Archive for publications, October 2017

October 01, 2017
[ecrea] New issue Journalism & Mass Communication Educator with Special Section: Journalism Education in the BRICS Countries
October 03, 2017
[ecrea] new book: Media Practices, Social Movements, and Performativity
October 04, 2017
[ecrea] New Book: Theorizing Digital Divide
October 05, 2017
[ecrea] Telematics and Informatics: Volume 34, Issue 7
October 06, 2017
[ecrea] New book - Media and the Experience of Social Change: The Arab World
[ecrea] New Book: The Value System: The Internet and Radical Change in a Time of Crisis
[ecrea] New book: Rap beyond Resistance: Staging Power in Contemporary Morocco
October 07, 2017
[ecrea] New book "As Terrorism Evolves"
October 08, 2017
[ecrea] New Publication: Keep Calm and Carry On: The Truth About the Poster
[ecrea] Imaginations Issue 8-2 | Locations and Dislocation: Global Geographies of Digital Data
October 10, 2017
[ecrea] New book "Exploring Media Research"
[ecrea] new issue Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal
October 13, 2017
[ecrea] New Book: Digital Technology and Journalism An International Comparative Perspective
October 15, 2017
[ecrea] Arab National Media and Political Change (new book)
October 17, 2017
[ecrea] The Poetics of Eye Tracking: Special Edition of the Journal of Videographic Film & Moving Image Studies
[ecrea] Palabra Clave journal, volume 20, issue 4: Fan Studies
[ecrea] communication +1 - new issue on Media:Culture:Policy
October 18, 2017
[ecrea] New book: Representing Communities: Discourse and Contexts
[ecrea] New book on propaganda and UK, US and German national news coverage of conflict in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iraq and Kosovo
October 21, 2017
[ecrea] New book on Media and Class
October 23, 2017
[ecrea] New book: Comic Book Film Style
[ecrea] New book: Locating Nordic Noir - From Beck to The Bridge
[ecrea] New Issue: Science Fiction Film & Television 10.3
October 24, 2017
[ecrea] new book: Performing Digital Activism: New Aesthetics and Discourse of Resistance
[ecrea] New journal: Media Theory
October 25, 2017
[ecrea] New book: Editing and Montage in International Film and Video Theory and Technique
October 26, 2017
[ecrea] New Book on Crisis Communication
[ecrea] New Open Access Book: Social Media in Emergent Brazil
October 27, 2017
[ecrea] Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies 6.3
October 28, 2017
[ecrea] Riffs: Experimental writing on popular music - Volume 1 Issue 2
October 30, 2017
[ecrea] New Book: Documentary and Disability
[ecrea] New book: Media and Affective Mythologies
October 31, 2017
[ecrea] New book: Understanding the Business of Global Media in the Digital Age