Archive for publications, October 2016

October 02, 2016
[ecrea] new book: Smart Journalism
[ecrea] new (PhD) publication: The Collective Identity of Anonymous
October 03, 2016
[ecrea] new book: crisis and critique
[ecrea] new book: Euro-Visions: Europe in Contemporary Cinema
October 04, 2016
[ecrea] new book: Strategic Communication for Non-Profit Organisations
October 05, 2016
[ecrea] "Figures of Entanglement" Special Issue Now Available Online
[ecrea] New special issue: Doing internet governance: practices, controversies, infrastructures, and institutions
[ecrea] publication: IAFOR Journal of Cultural Studies
October 07, 2016
[ecrea] Internet Policy Review Special Issue 'Doing Internet Governance'
[ecrea] New Issue of CyberOrient: Constructing and Consuming Gender through Media
October 10, 2016
[ecrea] Issue Published: Successes and Failures in Studying Social Media: Issues of Methods and Ethics
October 11, 2016
[ecrea] New book: Dialogues on Mobile Communication
October 13, 2016
[ecrea] New Book: Protest Campaigns, Media and Political Opportunities
October 14, 2016
[ecrea] Oxford Studies in Digital Politics - Latest Book - Prototype Politics by Daniel Kreiss
October 15, 2016
[ecrea] Resilience Early View: Special Issue on the Anthropocene and Section on Solidarity
[ecrea] new issue Communication & Society 29(4) - October 2016
[ecrea] New publication: Blurring the Lines - Market-Driven and Democracy-Driven Freedom of Expression
October 16, 2016
[ecrea] Media Times - International Journal of Communication
October 17, 2016
[ecrea] new publication - Downscaling Culture: Revisiting Intercultural Communication
[ecrea] new issue: Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies Vol. 5:1, 2017
[ecrea] Writing, Medium, Machine: Modern Technocracies - new book from OHP
[ecrea] New book on global iconic events: Julia Sonnevend: Stories Without Borders
October 18, 2016
[ecrea] New Book Announcement - Undead Apocalypse
October 20, 2016
[ecrea] new book: Global Media Studies
[ecrea] Media and Journalism in the Dogital Era - new book
[ecrea] New Book: EU, Europe Unfinished: Mediating Europe and the Balkans in a Time of Crisis
[ecrea] New Book out on journalism and literature in the sixties
[ecrea] New book - Telemodernities: Television and Transforming Lives in Asia
October 23, 2016
[ecrea] New issue of Global Media and China
October 25, 2016
[ecrea] Publication Announcement - Negotiating Precarious Positions: Cinema Journal Teaching Dossier
[ecrea] New Book - The British School Film
[ecrea] New Book - Agatha Christie on Screen
October 26, 2016
[ecrea] Book Announcement: Digital Games as History: How Videogames Represent the Past and Offer Access to Historical Practice
[ecrea] New Issue Published - Journal of Media Critiques Neoliberalism and Media
[ecrea] Special Issue on Communicating Science and Collaborating for Resilient Solutions to Climate Change
October 27, 2016
[ecrea] New Book - Rethinking Journalism Again: Societal role and public relevance in a digital age
October 28, 2016
[ecrea] New book - Chinese War Correspondents - Covering Wars and Conflicts in the 21st Century
October 31, 2016
[ecrea] Transitions: Journal of Transient Migration
[ecrea] New Book: Industrial Approaches to Media: A Methodological Gateway to Industry Studies
[ecrea] Observatorio (OBS*) new issue now launched
[ecrea] Free download of the book: Journalism in Latin America: Journalistic Culture of Ecuador