Archive for publications, 2017

January 03, 2017
[ecrea] New Issue of Communication Management Review, Vol. 1, No. 2, 2016
[ecrea] new book - Advertising and Consumer Culture in China
January 04, 2017
[ecrea] NANO: New American Notes Online Announces Publication of Issue 10: Originality in a Digital Age
January 06, 2017
[ecrea] new book: The Age of Noise in Britain
January 10, 2017
[ecrea] Disrupting the Humanities: Towards Posthumanities - special issue of JEP
January 11, 2017
[ecrea] New Book: DIY Utopia
[ecrea] new book: Private Power, Online Information Flows & EU Law
[ecrea] New book: Finite Media: Environmental Implications of Digital Technologies
January 12, 2017
[ecrea] New publication on Life Narratives and Youth Culture
January 13, 2017
[ecrea] New book: Political Communication and European Elections in Times of Crisis
January 15, 2017
[ecrea] Cinemagoing, Film Experience and Memory: special issue of Memory Studies
[ecrea] Publication of edited volume: Politics, Protest, Emotion: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. A Book of Blogs
January 16, 2017
[ecrea] published: Communication, Politics and Culture Vol 49, Issue 2 (2016)
[ecrea] New Book | Practicable - From Participation to Interaction in Contemporary Art | MIT Press
January 18, 2017
[ecrea] New Publication Released: Requiem for a Nation - Religion and Politics in Post-War Italian Cinema (Mimesis International)
January 20, 2017
[ecrea] New book: Innovative Methods in Media and Communication Research
[ecrea] New Book: Networking China
January 21, 2017
[ecrea] Journal of Sonic Studies - New issue now available
January 23, 2017
[ecrea] Special issue of CM - Revisiting classic communication theories
January 24, 2017
[ecrea] Journal of Media Practice 17.2/3
January 25, 2017
[ecrea] new book on Performative Citizenship. Public Art, Urban Design, And Political Participation
[ecrea] new book: Weekend Societies: Electronic Dance Music Festivals and Event-Cultures
[ecrea] new book: German Pop Music. A Companion
January 26, 2017
[ecrea] New issue of the Journal of Urban Cultural Studies 3.3
[ecrea] New Book Announcement: Showman of the Screen: Joseph E. Levine and his Revolutions in Film Promotion
January 28, 2017
[ecrea] publication - Miskimmon, Alister: Forging the World: Strategic Narratives and International Relations
January 30, 2017
[ecrea] new issue of Journal of Organizational Knowledge Communication
[ecrea] Special issue of Asian Cinema, 27.2
January 31, 2017
[ecrea] new book: Gender, Politics, News: A Game of Three Sides
February 03, 2017
[ecrea] New Book: Media Law, Ethics and Policy in the Digital Age
[ecrea] New publication - Dialogue Across Media
[ecrea] Special Issue of WPCC: Reframing Media and Cultural Studies in the Age of Global Crisis
[ecrea] New Issue: Frames Cinema Journal Issue 10 - Rip-Off or Resourceful Creativity?
February 06, 2017
[ecrea] Special Issue of NANO on Star Wars The Force Awakens
February 07, 2017
[ecrea] Reframing Media and Cultural Studies in the Age of Global Crisis - new issue WPCC
[ecrea] New Issue of Film, Fashion & Consumption 5.2
[ecrea] New issue of Crossings: Journal of Migration & Culture 7.2
February 08, 2017
[ecrea] new book: Media Localism: The Policies of Place
[ecrea] new book: Descended from Hercules - Biopolitics and the Muscled Male Body on Screen, by Robert A. Rushing
February 10, 2017
[ecrea] MCP Journal: The end of the long tail
[ecrea] New book: Lebanese media: Anatomy of a system in perpetual crisis
[ecrea] Special Issue of Journal of Scandinavian Cinema 6.2
February 15, 2017
[ecrea] Abstract Announcement for International Journal of E-Politics (IJEP) 8(1)
February 17, 2017
[ecrea] New book: Film Festivals and Anthropology
February 19, 2017
[ecrea] Borderlands Issue 15.1, Space, Places and Social Control
February 20, 2017
[ecrea] Film Studies Issue 15 is now available
February 21, 2017
[ecrea] New Issue Alert: Science Fiction Film and Television 10.1
February 23, 2017
[ecrea] New book: Speaking of universities
[ecrea] new book - Feeling Normal: Sexuality and Media Criticism in the Digital Age
February 25, 2017
[ecrea] Journal of Popular Music Education
