Archive for publications, June 2021

June 01, 2021
[Commlist] Special issue published: Psychoanalysis, Sexualities and Networked Media
[Commlist] New Book: The Digital Frontier
June 02, 2021
[Commlist] New Journal Issue Published - WPCC - Publishing the Internet and the Commons
[Commlist] International Journal of Communication Announces the Publication of 17 Papers that Published in MAY
June 03, 2021
[Commlist] New edition of JOMEC Journal published
[Commlist] Publication of Teaching Media Quarterly's latest issue
June 04, 2021
[Commlist] Galactica Media. New issue is available. Vol 3, Issue 2
[Commlist] new book: The Phenomenology of Religious Belief: Media, Philosophy, and the Arts
June 07, 2021
[Commlist] New book: De-Illustrating the History of the British Empire. Preliminary perspectives
[Commlist] ZINES Journal : Feminist and Queer zines
[Commlist] New issue of Journal of Sonic Studies published
June 08, 2021
[Commlist] New publication announcement - Misinformation Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa
[Commlist] Communications - Issue 2 (Vol. 46) published
[Commlist] Internet Histories Vol. 5, Issue 2 published
[Commlist] New 2-volume book from Nordicom: The Media for Democracy Monitor 2021
June 09, 2021
[Commlist] new book - Up in the Air?
June 10, 2021
[Commlist] New Book: The Film Music of John Williams. Reviving Hollywood's Classical Style
June 12, 2021
[Commlist] New issue of MATRIZes published (v.15, n. 1)
[Commlist] Issue 7 of "Tecmerin Journal of Audiovisual Essays" published
[Commlist] Intellect Series Trajectories. Book Launch: Paolo Sorrentino’s Cinema and Television
[Commlist] New issue of Contratexto (Peru)
[Commlist] NECSUS Spring 2021_#Solidarity - New journal issue online
June 14, 2021
[Commlist] new book: The Filing Cabinet
June 15, 2021
[Commlist] New Book: Communication Against Domination: Ideas of Justice from the Printing Press to Algorithmic Media
[Commlist] new book: Research Methods in Digital Food Studies
[Commlist] MAI issue 7: Female Detectives on TV
[Commlist] New issue of Studies in Communication Sciences (SComS) published
June 16, 2021
[Commlist] Forum on Information and Democracy report - A New Deal for Journalism
June 17, 2021
[Commlist] latest issue of Science Fiction Film & Television published
June 18, 2021
[Commlist] Radiofonias - Journal of Audio Media Studies' new issue
June 21, 2021
[Commlist] new book: Undoing Networks
[Commlist] The journal Global Media and China published
[Commlist] New Book: silent film performance
[Commlist] Publication of JICMS 9:3, 2021
June 23, 2021
[Commlist] new book: Cinematic Virtual Reality
June 26, 2021
[Commlist] New report on IPSO (Independent Press Standards Organisation)
June 28, 2021
[Commlist] New publication series "Research Reviews for Development Practitioners" starts with "Feminist and Gender Perspectives in the Literature on Media and Development"
[Commlist] new book: Le médium (au) cinéma. Le spiritisme àl’écran
June 29, 2021
[Commlist] new book: Creator Culture: An Introduction to Global Social Media Entertainment
June 30, 2021
[Commlist] Frames Cinema Journal, Issue 18 "Phone Camera at the Intersection of Technology, Politics, and Transmedia Storytelling" published