Archive for publications, January 2013

January 13, 2013
[ecrea] TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies, # 28 (Fall 2012)
[ecrea] Media Education Research Journal - new issue
January 14, 2013
[ecrea] Special Issue on ICT, Public Administration and Democracy in the Coming Decade: Information Polity 17:3-4
[ecrea] New Issue of Journal of American Studies in Turkey
[ecrea] New Publication: Digital Memory and the Archive
[ecrea] CFE- International Journal of Communication
[ecrea] New journal. TOC Journal of African Communication, 1(1)
January 16, 2013
[ecrea] New book: School Shootings: Mediatized Violence in a Global Age
January 17, 2013
[ecrea] BOOK Announcement- Media and Fiction- UniBUC
January 18, 2013
[ecrea] Special Issue of the International Journal of Communication
[ecrea] [JCER] New Issue Published
January 21, 2013
[ecrea] New book summarizing the NCCR Democracy's main research results
[ecrea] Just Published: Special Issue Of Telematics: The Digital Turn in Radio: Understanding Convergence in Radio News Cultures (Vol. 30 (3)
January 23, 2013
[ecrea] Publication announcement: Special issue on Mobile Intimacies
January 25, 2013
[ecrea] new issue Communication&Society/Comunicacion y Sociedad
[ecrea] New book: Intermediality and media change
[ecrea] New Controversies book: BASIC INSTINCT
[ecrea] Special Issue: New(s) Media Technologies and New(s) Work: Changing Journalistic Practices across Europe
January 26, 2013
[ecrea] new book - Image Warfare in the War on Terror (Palgrave Macmillan, January 2013)
January 28, 2013
[ecrea] Book announcement: Sonic Multiciplities
January 29, 2013
[ecrea] Cinej: Cinema Journal - new issue
January 31, 2013
[ecrea] Special Issue of the Journal of European Popular Culture