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September 05, 2011
[ecrea] New Media? - publication announcement
September 06, 2011
[ecrea] Media Fields Journal: "Documentary and Space"
[ecrea] New book: Changing Journalism
September 08, 2011
[ecrea] Science Fiction Film & Television - New Issue Alert
[ecrea] New book: Screens of Terror
September 11, 2011
[ecrea] new journal issue on intermedality studies
September 12, 2011
[ecrea] special issue of The Communication Review - "Twitter Revolutions? Addressing Social Media and Dissent"
[ecrea] New book: Elections and the Media in Post-conflict Africa
[ecrea] Online Archives, Free Media, and a New Special Issue on Memory
[ecrea] New Book: Media and Social Justice
September 13, 2011
[ecrea] journal Communicatio: South African Journals for Communication Theory and Research
September 14, 2011
[ecrea] Memory and Identity: Special Issue out
[ecrea] New book: A Human Right to Participate in the Information Society'
September 15, 2011
[ecrea] Journal of African Media Studies, Volume 3 Issue 2
September 16, 2011
[ecrea] Third Text: Virtual Special Issue
September 17, 2011
[ecrea] NEW BOOK: Making Democracy in 20 Years. Media and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe
September 18, 2011
[ecrea] New book MORRISSEY: Fandom, Representations and Identities
[ecrea] Book reviews needed for Journal of Language and Politics
September 19, 2011
[ecrea] New Book: Directory of World Cinema-Spain
[ecrea] New book: Broadcasting in the 21st Century
September 20, 2011
[ecrea] new book: International Perspectives on Youth Media: , Cultures of Production and Education
[ecrea] Celebrity Studies Volume 2, Issue 2 is now available online!
September 21, 2011
[ecrea] Metal Studies - Special Issue of Journal for Cultural Research
September 22, 2011
[ecrea] Fwd: New book: Work's Intimacy
September 23, 2011
[ecrea] Fwd: [cultstud-l] new book on Reality-TV
September 26, 2011
[ecrea] Article submission - Int'l Journal of Media and Cultural Politics
September 28, 2011
[ecrea] Media for Democracy Monitor New Nordicom Book
September 30, 2011
[ecrea] Fwd: Book announcement: Theorising Media
[ecrea] OJCMT Journal - New Issue Release
January 02, 2023
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