Archive for calls, December 2010

December 01, 2010
[ecrea] ECREA Interpersonal Communication and Social Interaction Conference 2011
[ecrea] Call for papers - Journal of Media Practice: 'Story'
[ecrea] Interpretive Methodologies and Methods Conference Group Call for Papers APSA 2011
[ecrea] CFP: Neglected Media
December 02, 2010
[ecrea] CfP EDEM 2011
[ecrea] Remix Cinema Workshop (Oxford Internet Institute): Call for abstracts
December 03, 2010
[ecrea] Call for papers - 'International Business and Communication Review'
[ecrea] CFP: Europe on Display (European Cinemas Research Forum, Montreal Sept. 22-24, 2011)
[ecrea] Current Issues in European Cultural Studies CFP
December 04, 2010
[ecrea] II International Conference on Intercultural Studies - Deadline 15 December
December 05, 2010
[ecrea] Leadership. Media and Politics International Conference
December 07, 2010
[ecrea] Call for PhD Applications - Design Research Innovation Lab
[ecrea] CFP - "Social Science and Cultural Politics" - Postgraduate Conference
December 08, 2010
[ecrea] Call for papers "Mediatized Worlds"
December 09, 2010
[ecrea] cfp: 32nd Annual ILA Convention - Listening for a Sustainable Future
[ecrea] CALL FOR PAPERS for special issue on CELEBRITY NEWS
[ecrea] cfp special issue on envorinmental journalism
[ecrea] Conference: Questioning Transnationalism
[ecrea] Call for collaborations (articles, essays, etc.) for academics to a Spanish journal in Social Sciences and Communication.
[ecrea] CFP: Video Game Conference; Rutgers University; 4/2011
December 10, 2010
[ecrea] McLuhan Galaxy Barcelona 2011 International Conference
[ecrea] Call for applications: MA in Cultural Production (Salzburg, Austria / Jan 31, 2011)
[ecrea] Conference: Communicating Crisis in an Age of Complexity - the Second International Conference on Crisis Communication at the Beginning of the 21st Century
[ecrea] IASPM Benelux Conference
[ecrea] A Symposium on Literature as Communication - ECREA PhilComm Section
[ecrea] "Mobile learning: Crossing boundaries in convergent environments" Conference
[ecrea] Call for Manuscripts for a Special Issue of Environmental Communication
December 12, 2010
December 13, 2010
[ecrea] CfP US-Chinese Media Communication and Public Diplomacy, UMass, August 23-25 2011, Deadline: 1 March 2011
[ecrea] CALL FOR PAPERS - Media@LSE PhD Symposium, 2011
[ecrea] CfP "Europe on the Move" Postgraduate Conference
[ecrea] Call for Papers: World War II and the Media
[ecrea] CFP "Postdigital Encounters" JMP Symposium - deadline 15 Jan
December 14, 2010
[ecrea] CfP dg.o 2011- Digital Government Innovation in Challenging Times
[ecrea] Masculinity and Popular Culture CFP
[ecrea] Call for Submissions: Documentary and Space -- Media Fields Journal, Issue 3
December 15, 2010
[ecrea] CFP Storyworlds across Media
[ecrea] 5th International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media, Barcelona (Spain), 17-20 July 2011
[ecrea] future of journalism conference
[ecrea] CFP Partners in Suspense: Bernard Herrmann and Alfred Hitchcock: 24th, 25th, 26th March 2011
[ecrea] The R@dio Conference - call for papers
[ecrea] CFP: Discourses about Audiences: International Comparisons
December 16, 2010
[ecrea] Call for papers - ECREA Organizational and Strategic Communication Section Workshop in Portugal
[ecrea] CALL FOR PAPERS - MATRIZes, number 8, 1st semester 2010
[ecrea] 3D Storytelling Conference - Ravensbourne
December 17, 2010
[ecrea] CFP: TELOS
[ecrea] Ege University 13th International Cultural Studies Symposium
[ecrea] Call For Papers: Journeys Across Media 2011
[ecrea] Call for papers - Mapping The Magazine
December 20, 2010
[ecrea] CENTRAL EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATION: Call for papers Spring 2012
[ecrea] Workshop: Human Factors in Multimedia & Special Session: Visual Interfaces and User Experience
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Constructing and Deconstructing Identity: ICS Postgraduate Conference 2011
December 21, 2010
[ecrea] CFP: Indigeneity and the media
[ecrea] XVI International Conference of Communication Spain
[ecrea] CFP: Media, communication and democracy: global and national environments
December 23, 2010
[ecrea] CFP: media/communication/democracy conference, Melbourne, Sept 2011
[ecrea] OWOVM conference on poetics and discourse: 2nd CFP
[ecrea] call for papers- deadline 1st Feb 2011
December 26, 2010
[ecrea] CALL FOR PAPERS: Roundtable on Advancing the Discursive Turn in Communication Law & Policy Scholarship
December 27, 2010
[ecrea] The R@dio Conference - call for papers
December 28, 2010
[ecrea] CFP: panel on 'Documentary and the Context of Non-Fiction'
December 29, 2010
[ecrea] CFP: Transformative Works and Fan Activism (second call)
December 31, 2010
[ecrea] CFP FILM AND MEDIA 2011: Call for Papers