Archive for calls, June 2012

May 31, 2012
[ecrea] CfP - Special Issue on the Changing Business of Journalism
[ecrea] 12th Biennial Conference on Communication and Environment
[ecrea] CFP for a book on Geek Rock
[ecrea] CFP - Alternative Modernisms: An International, Interdisciplinary Conference Cardiff University
[ecrea] 2013 Conference on Communication and Environment
June 01, 2012
[ecrea] CFP: Journal of Adaptation in Film and Performance special issue. Deadline: 31 Dec 2012.
[ecrea] ESA RN18 Conference "Communication, Crisis, and Critique in Contemporary Capitalism": submission deadline July 20th
[ecrea] CFP: SCMS Panel on Postfeminist Girlhood
[ecrea] Info about an International Workshop in Bremen
June 02, 2012
[ecrea] Moscow Readings-2012 conference (15-16 November, 2012)
June 03, 2012
[ecrea] CFP: Film and History Conference: Mythical Movie Jews Proposals
June 05, 2012
[ecrea] CFP: Otázky žurnalistiky (Questions of Journalism), 3-4/2012 (vol. 55)
[ecrea] cfp: Mediated Urbanism
[ecrea] CFP: Report from the Pop Line: On the Life and Afterlife of Popular, December 3-4 2012 Lisbon
[ecrea] Visualisation Conference: Imaging Technology Truth and Trust
June 06, 2012
[ecrea] June conference - Policy Notes: Popular Music, Industry and the State
[ecrea] CFP: Multiplicities: Cycles, Sequels, Remakes and Reboots in Film & Television (anthology)
[ecrea] CFP: M/C Journal Special Issue: 'Marriage'
[ecrea] Call for Papers and Art Works – Fakeness
[ecrea] new media conference
[ecrea] Call for submissions for Social Sciences Directory
[ecrea] Collaborative Struggle Conference
[ecrea] CFP for 2012 ACRAWSA conference
[ecrea] CFP: "From Hell's Heart I Stab at Thee": Style and Form in the Hollywood Slasher
[ecrea] Hidden Cinema CFP
June 07, 2012
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Dubrovnik Media Days 2012
[ecrea] CFP McLuhan Studies: new deadline and Call for Cover
[ecrea] CFP for edited collection on Fat Sex
June 10, 2012
[ecrea] CFP - ESF Conference: In Search of Peace - Dialogues between Theories & Practices
[ecrea] Call for Videos on Audiovisual Learning 2.0 - DEADLINE EXTENDED
June 11, 2012
[ecrea] Screen Studies Conference 2012, University of Glasgow, 29 June - 1 July
June 12, 2012
[ecrea] CFP: Code - A Media, Games & Conference, Swinburne University, Melbourne, Aus
[ecrea] CFP: Food and Communication CJCS 5.2
[ecrea] Call for papers Digital TV
[ecrea] Television for Women: An International Conference: Call for Papers
[ecrea] LSE PhD Media Symposium 2012
June 14, 2012
[ecrea] Second Digital Ethnography Week - Call for Participation
[ecrea] CFP for a forthcoming Italian book on digital piracy (March 2013)
[ecrea] CfP Politics, Elections and Data, CIKM2012, Maui (Hawaii, USA)
[ecrea] CfP Journal of European Television History and Culture
[ecrea] Rhythm Changes II: Rethinking Jazz Cultures conference, Salford, April 2013
[ecrea] Networking Knowledge: Call for Guest Editors
[ecrea] call for papers for collection on film and television producers
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Documentary and the Environment
[ecrea] 4th Annual Intersections and Intersections Conference (UWS)
June 16, 2012
[ecrea] Conference: APPS AND AFFECT, University of Western Ontario, October 2013, CFP
[ecrea] CFP (extra chapters) Not Another Teen Movie: Historical Essays on American Cinema and Youth
[ecrea] CFP: TRASH postgraduate conference
[ecrea] CFP: Memories of Conflict, Conflicts of Memory International Conference 13- 14 February, 2013 Senate House, London
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Audio Technologies for Music and Media 2012
June 18, 2012
[ecrea] CFP - Joint Events on Communication and Information Technologies and Applications
[ecrea] Call for papers: Besides the Screen 2012
[ecrea] cfp: The Liveliest Medium
June 19, 2012
[ecrea] Re-opened call for essays Cinéma & Cie journal
[ecrea] World Picture Annual Conference - CfP Deadline Approaching
June 20, 2012
[ecrea] Evaluating and assessing broadband policy - a workshop in Washington, DC
[ecrea] Call for Chapter Proposals "Research and Design Innovations for Mobile User Experience"
[ecrea] Conference on Communicating Medical Error
June 21, 2012
[ecrea] 17th SERCIA conference, Université de Bourgogne
[ecrea] Global Media Journal: CALL FOR PAPERS
[ecrea] EUscreen Conference
[ecrea] CFP: Materialities: Economies, Empiricism, & Things - CSAA annual conference 2012
[ecrea] Call for Papers - Government Information Quarterly Special Issue - Social Media in Government
[ecrea] Cfp Announcement - Silent film sound: history, theory and practice
June 22, 2012
[ecrea] call for proposals PATCH2012 @ ACM Multimedia 2012 Multimedia by the Crowd, for the Crowd
[ecrea] Symposium on the moral psychology of fiction
[ecrea] [NEWS] Call for Candidacies for ECREA’s Executive Board
June 26, 2012
[ecrea] Conference Reminder: The Lived Logics of Database Machinery
[ecrea] CFP: Media Education Summit 2012.
[ecrea] CALL FOR AUTHORS: Multicultural America: A Multimedia Encyclopedia
[ecrea] CFP: Television and Memory
[ecrea] CFP: Communication and Sport
June 27, 2012
[ecrea] Conference Bestseller and Blockbuster Culture
[ecrea] CfP: JTAER Special Issue on the Use and Impact of Social Networking
[ecrea] CFP: Communication Studies
[ecrea] Call for Participation: Disentangling Crisis Discourse
[ecrea] Call for papers - Devils and Dolls: Dichotomous Depictions of 'The Child'
[ecrea] Call for papers: Politics, Consumption or Nihilism: Disorder and Protest, the UK and beyond.
June 28, 2012
[ecrea] Call For Papers - Ethnicity, Race and Nationalism in European Media and Film: Rights, Responsibilities, Representations
[ecrea] Call For Papers - Herald Journal of Marketing and Business Management