[ecrea] New Book: Environmental Communication Pedagogy and Practice
February 26, 2017
[ecrea] Special Issue of Journal of Film & Video: Queer Production Studies
February 27, 2017
[ecrea] New Report: Protecting Sources and Whistleblowers in a Digital Age
[ecrea] New book: The third level of Digital Divide. A Weberian Approach to Digital Inequalities
February 28, 2017
[ecrea] New Book - Soundtrack of the Revolution: The Politics of Music in Iran
[ecrea] New Book: Environmental Communication Pedagogy and Practice
March 01, 2017
[ecrea] Book on Pink Floyd Opportunity
March 03, 2017
[ecrea] Digital Media, Psychoanalysis and the Subject - CM special issue published
[ecrea] New book: The Datafied Society. Studying Culture through Data
March 06, 2017
[ecrea] new book: Art and Photography in Media Environments
[ecrea] new book: Keywords for Media Studies
March 07, 2017
[ecrea] New Book: Health Communication in the Changing Media Landscape: Perspectives from Developing Countries
[ecrea] Routledge PERFORM book series
[ecrea] SACOMM ToC: Journal of African Cinemas 8.3
March 08, 2017
[ecrea] New Special Issue on Feminized Resistances from JRS
[ecrea] New Open Access Book: Visualising Facebook (Daniel Miller/Jolynna Sinanan)
[ecrea] New Book: The Mask and the Flag: Populism, Citizenism and Global Protest
March 09, 2017
[ecrea] Special issue of the Journal of Italian Cinema & Media Studies 5.2
March 13, 2017
[ecrea] new book series: Popular Musics Matter: Social, Political and Cultural Interventions
[ecrea] New book: Media Localism by Christopher Ali
March 14, 2017
[ecrea] New Issue: Music, Sound, and the Moving Image 10.2
March 15, 2017
[ecrea] ToC: Critical Arts: South-North Cultural and Media Studies 30 (5), October 2016, general issue
March 16, 2017
[ecrea] New Issue of film criticism
March 20, 2017
[ecrea] Javnost-The Public New Issue Released
March 21, 2017
[ecrea] New Book: Contemporary Journalism in the US and Germany: Agents of Accountability
[ecrea] Cinema: Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image 8 - new issue
[ecrea] New book announcement: Caring in Crisis? Humanitarianism, the Public and NGOs
March 22, 2017
[ecrea] Issue Published: Post-Snowden Internet Policy
March 29, 2017
[ecrea] The journal Global Media and China published the latest issue
[ecrea] Research report published: 'Go West! Bristol's Film and Television Industries'
April 01, 2017
[ecrea] Food is a Feminist Issue: Media, Bodies, Appetites
April 05, 2017
[ecrea] New issue Communication & Society
April 06, 2017
[ecrea] New Book: Children's TV and Digital Media in the Arab World
April 07, 2017
[ecrea] IC Journal 2017 Closing the gap in representation: public service and activism for the democratization of the media
April 11, 2017
[ecrea] Transitions: Journal of Transient Migration 1.2
[ecrea] Book Announcement: Queer Game Studies
[ecrea] A new book in the Recursions-series: Cinema, Trance and Cybernetics
[ecrea] Announcing new book series: Popular musics matter: social, political and cultural interventions
April 12, 2017
[ecrea] New Publication: 'Cinema and Narrative Complexity'
[ecrea] Cultural Politics - New Issue
[ecrea] New book on Public Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
April 14, 2017
[ecrea] New book on Political Communication in Morocco
April 19, 2017
[ecrea] New book: Feeling Normal by F. Hollis Griffin
[ecrea] Self-(Re)Presentation Now Special Issue of Popular Communication
April 21, 2017
[ecrea] New book: Universities in the Neoliberal Era
[ecrea] 'Normality and Disability: Intersections Among Norms, Law, and Culture' - special issue just out
April 23, 2017
[ecrea] New book: Broadcasting and National Imagination in Post-Communist Latvia. Defining the Nation, Defining Public Television
April 24, 2017
[ecrea] New issue: Extrapolation 58.1
April 25, 2017
[ecrea] Book: Digital Humanities: Knowledge and Critique in a Digital Age
[ecrea] New book: Revisiting Star Studies
April 26, 2017
[ecrea] Issue 07 of the Science Museum Group Journal is now online
[ecrea] New Book - Production Design for Screen
April 27, 2017
[ecrea] New book: Privacy and the Media
April 28, 2017
[ecrea] Latest articles - Journal of Alternative and Community Media, volume 2 (2016)