlist] New issue of Communication & Society has been published
June 24, 2022
[Commlist] new special issue on Mediating Change, Changing Media published
[Commlist] New book: ‘Internet Diplomacy - Shaping the Global Politics of Cyberspace’
[Commlist] New book: ‘Internet Diplomacy - Shaping the Global Politics of Cyberspace’
[Commlist] new book: The Digital Border by Lilie Chouliaraki and Myria Georgiou
June 26, 2022
[Commlist] Global Media and China June 2022 issue published
June 27, 2022
[Commlist] New Book: Clothing Goes to War
[Commlist] Book 2.0 Issue 12.1 is published
June 28, 2022
[Commlist] NECSUS Spring 2022_#Rumors – New journal issue online
June 29, 2022
[Commlist] new book: Dis/ability in Media, Law and History
[Commlist] New book: The United States of Anonymous: How the First Amendment Shaped Online Speech
June 30, 2022
[Commlist] New issue of Studies in Communication Sciences (SComS), published (Vol. 22, Issue 1) #openaccess