Archive for publications, August 2009

August 03, 2009
[ecrea] Transformations Issue 17 Bernard Steigler and the Question of technics
August 04, 2009
[ecrea] New Book: The Content of Media - Quality, Profit and Competition
August 05, 2009
[ecrea] LAUNCH of Vol. 1, PLATFORM: Journal of Media and Communication
August 08, 2009
[ecrea] Journal of Media Business Studies
August 12, 2009
[ecrea] New publication; Talking with Television
August 13, 2009
[ecrea] Critical Literacy: theories and practices - vol 3 issue 2 available online
[ecrea] New book on 'Community Radio - Performance Assessment System (CR-PAS)
August 14, 2009
[ecrea] new book on health communication
August 16, 2009
[ecrea] Popular Communication (7.3): Special Issue on Digital Convergence in Latin America
August 19, 2009
[ecrea] Special Issue of Popular Communication
August 21, 2009
[ecrea] Journal of Contemporary European Research - Security and Liberty in the European Union
[ecrea] Flow Journal, Vol 10, Issue 6 is now online
August 31, 2009
[ecrea] New Book: The Nation on Screen: Discourses of the National on Global Television