Archive for publications, May 2009

May 03, 2009
[ecrea] New book: Bioethics in the Age of New Media
May 04, 2009
[ecrea] Sine/Cine: the Journal of Cinema Research
May 05, 2009
[ecrea] New book - Transnational Television in Europe
May 06, 2009
[ecrea] Music, Sound, and the Moving Image: Vol 2, Issue 2 available now.....
May 09, 2009
[ecrea] Flow Journal, Vol. 9, Issue 12 now online
May 10, 2009
[ecrea] new book: Online A Lot Of The Time: Ritual, Fetish, Sign
May 11, 2009
[ecrea] New book on Russian media
May 12, 2009
[ecrea] NEW BOOK: 'Re-Imagining the War on Terror: seeing, waiting, travelling'
May 13, 2009
[ecrea] journal issue Journal of African Media Studies (JAMS)
May 16, 2009
[ecrea] New Book: Citizen Journalism: Global Perspectives
May 18, 2009
[ecrea] New book on The Right to Information
May 19, 2009
[ecrea] International Journal of Communication papers
May 23, 2009
[ecrea] New book on Mediatization
May 29, 2009
[ecrea] New book on globalization and Indian media
[ecrea] New book on globalization and postsocialist European media