Archive for publications, February 2013

February 01, 2013
[ecrea] New book: Media and Digital Literacies in Secondary School
[ecrea] Young Filmmakers and Cultures of Digital Production - Special Issue of Nordic Journal of Digital Literacy published (open source)
February 05, 2013
[ecrea] The Journal of Community Informatics - new issue
February 07, 2013
[ecrea] new book: Digital Memory and the Archive
[ecrea] new publication advertising as culture
[ecrea] New journal: RESET
February 08, 2013
[ecrea] New Video Game Book Announcement
February 09, 2013
[ecrea] New book: Crossmedia Innovations: Texts, Markets, Institutions
February 12, 2013
[ecrea] New book on media and social inequality
[ecrea] New TATS COST Publication: Critical insights in European media literacy research and policy - in Media Studies 3(6), 2012
February 13, 2013
[ecrea] NEW BOOK--Heritage in the Digital Era: Cinematic Tourism and the Activist Cause
[ecrea] Nordicom Book Media, Empowerment and Civic Engagement
February 15, 2013
[ecrea] BOOK available for download
February 18, 2013
[ecrea] Issue 20: "Ecologies"
[ecrea] new book on serial culture
February 20, 2013
[ecrea] Science Fiction Film & Television New Issue 6.2 (X-files Special)
February 26, 2013
[ecrea] Adaptation: Latest Issue Now Available
February 27, 2013
[ecrea] special issue of Popular Communication journal