Archive for calls, March 2012

March 01, 2012
[ecrea] 4th COIL Conference: Invitation and Call for Presentations
[ecrea] CFP: The Arab Spring: A Symposium on Social Media and the Politics of Reportage
[ecrea] Call for Contributions: new book about David Lynch's series "Twin Peaks"
[ecrea] CfP - Convergence, Engagement and Power: Digital convergence and the challenge to global hegemony.
[ecrea] cfp: Gender and Popular Culture monographs
[ecrea] Community-Powered Digital Transformations: free workshop on Production & Creativity, inc. John Naughton
[ecrea] CFP: American Telefantasy
[ecrea] Popular Media Cultures Symposium
March 02, 2012
[ecrea] CFP: Translating Ethnicity
[ecrea] CFP: Translating Ethnicity
[ecrea] Media transformations conference
[ecrea] CfP Journal of Islam & Christian-Muslim Relations
March 04, 2012
[ecrea] cfp: Audiences, Users, and Producers of Public Service Content: Challenges Ahead
March 05, 2012
[ecrea] Telecom reform conference in Copenhagen
[ecrea] CfA Edited Collection on Sherlock Holmes Adaptations
[ecrea] Power & Difference. 3rd International Conference, Tampere, 27-29 August 2012
[ecrea] Call for Nominations - 2012 Jane Jacobs Urban Communication Book Award
[ecrea] Fwd: Spring 2012 GMJ, The Chronicle, & GCA Conference
March 06, 2012
[ecrea] Rethinking Protest Camps Workshop
[ecrea] Call for papers on brands and communication
March 07, 2012
[ecrea] cfp Digital Citizenship and Activism: Questions of Power and Participation Online
[ecrea] CfP ICEGOV 2012, Albany (USA), 22-25 October 2012
[ecrea] CFP - Flashbacks - Nostalgic Media and mediated forms of nostalgia - international conference - University of Geneva
[ecrea] Film-Philosophy Conference 2012, London, Sept 12-14
March 08, 2012
[ecrea] CFP: Girls and digital culture: transnational reflections, September 2012
March 09, 2012
[ecrea] Call for participants in Editorial Board of New Zealand Journal of Media Studies
[ecrea] Conference "Communicatinng European Intergration"
[ecrea] CFP: Articulating Alternatives: agents, spaces and communication in/of a time of crisis
[ecrea] LaborComm 2012 - III. International Labor and Communication Conference
[ecrea] cfp - media conference Athens Greece
March 11, 2012
[ecrea] CfP 2nd Argumentor Conference
[ecrea] Fwd: [cultstud-l] Journal of Virtual Worlds Research - Combined Call 2012-2013
[ecrea] Call for Contributors: Fan Phenomena
[ecrea] Call for Contributors: Fan Phenomena - this time with contact email
March 12, 2012
[ecrea] call for book reviews - Ecquid Novi - African Journalism Studies
[ecrea] CFP Barcelona Meeting
[ecrea] Call for Submissions: Cultural Mapping as Cultural Inquiry
[ecrea] NETWORKING KNOWLEDGE CALL FOR PAPERS: The Biographical Narrative in Popular Culture, Media and Communication
March 13, 2012
[ecrea] Fwd: [ACS] 2nd Call for Papers - Creating Publics; Creating Democracies
[ecrea] CfP: Conference - New media: changing media landscapes, St. Petersburg
[ecrea] CFP: Media Across Borders (UK) 9 June 2012
March 14, 2012
[ecrea] CFP, IASPM-ANZ Shifting Sounds: Musical Flow
[ecrea] urban communication white paper
[ecrea] Call for Papers_International Seminar_Narratives and social memory
[ecrea] cfp i gesture mutations in European cinema international conference
March 15, 2012
[ecrea] CFP: Contemporary Japanese Media Cultures: Industry, Society and Audiences
[ecrea] PhD course 'Cybersemiotics and Transdisciplinarity: Applications in linguistics, communication, semiotics, and art-technology analysis'
