Archive for publications, December 2018

December 02, 2018
[ecrea] Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies Vol. 7:1, 2019 available online
December 04, 2018
[ecrea] New Book: Czech fanzine culture
[ecrea] Book Announcement - Blogging My Religion
[ecrea] New book: Miscommunicating Social Change: Lessons from Russia and Ukraine
December 05, 2018
[ecrea] New issue - digital humanities quarterly - Digital Technology in the Study of the Past
December 08, 2018
[ecrea] Special Journal Issue JAMMR 11.2: Media & Democratization in the Middle East
[ecrea] New book: Genre, Authorship and Contemporary Women Filmmakers
[ecrea] New book: The Nasty Woman and the neo femme fatale in contemporary cinema
[ecrea] New book: Digital Inclusion. An International Comparative Analysis
December 09, 2018
[ecrea] new book: The Language of Illness and Death on Social Media: An Affective Approach
[ecrea] Special issue of Film Criticism -- Film & Merchandise
[ecrea] Data Scores as Governance: New report by the Data Justice Lab
December 10, 2018
[ecrea] International Journal of Media & Cultural Politics 14.3 published
December 11, 2018
[ecrea] New Book / The Digital Party: Political Organisation and Online Democracy
December 13, 2018
[Commlist] Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast and Audio Media 16.2 published
[Commlist] new book: Respublika! - Experiments in the Performance of Participation and Democracy (2019), edited by Nico Carpentier
[Commlist] new book: Journeys On Screen: Theory, Ethics and Aesthetics
[Commlist] New book: Reporting Humanitarian Disasters in a Social Media Age
December 14, 2018
[Commlist] New book: A Fleet Street in Every Town: The Provincial Press in England, 1855-1900
[Commlist] ‘World of Media. Journal of Russian Media and Journalism Studies’ published online
[Commlist] New book: Ludopolitics: Videogames against Control
December 17, 2018
[Commlist] Journal Interdisciplina - special issue on Gender, Media, and ICT published
[Commlist] Publication Announcement: Riffs Volume 2 Issue 2 - Sound system and reggae
[Commlist] New Issue: Mediální studia / Media Studies vol. 12, no. 2
[Commlist] Empedocles: European Journal for the Philosophy of Communication 9.2 is now available
December 18, 2018
[Commlist] New Book: Critical Theory and Authoritarian Populism
[Commlist] New issue of Communiquer, 23 (2018) - published
[Commlist] New book - Debating Migration as a Public Problem: National Publics and Transnational Fields
[Commlist] New book The Routledge Handbook of Positive Communication
December 19, 2018
[Commlist] New Book: Gaming the Iron Curtain
[Commlist] New issue: Nordicom Review 39 (2) 2018
[Commlist] Journal of Urban Cultural Studies 5.2 published
December 20, 2018
[Commlist] New issue of Global Media Journal – German Edition published
[Commlist] NECSUS Autumn 2018_#Mapping - New Journal Issue Online
[Commlist] Speaking, writing and listening beyond free speech debates - FREE to download - Continuum theme issue
December 21, 2018
[Commlist] Special Issue of fusion journal: Intersections in Film and Media Studies
[Commlist] World of Media. Journal of Russian Media and Journalism Studies > four 2018 issues open access
December 22, 2018
[Commlist] New Book: "Beyond the Genre: Approaching Travel (and) Writing through Interviews with Authors and Bloggers"
December 25, 2018
[Commlist] New issue: CINEJ Cinema Journal 7 (1) 2018
December 26, 2018
[Commlist] New book: Journalism a 'peacekeeping agent' at the time of conflict
December 29, 2018
[Commlist] New Open Access "Communication Cultures in Africa" Journal