Archive for calls, August 2018

August 01, 2018
[ecrea] CFP Eyewitness Textures: UGC and News Coverage in the 21st Century
[ecrea] MeCCSA 2019 Conference
August 02, 2018
[ecrea] CFP - Action Cinema Now
[ecrea] cfp: Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research 2019: Transitions into Parenthood: Childbearing, Childrearing, and the Changing Nature of Parenting
August 03, 2018
[ecrea] Surveillance, Social Media, and Identity CFP
[ecrea] New Report & London Symposium (14th September) on Children's Screen Content in an Era of Forced Migration
August 04, 2018
[ecrea] CFP Call for Abstract - V International Congress of Methodologies in Communication Research Conference
August 05, 2018
[ecrea] CFP | Futures of management theory @Futures
August 06, 2018
[ecrea] cfp - The Internet of Toys: Digitising Early Childhood International Preconference
[ecrea] Populism and the Media Across Europe - CFP
[ecrea] CFP for the 14th (2019) Art of Record Production Conference
[ecrea] cfp - Creative methodologies applied to communication, Desing Thinking and the new possibilities of creating solutions
[ecrea] Photomemory: commemoration, memory, archive symposium
[ecrea] CfP Gender and digital media: Friend or foe in times of change
August 07, 2018
[ecrea] CFP: "Born Digital Cultural Histories" special issue, _Arts_
[ecrea] CFP - Udine - filmforum conference 2019 - "Moving Pictures, Living Machines"
[ecrea] Call for Guest Editors for the Journal "Networking Knowledge"
[ecrea] Book Chapters CfP | Miscommunication: Errors, Mistakes, and the Media
[ecrea] CFP - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Adaptations, Histories, Legacies - Proposals due 1 Oct. 2018
August 08, 2018
[ecrea] CfP: WAR/GAME: Ludic Expressions of Violent Conflict
[ecrea] CFP: Interactive Animation and Video Games (Anifest 2019)
[ecrea] Call For Papers: The 4th Norwegian Big Data Symposium
[ecrea] Anti-Social Media Conference
August 09, 2018
[ecrea] ECREA Pre-Conference: Towards a polyphony of memory? Media, Communication and Memory in the Digital Age
[ecrea] Popular Music History Journal: CFP and EOI for new Reviews Editor
[ecrea] IJOC Special Issue CFP on North Korea, Media and Communication
[ecrea] Pinter on Film, TV and Radio conference
[ecrea] Announcement of PhD course on Future Media - technologies and markets
August 10, 2018
[ecrea] cfp - Female Agency and Subjectivity in Film and Television
[ecrea] CFP: Sports Journalism
August 11, 2018
[ecrea] cfp - Glimpse Journal - global media literacy in the digital age.
August 13, 2018
[ecrea] JCMR 10+1 (Vol. 11 No. 1) issue: Call for Papers
[ecrea] Cfp Late Autumn School "Trust in the Digital Age"
[ecrea] CFP: Global Intersections and Artistic Interconnections: Italian Cinema and Media Across Time and Space
[ecrea] CFP: Popular Culture, Fandom and Tourism
[ecrea] CFP: NECSUS Spring 2019 on the newsletter
August 14, 2018
[ecrea] CFP: Not Another Brick in the Wall: Teaching and Researching the Audio Video Essay - A Two-Day Symposium: 19th and 20th November 2018, Monash University, Melbourne
[ecrea] Call for paper for Understanding the Social
August 15, 2018
[ecrea] 2nd European Symposium on Societal Challenges in Computational Social Science
[ecrea] Call for Papers - Translation Across Borders: Genres and Geographies
[ecrea] CFP: Popular Culture, Fandom and Tourism
[ecrea] conference: The Intentional Play Summit
August 16, 2018
[ecrea] CfP: The Soundtrack
[ecrea] MZES Open Social Science Conference 2019
[ecrea] CFP Global Media and China_Special Issue: Data on demand: Ranking the nation, predicting the future
August 17, 2018
[ecrea] cfp for international workshop on hate speech
[ecrea] CFP edited collection - ReFocus: The Films of Rachid Bouchareb
[ecrea] CFP: Music, digitalisation and democracy
August 18, 2018
[ecrea] cfp - Truth and Communication in the Age of Misinformation from Kierkegaard to Social Media
August 19, 2018
[ecrea] CFP - Journal of Alternative and Community Media
August 20, 2018
[ecrea] Call for Abstracts: CSCW Workshop on Power Struggles in the Digital Economy
[ecrea] Conference CFP - 2019 SWPACA Conference (Game Studies, Culture, Play, and Practice Area)
[ecrea] Call for abstracts - edited collection - struggle for gender equality in film industries
August 21, 2018
[ecrea] CFP Sexuality and Borders, Department of Media, Culture, and Communication, NYU
[ecrea] CFP: Post-Representative Participations: Engaging with Civic Action in the Times of Digital Citizenship
[ecrea] Call for Chapters: Digital Inequalities in the Global South
[ecrea] CfP: Studies in South Asian Film & Media
August 22, 2018
[ecrea] Smart Storytelling Day: Symposium & Showcase
August 23, 2018
[ecrea] Focused call for Book Chapters: European Cinema in the 21st Century: Discourses, Directions and Genres
[ecrea] CFP: EuroNoize
[ecrea] CfP: Journal of African Cinemas
August 24, 2018
[ecrea] Prospects and Challenges towards Developing a Digital Economy within the EU - CfP
[ecrea] Center for Advanced Research in Global Communication Releases CARGC Paper 9
[ecrea] cfp - Identity and difference in Latin American song
August 25, 2018
[ecrea] CfP: Moving Image Review & Art Journal
[ecrea] What I Know Is 2: Data Literacy, Open Data and Knowledge-Building Communities - Conference
August 27, 2018
[ecrea] cfp - Rethinking cultural journalism and cultural critique in digital media culture
[ecrea] CFP Special Issue of Convergence Gamifying News
[ecrea] Call for Chapters: Business Management and Communication Perspectives in Industry 4.0
[ecrea] CFP: Special Issue of "Convergence": Digital Culture Meets Data: Critical Perspectives
August 28, 2018
[ecrea] Foreign Policy Strategies in a Networked World: Governance After Brexit : workshop
August 30, 2018
[ecrea] cfp - Collaboration and Convergence of Libraries, Archives and Museums
[ecrea] CFP: #Talkingpoints – Twitter and civic debate
[ecrea] cfp on the voice in experimental poetry, film and music
[ecrea] CFP | Futures of Media: Shifting spheres @Kybernetes
August 31, 2018
[ecrea] CFP of UCMeCSA 3rd Biannual Conference - Digital China: Media and Social Change
[ecrea] CfP "From Spectacle to Entertainment" - International Conference of Film and Media Studies