Archive for calls, June 2010

June 01, 2010
[ecrea] Conference: "Representations of Prostitution, Sex Work and Sex trafficking between the 19th and 21st Centuries"
[ecrea] CFP Documentary and Intimacy
June 02, 2010
[ecrea] Second call for papers: Reporting war
[ecrea] ICEGOV2010 Call for Submissions
[ecrea] CFP: Special Issue of Popular Music and Society on Popular Music and Marketing
June 03, 2010
[ecrea] 2010 IUAES Intercongress- Commission on Urban Anthropology - Call for papers
[ecrea] OD2010, the Fourth International Conference on Online Deliberation, University of Leeds, 30 June-2 July
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Communication History
[ecrea] cfa: Urban Studies Research
[ecrea] Call for Submissions: Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies
June 04, 2010
[ecrea] WSCA Call for Papers, Environmental Communication Division
[ecrea] XXV International Conference of Communication: Business Models for a Digital Economy: The Value of Contents
June 06, 2010
[ecrea] CFP Re-visiting Latin American Cultural and Media Studies
June 07, 2010
[ecrea] CFP Kiss Kiss Kill Kill: Symposium on the Forgotten Spy Films of Cold War Europe
[ecrea] EIFAC call for papers
June 08, 2010
[ecrea] International Conference Qatar University
[ecrea] CFP:Death and the Media
[ecrea] Call for Papers ­ Transnational Cinemas
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Besides the Screen Symposium
[ecrea] Call for Papers - POLISSEMA 10
June 09, 2010
[ecrea] conference Russian magazines and new media culture in Russia
[ecrea] CFP Celebrity news Conference, 16-17 sept 10, Geneva, Switzerland
[ecrea] Call fo contributions - MeCCSA Disability Studies Network - Currents in the Mainstream - Where are we going?
[ecrea] 9th Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media - Athens
[ecrea] 9th Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media - Athens
[ecrea] call for papers - special edition of International Journal of Electronic Governance (IJEG)
[ecrea] CFP Semiotic of Culture: Analysis and New Perspectives (Madrid, November 2010)
June 10, 2010
[ecrea] CFP: The Life and Work of Peter Whitehead
[ecrea] CFP: A Billion Gadget Minds: Thinking Widgets, Data and Workflow
[ecrea] NERFS Conference 15th June
[ecrea] Call for Chapters: The Anthropology of Teaching and Pedagogy
June 11, 2010
[ecrea] CFP - Rhetoric in Society III
June 12, 2010
[ecrea] cfp: 30 years of communication geopolitics: actors and flows, structures and divides
June 13, 2010
[ecrea] call for editors /thirdspace: a journal of feminist theory and culture/
June 14, 2010
[ecrea] CFP - Lifestyle Journalism - Journalism Practice Special Issue
June 15, 2010
[ecrea] Erotic Adaptations One-Day Symposium, 16 January 2011, Centre for Adaptations, De Montfort University, Leicester
[ecrea] Media Fields Journal - CFP: VIDEO STORES (August 15, 2010)
[ecrea] CFP: Doing Women's Film History 13-15 April 2011: University of Sunderland
June 16, 2010
[ecrea] 2nd CFP Independence in cinema- Université de Paris 13
[ecrea] SETIT 2011 conference
[ecrea] Call For Papers, Symposium: Network Politics: Objects, Subjects and New Political Affects
June 17, 2010
[ecrea] cfp Recherches en Communication
June 18, 2010
[ecrea] CFP: The Second Birth of Cinema: A Centenary Conference (1-2 July 1911; 30 Sept 2010)
[ecrea] CFP: The Big Screen vs. The Small Screen (Feb 16 2011 conference; Oct 1 2010 deadline)
[ecrea] Call for Papers - Creative Accounting: British Producers, British Screens conference, 19-20 April 2011
June 22, 2010
[ecrea] CFP: Rap Music's Sophisticated Dialogues NeMLA April 2011
[ecrea] Call for Papers - Sound and the Moving Image
[ecrea] Workshop Methods in Discourse, Text, and Document Analysis
[ecrea] CFP Spaces of Alterity: Conceptualising Counter-Hegemonic Sites, Practices and Narratives
June 23, 2010
[ecrea] The Third International Conference on Multicultural Discourses Hangzhou, China, 27-29 August 2010
[ecrea] CFP - European Journal of Cultural Studies - Special Issue
June 25, 2010
[ecrea] Call For Papers, Symposium: Network Politics: Objects, Subjects and New Political Affects
June 26, 2010
[ecrea] CFP: The Place of the Image: Global Connections, Local Affiliations (University of Pittsburgh)
June 28, 2010
[ecrea] CfP: Moral Panics in the Contemporary World
June 29, 2010
[ecrea] CFP Re-thinking the Monstrous (1-3 July 2011, Munich)
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Reimagining the Archive
[ecrea] CFP - Learning Futures: Education, Technology and Sustainability
June 30, 2010
[ecrea] Ph.d.-course: New Media? New Theories? New Methods?