Archive for publications, 2018

January 02, 2018
[ecrea] Issue Published: Visual Communication in the Age of Social Media: Conceptual, Theoretical and Methodological Challenges
January 03, 2018
[ecrea] new issue Appareil - dedicated to Friedrich Kittler
January 04, 2018
[ecrea] New book: Not Your Average Zombie Theory
[ecrea] NANO: New American Notes Online Special Issue 12: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
[ecrea] New Open Access Book: Social Theory After the Internet: Media, Technology and Globalization
January 07, 2018
[ecrea] New Issue - Journal of Media Critiques
January 08, 2018
[ecrea] CSMC issue on ISIS, media, networked publics, terrorism
[ecrea] New book: Climate Change and Post-Political Communication
[ecrea] New special issue - "User Narratives" - Rizoma v.5, n.2 (2017)
January 09, 2018
[ecrea] New Book: Television, Democracy, and the Mediatization of Chilean Politics
January 10, 2018
[ecrea] New Issue Journal ICONO14 - Technologies for transformation? Social media before political and social change
[ecrea] New book: The Mourning News : Reporting Violent Death in a Global Age
January 15, 2018
[ecrea] New book - Screen Production Research: Creative Practice as a Mode of Enquiry
January 16, 2018
[ecrea] new book: Youth Media Matters
[ecrea] New publication: Questions of cultural value: The London Film & Media Reader 5
January 17, 2018
[ecrea] New Special Issue on Political Micro-Targeting
January 18, 2018
[ecrea] New Book: Uncovering Commenting Culture: Trolls, Fanobys and Lurkers
January 20, 2018
[ecrea] New Book: On Video Games: The Visual Politics of Race, Gender and Space
January 22, 2018
[ecrea] New book: Dolly Parton, Gender, and Country Music
January 23, 2018
[ecrea] Book Announcement: Film Stardom and the Ancient Past
[ecrea] special issue on Connected migrants published in Popular Communication 16(1)
January 25, 2018
[ecrea] New Issue: Music, Sound, and the Moving Image Volume 11, Issue 2
[ecrea] New issue: Alphaville Issue 14: "For a Cosmopolitan Cinema" now out
[ecrea] New Book: Gender and Violence in Spanish Culture
January 26, 2018
[ecrea] New book: Reporting Elections: Rethinking the Logic of Campaign Coverage
[ecrea] Thematic issue on Production in the Media and Journalism published
January 29, 2018
[ecrea] New Book--Media Heterotopias: Digital Effects and Material Labor in Global Film Production
January 30, 2018
[ecrea] New book: Exploring Transmedia Journalism in the Digital Age
January 31, 2018
[ecrea] new special issue - Power, Multidirectionality and Contingency - Political Struggles over Representation, Decision-Making and Technology
[ecrea] special issue of Digital Journalism: Data journalism research Studying a maturing field
February 02, 2018
[ecrea] Critical Digital and Social Media Studies: Book Proposal Submissions
[ecrea] New Book: Popular Music and Multimodal Critical Discourse Studies
[ecrea] New Book: 'Reporting the road to Brexit: International Media and the EU Referendum 2016'
February 05, 2018
[ecrea] Academic Labour, Digital Media and Capitalism - tripleC Special Issue
February 07, 2018
[ecrea] New book: Barbara Cassin - Google Me
[ecrea] New book: Masculinity in Contemporary Science Fiction Cinema
February 09, 2018
[ecrea] New book announcement: Mobile and Ubiquitous Media
[ecrea] new issue: discourse ethnography
[ecrea] New Book Announcement: Managing Democracy in the Digital Age
[ecrea] Issue Published: Media History and Democracy
February 12, 2018
[ecrea] New book: Current Research on Gender Issues in Advertising
[ecrea] New book: Guerrilla Networks
[ecrea] Special issue on "The politics and economics of Chinese Internet industry"
February 16, 2018
[ecrea] New book: Recomposing the Past
[ecrea] CITAMS special issue of iCS published
February 19, 2018
