Archive for calls, August 2012

August 02, 2012
[ecrea] CALL FOR PAPERS: Othering Race and Ethnicity in Media and Popular Culture
August 03, 2012
[ecrea] Call for paper: International Research Journal of Arts and Social Sciences
[ecrea] CALL FOR PAPERS DEADLINE EXTENSION: The Central European Journal of Communication - Special Issue: "The Extension of Public Service Media in the Multiplatform Scenario"
August 05, 2012
[ecrea] Cyberspace 2012 Conference - Call for Submission
[ecrea] CFP: European Fandom and Fan Studies, Amsterdam, Nov 10, 2012
August 06, 2012
[ecrea] conference "Flashbacks - nostalgic media and mediated forms of nostalgia"
[ecrea] CFP: International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, Governance and Sustainable Development
[ecrea] RCUK DIgital Economy All Hands Conference 2012
August 07, 2012
[ecrea] IAMCR 2013 Conference - Dublin, Ireland
[ecrea] Call for Candidacies for Executive Board - 2 weeks left
[ecrea] CFP: SCMS Panel Proposal - British Film Censorship, Genre and the BBFC
[ecrea] Television for Women: An International Conference: Call for Papers REMINDER
August 08, 2012
[ecrea] Journal of Popular Television: Call for Submissions
[ecrea] Conference: Communicating Medical Error 2013 (COME)
[ecrea] ARCHIVIA conference 31.8./1.9.2012 Linz
[ecrea] Call for abstracts - Archiving and Visualization of Intangible Heritage
August 12, 2012
[ecrea] CfP - Interdisciplinary Conference 'VOICE/PRESENCE/ABSENCE'
[ecrea] European Conference LINQ 2012
[ecrea] CFP - 'Big Data, Big Questions, or, Accounting for Big Data' IJOC Special Section
[ecrea] CFP / Placescape, placemaking, placemarking, placedness...
August 14, 2012
[ecrea] Call for Papers: MEDIA IN THEATRE – THEATRE IN MEDIA
[ecrea] CALL FOR PAPERS: Othering Race and Ethnicity in Media and Popular Culture
[ecrea] IR 13: Technologies Conference
[ecrea] NECSUS call for papers, #3, Spring 2013, 'Green'
[ecrea] UC-ICA Latin American Conference
[ecrea] CFP: Consumer Practices, Media and Landscapes in South Africa
August 17, 2012
[ecrea] CFP: The Cultural Mythology of the Snuff Movie - The Deadline For Abstracts is Tomorrow
[ecrea] CfP: Book "Social Media, Politics and the State"
August 22, 2012
[ecrea] Call for proposals to host future IAMCR conferences
August 23, 2012
[ecrea] cfp: Dubrovnik media days
August 24, 2012
[ecrea] CfP - 3rd World Journalism Education Congress (Mechelen, Belgium; July 3-5, 2013)
August 29, 2012
[ecrea] CFP - 1st Annual Comic Conference of the University of Seville
August 31, 2012
[ecrea] Cowboys or Indies: 30 years of Indies & PSB conference reminder
[ecrea] cfp: International Research Journal of Journalism and Mass Communication
[ecrea] Critical and Cultural Theory Symposium Södertörn University 13-14 September 2012
[ecrea] CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: 'Research Methods in Media Discourse: a postgraduate conference'. DEADLINE SEPT 3
[ecrea] CfP "Online political participation and its critics" ; International symposium of the DEL/CERTOP/CNRS research network, Paris, 19-20 June 2013