Archive for publications, September 2017

September 01, 2017
[ecrea] New publication: The Changing Spaces of Television Acting by Richard Hewett
September 03, 2017
[ecrea] new open access journal Le foucaldien
September 05, 2017
[ecrea] Radio Utopia - new book
September 09, 2017
[ecrea] New book announcement 'Social Media and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe'
[ecrea] New Book on Media and War
[ecrea] Javnost-The Public New Special Issue on Democratic Dissent
September 11, 2017
[ecrea] New book "Media Representations of Anti-Austerity Protests in the EU: Grievances, Identities and Agency "
[ecrea] new publication: Ready Player Two - Shira Chess
[ecrea] New book: Networked Cancer. Affect, Narrative and Measurement
September 13, 2017
[ecrea] New issue of IJoC - August
September 15, 2017
[ecrea] New book of Obitel
[ecrea] New Special Issue of "COMMUNICATIONS" on "Communicating Family Memory"
September 18, 2017
[ecrea] New Issue: Music Sound and the Moving Image 11.1 - Open Access
September 20, 2017
[ecrea] Javnost-The Public new special issue on Populism and Nationalism
September 22, 2017
[ecrea] Issue Published: Acting on Media: Influencing, Shaping and (Re)Configuring the Fabric of Everyday Life
September 25, 2017
[ecrea] Special Issue of WPCC: Radio and Revolution
September 26, 2017
[ecrea] Journalism and Foreign Aid: Two Journal Special Issues
[ecrea] Book Announcement: A critical reading of singlehood, gender and time
September 27, 2017
[ecrea] New Journal: Journal of Corpora and Discourse Studies (JCaDS)
September 28, 2017
[ecrea] New special issue of Media and Communication open access journal
September 29, 2017
[ecrea] New book -- Against meritocracy: culture, power and myths of mobility
[ecrea] New Book on Children's Entertainment Media
[ecrea] [OBS] Observatorio (OBS*) new issue now launched
September 30, 2017
[ecrea] New Report: Audiences, towards 2030 - Priorities for audience analysis