[ecrea] NANG - A 10-issue magazine dedicated to cinema in Asia
[ecrea] New Issue: Science Fiction Film & Television Volume: 11, Issue: 1
February 20, 2018
[ecrea] New report: Architects of Networked Disinformation
[ecrea] New Book: Archaeologies of Touch: Interfacing with Haptics from Electricity to Computing
[ecrea] The French cinema book
February 23, 2018
[ecrea] new book: Scandalogy: An Interdisciplinary Field
[ecrea] New issue: Communications - The European Journal of Communication Research
February 24, 2018
[ecrea] The hidden King - A joint issue with "h-ermes", "im@go", and "mediascapes"
February 26, 2018
[ecrea] Media and Emotions (special issue of Open Cultural Studies)
February 27, 2018
[ecrea] Report on the role of community media for refugees and migrants
[ecrea] New book: Steven Spielberg, Hollywood Wunderkind & Humanist
[ecrea] New publication Body Images in the Post-Cinematic Scenario. The Digitization of Bodies
March 01, 2018
[ecrea] new book: technologies of consumer labor: a history of self-service
[ecrea] Publication European Audiovisual Observatory / legal protection of journalists
March 02, 2018
[ecrea] New Book: Transnational Cinema: An Introduction
March 05, 2018
[ecrea] special issue - Power, Multidirectionality and Contingency - 2 texts now available as open access
March 06, 2018
[ecrea] New Book: Lifestyle Media in American Culture: Gender, Class, and the Politics of Ordinariness
March 07, 2018
[ecrea] New Book: Live and Recorded: Music Experience in the Digital Millennium
March 09, 2018
[ecrea] New Book: Models of journalism: the functions and influencing factors
March 10, 2018
[ecrea] New book: "Social Movements, Memory and Media. Narrative in Action in the Italian and Spanish Student Movements"
March 11, 2018
[ecrea] New Book: Urban Communication Regulation: Communication Freedoms and Limits in the Urban Century
March 12, 2018
[ecrea] new book: Hong Kong Horror Cinema
[ecrea] Journal of Peer Production #11: CITY
March 13, 2018
[ecrea] Networked (in)justice Information, Communication & Society #AoIR2017 special issue published
March 18, 2018
[ecrea] Special Issue on Strategic Management in the Media (Creative) Industries / Journal of Media Business Studies
March 20, 2018
[ecrea] New book | 'The Circulation of Anti-Austerity Protest' by Bart Cammaerts
[ecrea] New book out: Photography and Other Media in the Nineteenth Century
March 21, 2018
[ecrea] New book: Media, Geopolitics, and Power - A View from the Global South
March 23, 2018
[ecrea] Volume 11 Issue 1 of Adaptation now online
[ecrea] Issue 2 Feminist Encounters journal (open access) now published
March 25, 2018
[ecrea] New issue: FILM CRITICISM 42.1
March 26, 2018
[ecrea] new issue: Journal of Curatorial Studies: Paradigms and Pedagogy
March 27, 2018
[ecrea] New book out: Photography and Other Media in the Nineteenth Century
April 04, 2018
[ecrea] new issue Cinema: Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image, on "Islam and Images"
April 11, 2018
[ecrea] MCP Journal: Special Issue published on Gender and Virtual Work
April 16, 2018
[ecrea] New book: Archaeologies of Touch
[ecrea] Digital Orientations (New Book)
[ecrea] New book - Media and Transnational Climate Justice: Indigenous Activism and Climate Politics
[ecrea] New issue: The Journal of International Communication 24,1 2018
[ecrea] New inequality & culture report
April 17, 2018
[ecrea] ToC: Critical Arts 31(5): Cinema at the End of the World, special issue
[ecrea] new issues - journal of language and politics
April 18, 2018
[ecrea] New book: Nazism and Neo-Nazism in Film and Media
April 19, 2018
[ecrea] new issue: Ferments in the Field: The Past, Present and Future of Communication Studies
[ecrea] New book: Body Images in The Post-Cinematic Scenario
April 20, 2018
[ecrea] New Publication: A Future for Public Service Television