[ecrea] CFP: Displacing the East/West Binary: Conference
March 16, 2012
[ecrea] CFP: 'Audiences, Users, and Producers of Public Service Content: Challenges Ahead'
[ecrea] CFP: Dr Who 50th Anniversary Conference
March 17, 2012
[ecrea] Call for Participants: "Seeing China" Documentary Film Workshops and Screenings (June 2012 in Sydney, Australia)
[ecrea] Arab Women, Media, and Sexuality conference
March 19, 2012
[ecrea] CFP: Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds 4:3
[ecrea] Call for book chapters on Fieldwork Experiences
[ecrea] CFP: Communication & Learning in the Digital Age
[ecrea] Call for papers: Chinese Media Legislation and Regulation: Trends, Issues and Questions
[ecrea] Cine-Excess VI: Call for Papers Reminder and Guest Update
[ecrea] Call for Papers: Chinese media law
[ecrea] CFP Creative practice, activism and place-identities. UWE/AHRC research seminar
March 20, 2012
[ecrea] Call For papers-Estudos em Comunicação- Communication Studies - Reminder
[ecrea] cfp - Bridging the Gap: Public Service Broadcasters, Diasporic Media and Audience Engagement
[ecrea] CFP - Channel 4 and British Film Culture Conference
[ecrea] cfp: “Communication, University and the Public Sphere"
[ecrea] CFP: British Society on the Small Screen?
March 21, 2012
[ecrea] sound:frame 2012 substructions - conference
[ecrea] Call for Papers: 'Policy and Internet' special issue on "Online Collective Action and Policy Change"
[ecrea] CFP A Special Relationship? Irish popular music in Britain
March 22, 2012
[ecrea] Call for papers - media and journalism - 4th International seminar "Media, Journalism, and Democracy"
[ecrea] CFP: a new generation of Portuguese filmmakers: reminder
March 23, 2012
[ecrea] Interrogating Trauma in the Humanities conference
March 24, 2012
[ecrea] CFP - CODE: A Media, Games & Art Conference
[ecrea] CFP: Cinema in the Interstices: Alphaville Journal Inaugural Conference
March 25, 2012
[ecrea] CFP Cinema of Intimacy and the Intimacy of Cinema
[ecrea] Call for conference "Conflict of public values and private interests? European media in 2012"
[ecrea] cfp Journalism Ethics
[ecrea] Communicating Climate Change - A pre-conference to ECC 2012, Istanbul, 23 October
[ecrea] CfP European Media Ethics Congress 2012, Bucharest, Romania
March 26, 2012
[ecrea] CFP: Workshop on Post-socialist media audiences
March 27, 2012
[ecrea] CFP: Interaction/Identity and TV
[ecrea] PERSONA - Call for Articles
[ecrea] Critical and Cultural Theory Symposium Sodertorn University
[ecrea] Arab Spring Symposium call for papers
[ecrea] CFP: Revealing the Reader
March 28, 2012
[ecrea] CFP, Special Issue of Feminist Media Studies, From Veiling to Blogging: Women and Media in the Middle East
[ecrea] CFP: MeCCSA-PGN 2012 Conference
[ecrea] Cfp Northern Lights Spring 2013: Age, generation and the media
[ecrea] call for papers Critical Discourse Studies
March 29, 2012
[ecrea] CFP - Ecocinema and its audiences / Interactions: Studies in Communications and Culture
[ecrea] CFP: Media Across Borders (UK) 9 June 2012
March 30, 2012
[ecrea] CFP: The Adventures of Tintin (essay collection)
[ecrea] Celebrity Couples Conference
[ecrea] Conference: Explorations in Ethnography, Language and Communication: Analysis and Impact in Linguistic Ethnography
[ecrea] 6th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance
[ecrea] CFP Transgressive Media: Crossing disciplinary and mediated borders