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[ecrea] 'Digital Literacy and Informal Learning Environments' - special issue of Learning Media and Technology Journal

Thu Oct 17 17:53:39 GMT 2013

'Digital Literacy and Informal Learning Environments'
New special issue of Learning Media and Technology (38/4) now out

* Digital literacy and informal learning environments: an introduction *
(Eric M. Meyers, Ingrid Erickson & Ruth V. Small)

* Fangirls as teachers: examining pedagogic discourse in an online fan site *
(Jayne Lammers)

* Signposts from US data for rural children's digital access to informal learning *
(Marcia Mardis)

* Scientific inquiry, digital literacy, and mobile computing in informal learning environments *
(Paul Marty et al.)

* Formal and informal context factors as contributors to student engagement in a guided discovery-based program of game design learning *
(Rebecca Reynolds & Ming Ming Chiu)

* Informal learning on YouTube: exploring digital literacy in independent online learning *
(Elaine Tan)

* Getting it together: relational habitus in the emergence of digital literacies *
(Charles Underwood, Leann Parker & Lynda Stone)

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