Archive for publications, October 2013

October 01, 2013
[ecrea] new book: Public Service Broadcasting Online A Comparative European Policy Study of PSB 2.0
[ecrea] new Issue Online - Online Journal of Communication and Media Technologies
[ecrea] First Issue of Diffractions just published
[ecrea] New Book: 'Cultural Work and Higher Education
October 03, 2013
[ecrea] New Book: Life Without Media
[ecrea] Global Media Journal Special Issue Communication Technology and Social Life
October 04, 2013
[ecrea] The Documentary Film Book, edited by Brian Winston
[ecrea] New Publication Announcement: SPACES OF (DIS)LOCATION
[ecrea] New publication from Reuters Institute at Oxford on Media & Democratisation
[ecrea] new book: Psychoanalysis and Ethics in Documentary Film
October 05, 2013
[ecrea] New issue of Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies (Liverpool University Press)
October 06, 2013
[ecrea] new book: Muslim Rap, Halal Soaps, and Revolutionary Theater
October 07, 2013
[ecrea] Journalism: New Challenges, free e-book published by CJCR
October 09, 2013
[ecrea] new book series: philosophy/communication
October 10, 2013
[ecrea] International Communication Gazette _ Double Special Issue on: Mediated Urbanism: Vol. 75, No. 5-6
October 14, 2013
[ecrea] New publication on contested internet governance
October 15, 2013
[ecrea] Focus on CHINA in Telematics and Informatics, Volume 30, Issue 4, November 2013
October 16, 2013
[ecrea] "Networking the Globe: Culture, Technologies, Globalization" special issue of Journal of Postcolonial Writing out now
[ecrea] New Book: Cyborg Subjects: Discourses on Digital Culture
[ecrea] New Midwest Popular Culture Assn Journal
October 17, 2013
[ecrea] New book - "Protest Camps" - Anna Feigenbaum, Fabian Frenzel & Patrick McCurdy
[ecrea] 'Digital Literacy and Informal Learning Environments' - special issue of Learning Media and Technology Journal
October 18, 2013
[ecrea] audiovisual book
October 21, 2013
[ecrea] New Book: Cyborg Subjects: Discourses on Digital Culture
October 23, 2013
[ecrea] New Book on Raúl Ruiz
[ecrea] New issue of Film History (vol. 25, no. 3)
[ecrea] New book on the amateur fiction film
[ecrea] Javnost-The Public New Issue Released
[ecrea] new book Communicating India’s Soft Power: Buddha to Bollywood
[ecrea] New issue of CINEJ (vol. 2, no. 2)
October 28, 2013
[ecrea] special issue Special Issue of Communications. European Journal of Communication.
October 29, 2013
[ecrea] New book: Political Communication in Europe
October 30, 2013
[ecrea] borderlands e-journal, issue 12.1: 'Other Bodies: Other Lives; Other Deaths'