Archive for publications, January 2011

January 04, 2011
[ecrea] Early Popular Visual Culture - New Issue Now Available
January 05, 2011
[ecrea] Music, Sound, and the Moving Image - New Issue Alert
[ecrea] New Issue of Participations: Volume 7, Issue 2
January 06, 2011
[ecrea] JLA, Special Issue on Media Ideologies
[ecrea] Word & Image - New Issue Now Available
January 07, 2011
[ecrea] New issues Journal of African Media Studies(2.2/2.3)
January 09, 2011
[ecrea] The Russian Journal of Communication issues
January 10, 2011
[ecrea] New Book - STEREO
January 11, 2011
[ecrea] New Book on digital activism
January 13, 2011
[ecrea] new book digital citizenship and local development
[ecrea] New issue of Politics & Culture
January 14, 2011
[ecrea] New book: 'Crisis in the Global Mediasphere'
January 16, 2011
[ecrea] new issue of the Journal of Community Informatics
January 17, 2011
[ecrea] new book: Public Relations Practice in Global Cultural Contexts: Multiparadigmatic perspectives
January 18, 2011
[ecrea] New book announcement - Insect Media: An Archaeology of Animals and Technology
January 19, 2011
[ecrea] New book - Postcolonial Media Culture in Britain
[ecrea] new book: communications research in action. scholar-activist collaborations for a democratic public sphere
January 22, 2011
[ecrea] new book: Mediated Girlhoods
January 24, 2011
[ecrea] New Issue of Global Media Journal Turkish Edition
January 25, 2011
[ecrea] new book "Cinema and the Swastika"
January 26, 2011
[ecrea] Media education publication announcement
[ecrea] New issue of Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture Vol.1 Issue 2
[ecrea] Jazz Research Journal
January 29, 2011
[ecrea] New Book Announcement: Food as Communication/Communication as Food