Archive for publications, June 2016

June 01, 2016
[ecrea] New book: Economics of the Internet
[ecrea] New report on hate speech in Ethiopia's social media
[ecrea] Observatorio (OBS*) new issue now launched
[ecrea] new book Migration by Boat: Discourses of Trauma, Exclusion and Survival
June 02, 2016
[ecrea] Special Issue of Human Technology
June 03, 2016
[ecrea] JOMEC Journal issue 9: Special issue on 'Expressive Culture and Populist Radical Right Parties in Europe'
June 05, 2016
[ecrea] New Book: The Naked Blogger of Cairo: Creative Insurgency in the Arab World
June 06, 2016
[ecrea] new book - Journalism and the Philosophy of Truth: Beyond Objectivity and Balance
[ecrea] New Book: Political Corruption seen by Journalists and Politicians
June 07, 2016
[ecrea] New open access book: Social Media in Northern Chile
June 08, 2016
[ecrea] Book review copies - Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television
[ecrea] Media Industries Publishes Spring/Summer 2016 Issue
June 09, 2016
[ecrea] New book: Global Media Giants
June 10, 2016
[ecrea] New issue of Nordicom Review
June 14, 2016
[ecrea] Studies in Spanish & Latin American Cinemas 13.2 - new issue
June 15, 2016
[ecrea] New book: Building Bridges in Celebrity Studies (WaterHill Publishing, 2016).
[ecrea] new book - Co-creative Game Design as Participatory Alternative Media
June 17, 2016
[ecrea] new issue Communication & Society 29(3) - June 2016
June 18, 2016
[ecrea] new book: TV Socialism
[ecrea] New publication - The Spanish Civil War 80 years on: Discourse, memory and the media
June 21, 2016
[ecrea] ECREA Book Series Digital Photography and Everyday Life: Empirical studies on material visual practices
June 22, 2016
[ecrea] Special Issue MEJCC - Digital Intimacies in the Middle East -
June 25, 2016
[ecrea] new book: Advancing Media Production Research
[ecrea] Special issue of FILM CRITICISM -- The Aesthetics of Online Videos
[ecrea] new issue of MedieKultur: Researching cross-media communication: Methodological approaches
June 27, 2016
[ecrea] Book Announcement - Politics and Web 2.0: The Participation Gap
[ecrea] New special issue of Visual Studies 31(2) out: Visual Archives in the Digital Age
[ecrea] New book: South Asians on the U.S. Screen
June 28, 2016
[ecrea] Loughborough University referendum news analysis report 5
June 30, 2016
[ecrea] Book Announcement: Spectacular Television: Exploring Televisual Pleasure (I.B. Tauris, 2016) by Helen Wheatley
[ecrea] New publications | Communication and Society journal and Lusophone Journal of Cultural Studies (open access)