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[ecrea] Fwd: Book announcement: Theorising Media

Fri Sep 30 12:34:34 GMT 2011

Now Published : Theorising Media : Power, Form and Subjectivity. John Corner. Manchester University Press.


In this book, John Corner explores how issues of power, form and subjectivity feature at the core of all serious thinking about the media, including appreciations of their creativity as well as anxiety about the risks they pose. Drawing widely on an interdisciplinary litera­ture he connects his exposition to examples from film, television, radio, photography, painting, web practice, music and writing in order to bring in topics as diverse as the reporting of the war in Afghanistan, the televising of football, documentary portray­als of 9/11, reality television, the varieties of taste in the arts and the construction of civic identity.

The book is divided into two parts of equal length. In the first part, three extensive chapters on each of the key notions provide an interconnected discus­sion of the media activities opened up for exploration and the debates they have pro­voked. The second part presents examples, arguments and analysis from Corner’s previous work around the core themes, with notes placing them in the context of the whole volume.

Theorising Media brings together concepts both from Social Studies and the Arts and Humanities, addressing a readership wider than the sub-specialisms of media research. It refreshes ideas about why the media matter and how understanding them better remains a key aim of cultural inquiry and a continuing requirement for public policy.

HB 978-0-7190-8261-0 £55.00 (but a range of discounts). 216x138mm

Available widely in bookshops and through web retail (with varying discounts).  For a limited time only, you can take advantage of a special 15% discount. Simply contact NBN International on +44 (0)1752 202301, quoting the discount code OTH259. (Expires 31/12/2011)

 John Corner is a Visiting Professor at the University of Leeds and Emeritus Professor at the University of Liverpool.

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