Archive for publications, May 2017

May 02, 2017
[ecrea] new book - Vampires, Race, and Transnational Hollywoods
[ecrea] Journal of Public Deliberation: Equity and Inclusion in Online Community Forums
[ecrea] Journal of Greek Media & Culture 3.1
May 03, 2017
[ecrea] New Book: Digital Media, Culture and Education
May 05, 2017
[ecrea] new book - Cinema's Bodily Illusions - Scott C. Richmond
May 08, 2017
[ecrea] new book: We Are Data by John Cheney-Lippold
May 09, 2017
[ecrea] New book: Activist Film Festivals
[ecrea] New publication: The Assault on Journalism
May 10, 2017
[ecrea] New book - Creating Space in the Fifth Estate
May 11, 2017
[ecrea] New book: The internet and formations of Iranian American-ness
May 12, 2017
[ecrea] new ECREA book: Public Policies in Media and Information Literacy in Europe: Cross-Country Comparisons
[ecrea] New Book: Feminist Activism and Digital Networks
[ecrea] International Journal on Media Management - Special Issue on 'Funding in the Media Convergence Era'
May 16, 2017
[ecrea] Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism, Issue 7 - out now
May 17, 2017
[ecrea] Communication and Climate Change: special issue of Desenvolvimento e Meio Ambiente
[ecrea] New book: Mothering through Precarity
May 18, 2017
[ecrea] New issue: Nordicom Information 1/2017 - Special issue on "Media research in society!"
May 19, 2017
[ecrea] New issue: Participations 14.1
May 21, 2017
[ecrea] New book: "Il sistema Pixar" ("The Pixar System")
May 22, 2017
[ecrea] New book: List Cultures: Knowledge and Poetics from Mesopotamia to BuzzFeed
May 26, 2017
[ecrea] new issue : Media Industries vol. 4 no. 1
May 28, 2017
[ecrea] Download book: Culture of the Selfie (INC, Amsterdam, 2017)
May 30, 2017
[ecrea] The journal Global Media and China published the latest issue Volume 2, Issue 1
[ecrea] New book: Collaborative Intimacies in Music and Dance
May 31, 2017
[ecrea] New book on the Internet Oligopoly (in French)
[ecrea] Free access - Special Issue Children's Television In Transition - Media International Australia