Archive for publications, December 2010

December 02, 2010
[ecrea] Interface: a journal for and about social movements
December 03, 2010
[ecrea] Journal of Screenwriting 2.1
[ecrea] CFP ? International Communication Gazette ? Special Issue
December 04, 2010
[ecrea] New Book "When Media Are New"
December 06, 2010
[ecrea] International Journal of E-Politics (IJEP) ? Volum e 1, Issue 4 published!
December 07, 2010
[ecrea] Special Issue on Risk Communication: Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies
December 08, 2010
[ecrea] MEDIA FIELDS JOURNAL: Critical Explorations in Media and Space is now online
December 13, 2010
[ecrea] Observatorio (OBS*) new issue now launched
December 14, 2010
[ecrea] Journal of European Popular Culture
[ecrea] Inaugural issue of Cinema: Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image now available
[ecrea] Journal of Scandinavian Cinema
[ecrea] Special issue of The Communication Review: Communication and Mobility
December 15, 2010
[ecrea] *Cinema: Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image*
December 17, 2010
[ecrea] Book Announcement "Nexus: New Intersections in Internet Research"
December 19, 2010
[ecrea] Journal of Media and Communication Studies (JMCS)
December 20, 2010
[ecrea] PRism journal's special issue on gender and public relations
[ecrea] new issue of Glocal Times now online
[ecrea] New Issue of Global Media Journal: Mediterranean Edition
[ecrea] New ECREA Doctoral Summer School Book (2010) - free download
December 22, 2010
[ecrea] new book by Hesmondhalgh on work in the media industries
December 23, 2010
[ecrea] New Issue of Participations: Volume 7, Issue 2
December 24, 2010
[ecrea] New book on international comparative journalism: Geopolitics of Representation in Foreign News
December 28, 2010
[ecrea] New Issue of Networking Knowledge (Vol 3, No 2)
December 29, 2010
[ecrea] IJCNS Nov 2010 Issue