Archive for calls, October 2017

October 01, 2017
[ecrea] Call for Papers: "Condition of Contradiction"
[ecrea] CfP Film Journal - Actors Behind the Camera
October 02, 2017
[ecrea] CFP - Semiosis in Communication: Differences and Similarities
[ecrea] Desecrating Celebrity, Fourth International Celebrity Studies Conference
[ecrea] CFP: Wes Anderson
[ecrea] CFP: Satirical Discourse in Troubled Times
[ecrea] cfp - Film-Philosophy Conference 2018
[ecrea] CfP Thermal Objects (Culture Machine)
October 03, 2017
[ecrea] CFP CRISIS/KRISIS Performance Philosophy Journal
[ecrea] CFP: Journalism, media and surveillance
October 04, 2017
[ecrea] Call for papers - Workshop Film Distribution, Exhibition and Consumption In The Second World War
[ecrea] 2nd Annual Narratives of Health and Wellbeing Research Conference
[ecrea] CFP: Society for Animation Studies Conference June 2018
[ecrea] Call for Abstracts Special Issue of History and Technology
[ecrea] CFP: Multivoicedness in European Cinema Conference - Programme and Registration
[ecrea] CFP: Women and videogames. Representations, industry and behaviours.
[ecrea] Conference: At Home with Horror? Terror on the Small Screen
October 05, 2017
[ecrea] Multivoicedness in European Cinema Conference - Programme and Registration
[ecrea] CFP Feminism, Media and the 1990s: Commentary and Criticism, Feminist Media Studies
[ecrea] CfP Participatory Institutions: Circulations, Scales and National Frameworks
[ecrea] Call for Papers - Amateur Video & Journalism
October 06, 2017
[ecrea] Call for workshop proposals - ACM TVX2018
[ecrea] CFP--Reception Studies Society
[ecrea] Eisenstein Symposium Prato 21 22 June 2018
[ecrea] CfP Special issue of Transformative Works and Cultures: Fan Studies Methodologies
[ecrea] CFP Sewing Reality: Fashion in Non-Fiction Media
October 07, 2017
[ecrea] CfP: JOMEC Journal Open Issue
October 09, 2017
[ecrea] CFP Cultural Trends Special Issue: After the Creative Economy
[ecrea] CFP-2nd International Media Literacy Research Symposium
[ecrea] CFP: “Fake news, misinformation/disinformation, post-truth” - Versus, journal of Semiotics and Philosophy of Language
[ecrea] Workshop "Foucault meets Latour"
[ecrea] CALL for EDITED BOOK PROPOSALS for Wave 15 of the Routledge Studies in European Communication Research and Education Series
October 10, 2017
[ecrea] CFP: Journal Media and Communication
[ecrea] Branded Content Research Conference
[ecrea] PhD course - "Discourse Studies and Method: Using Discourse-Theoretical Analysis and Discursive-Material Analysis"
[ecrea] PhD course - "Discourse Studies and Method: Using Discourse-Theoretical Analysis and Discursive-Material Analysis" (correct link)
[ecrea] Curating Resistance: Punk as Archival Method - call for papers
[ecrea] VIEW Journal: new issue out now and CFP's for upcoming issues
[ecrea] CFP-International History of Public Relations Conference
[ecrea] Call for Abstracts - Journalists' Working Lives in Flux: New Challenges, New Opportunities? @ The 9th Nordic Work Life Conference
[ecrea] CNH Conference > Computer Networks Histories: Local, National and Transnational Perspectives
[ecrea] Conference: Online participation on the local level – a comparative perspective
[ecrea] CFP DOCUVERSE 2018: Expanding documentary: Ecologies and dialogues
October 11, 2017
[ecrea] cfp - "The Politics in and of Middle Eastern Television"
[ecrea] CFP Transnational Queer Media and Popular Culture
[ecrea] Digital Democracy: Critical Perspectives in the Age of Big Data conference programme
[ecrea] CFP Transmedia Literacy International Conference
[ecrea] CFP Cultural Trends July 2018
[ecrea] CFP Media and Communication in Creative Industries
[ecrea] Call for papers: AABS Conference in Stanford University
October 12, 2017
[ecrea] Call for Papers: ICA Pre-Conference "Media literacy as intergenerational project: skills, norms, and mediation"
[ecrea] Call for Papers: The representation of death in modern society
[ecrea] CFP: Documentary/Philosophy International Conference
[ecrea] Call - Symbiotic Cinema
[ecrea] CFP: Gender in Media Industries
October 13, 2017
[ecrea] cfp - Special Issue on Arab Cosmopolitanism
[ecrea] PDC 2018: 16th biennial Participatory Design Conference (PDC)
[ecrea] IAMCR 2018 general CFP and sections and working groups CfPs
October 15, 2017
