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Sun Oct 16 07:30:41 GMT 2016

*/International Journal of Communication/**
Publishes Special Section on Media Times *


The starting point for this */Special Section on Media Times/*is the assumption that media make and remake time: Written chronicles reconstruct the historical past, televised live news use technological tools to recreate a sense of immediate presence, and now-oriented digital media seem to compress and accelerate time scales endlessly. At the same time, commentators are suggesting that we are living in the age of media: Ideas of mediatization argue that the central role of media in the perception of time is becoming increasingly important. These two ways of thinking about media and time have inspired this Special Section. Guest-edited by *Anne Kaun, Johan Fornäs* and *Staffan Ericson* at Södertörn University, this collection of work presents 12 original articles (including the editorial introduction) that discuss how media and time are interrelated.

The Special Section divides the discussion of media and time into three general streams (a) history and memory; (b) liveness and simultaneous co-presence; and (c) cultural techniques and infrastructures. The articles gathered in the three clusters combine the presentation of unique empirical material with complex theoretical discussions and bring to the fore the renewed interested in the temporality of media technologies and media technologies’ temporalizing affordances. The Special Section emerged in the context of the interdisciplinary Mediatization Times Network, which received generous funding from the Swedish foundation for humanities and social sciences /Riksbankens Jubileumsfond/.

We invite you to read the articles in this new Special Section that published October 15, 2016 at * <>. * To access the individual articles, /ctrl+click /on the respective tiles below.

Media Times: Mediating Time—Temporalizing Media: Introduction <>

*/Anne Kaun, Johan Fornäs, Staffan Ericson/*


The Mediatization of Third-Time Tools: Culturalizing and Historicizing Temporality <>

*/Johan Fornäs/*

In the Time of the Microcelebrity: Celebrification and the YouTuber Zoella <>
*/Anne Jerslev/*

The Rhythm of Ages: Analyzing Mediatization Through the Lens of Generations Across Cultures <>

*/Göran Bolin/*


Affective Historiography: Archival Aesthetics and the Temporalities of Televisual Nation-Building <>

*/Anu Koivunen/*


Networked Simultaneities in the Time of the Great Exhibitions: Media and the 1914 Oslo Centenary Jubilee Exhibition <>

*/Espen Ytreberg/*


Stormy Weather: The Pre- and Post-History of Television <>

*/Staffan Ericson/*


The Flow of Nostalgia: Experiencing Television from the Past <>

*/Ekaterina Kalinina/*

When is the Now? Monitoring Disaster in the Expansion of Time <>

*/Anders Ekström/*


Geographies of Liveness: Time, Space, and Satellite Networks as Infrastructures of Live Television in the /Our World/ Broadcast <>

*/Christine Evans, Lars Lundgren/*


Times of Literature, Times of the Machine: Poetic Media Archaeologies <>

*/Jesper Olsson/*

Archiving Protest Digitally: The Temporal Regime of Immediation <>

*/Anne Kaun/*


Larry Gross Arlene Luck/
Editor //Managing Editor/

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