[ecrea] '"Fake News!": An Historical Perspective' - NPHFI Conference 2017
[ecrea] Call for Papers - Representation in Bollywood Cinema Symposium
October 17, 2017
[ecrea] Istanbul international conference. 'Moving Images - Static Spaces'
[ecrea] CFP: 2018 ICA preconference on One Belt One Road
[ecrea] CFP on Epistemology and Methodology in Communication
[ecrea] CFP: Feminism, Media, and the 1990s
[ecrea] Remembering Europe: Civil Society Under Pressure Again, CfP
[ecrea] Call: Karl Marx@200: Debating Capitalism & Perspectives for the Future of Radical Theory
[ecrea] Singularities. CfP for the Sci Fi Fan Events symposium
October 18, 2017
[ecrea] CFP: Framing Space through Architecture and Film, Panel at the AAH Conference
[ecrea] CFP - International sympsoium on sport and media - Loughborough University
October 20, 2017
[ecrea] CFP - JACM - Ethnic Minority Media: Between Hegemony and Resistance
[ecrea] cfp - Journal on Stereo & Immersive Media, Issue no.2
[ecrea] CFP ICA pre-conference: Theories of Public Relations
[ecrea] SRN Screenwriting Research Network Conference in Milan - September 2018
[ecrea] CFP : Global Crises and the Media call
[ecrea] CFP: _Critical Arts_ Special Issue: “Celebrity and Protest in the Anti-Apartheid Struggle”
[ecrea] Baker Award Call for Nominations
October 21, 2017
[ecrea] Call for Articles - Media Anthropology
[ecrea] Another Walk with Lefebvre - The Second Annual Conference of the INS
October 22, 2017
[ecrea] CFP: InVisible Culture 29: "Beyond Love"
[ecrea] CfP anthropology of media, culture and social change
October 23, 2017
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Sound-Tracking Melbourne Symposium
[ecrea] Call for Papers - - number 22-23
[ecrea] Exploring media, languages, cultures and borders: Conference
[ecrea] CFP themed section on reading, readers & digital media
[ecrea] CFP on Global Mediatization Research in Klagenfurt, Austria
[ecrea] CFP: Storing and sharing: Everyday relationships with digital material, Special Issue of New Media & Society
[ecrea] CFP: Here, There, Everywhere (& Nowhere)
[ecrea] Call for Chapters: Examining Cultural Policies Through Digital Communication
October 24, 2017
[ecrea] IAMCR Political Economy Section: Call for Papers 2018
[ecrea] CfP Transnational Journalism History Conference
[ecrea] CFP Shadow Cinema: Historical and Production Context of Unmade Films
[ecrea] Panel Call for Papers IALJS-13
October 25, 2017
[ecrea] CFP Cinergie n. 13 Videographic Film Studies: Criticism, Analysis and Theory in the Age of Software Culture
[ecrea] CFP #Resist
October 26, 2017
[ecrea] Screen Production Research Engagement and Impact Symposium
[ecrea] PhD-Pre-Conference - cfp - Transnational Television Drama: Tastes, Travels and Trends
[ecrea] CFP: "Fake news, misinformation/disinformation, post-truth"
October 27, 2017
[ecrea] Call for abstracts Etmaal2018
[ecrea] CFP: Console-ing Passions 2018 at Bournemouth University, UK
[ecrea] CFP: Cinema Stream, 9th Int'l Conference on Visual and Performing Arts, Athens
[ecrea] Call for Panels - CEECOM 2018
[ecrea] Call for Applications : The 2018 AFIRC Research Fellowship
[ecrea] cfp DL Helsinki Photomedia 2018
[ecrea] CFP: Annual conference of the European Media Management Association
[ecrea] CFP: The Love That Speaks Its Name: Advertising Film
[ecrea] Call for Chapter Abstracts - Documentary Cultures in Turkey
[ecrea] The Art of Documentary cfp - FilmForum MAGIS Spring School Gorizia
[ecrea] CFP - Nordic Data Journalism Conference (NODA18) - The second wave of data journalism research
October 28, 2017
[ecrea] CfP Cut the bullshit!
[ecrea] CFP: Symposium - Digital Stereotypes
[ecrea] Call for presentations and abstract submissions General Online Research conference
[ecrea] call for paper of the italian academic periodical "La Valle dell'Eden"
October 30, 2017
[ecrea] CFP - Desecrating Celebrity, Fourth International Celebrity Studies Conference
[ecrea] CFP - Pornography: Margins and Extremes - Gorizia Spring School 2018 / Porn Studies Strand
[ecrea] CFP - Media Archaeology -Technologies of Power / Power of Technology - Gorizia Spring School 2018
[ecrea] Doing Women's Film and Television History Conference
October 31, 2017
[ecrea] CFP: Media Freedom conference, Lunds universitet
[ecrea] CFP: Cross Generational Relationships and Cinema
[ecrea] CFP: IJMCF Volume 5
[ecrea] CfP #AoIR2018 Montreal