Archive for calls, June 2018

May 31, 2018
[ecrea] CFP International Symposium on Communication in The Digital Age (CIDA)
June 02, 2018
[ecrea] Call for articles to a special journal issue on new media and mobility
[ecrea] CFP: Family and the Media (MCP Journal)
[ecrea] Call for Papers - Pathologies and Dysfunctions of Democracy in the Media Context
June 03, 2018
[ecrea] CFP: The 10th International Joint Summer School (IJSS 2018) "China Communication Studies at 40"
June 04, 2018
[ecrea] CFP - The International Postgraduate Conference in Translation and Interpreting 2018
[ecrea] CFP The political economy of local cinema
[ecrea] CFP "Media Industry Studies in Italy: New Perspectives on the Past and the Present of Italian Film and Television"
June 05, 2018
[ecrea] Call for papers for edited collection on media, incarceration, prisons
[ecrea] Cultural Economy After Neo-Liberalism - conference
[ecrea] CfP - Narratives and Work - special issue Communication and Language at Work
[ecrea] Call for articles: new media and mobility
[ecrea] Cfp: Conference on Journalism and Platforms
June 06, 2018
[ecrea] Call for Papers - International Meeting /Cinema and other Arts
[ecrea] CfP: The Web that Was: Archives, Traces, Reflections
June 07, 2018
[ecrea] Call for Papers - New Directions in Media, Communication and Sociology Research
[ecrea] 5th International Political Communication Conference
[ecrea] CfP iCS Symposium on Challenges to Studying Disinformation
[ecrea] Trailblazing Women On and Off Screen Conference
[ecrea] The Ninth International Graphic Novel and Comics Conference - 'Retro! Time, Memory, Nostalgia'
June 08, 2018
[ecrea] Conference Call: Behind the Paywall 2019
[ecrea] CfP: "Character Assassination and Populism" conference
[ecrea] CFP Commemoration, memory, archive - investigating commemorative and memorial uses of personal, non-professional images in the digital age in the Global South
[ecrea] CFP Code: A Media Conference of Platforms, Devices and Screens
[ecrea] CfP VANDA: "Portable panopticons: (in)visibility, intimacy and exposure in the age of social networks"
[ecrea] cfp mass media discourse today
June 09, 2018
[ecrea] CfP: Memories of the Future
[ecrea] The 10th International 'Moscow Readings' Conference (25-26 October 2018)
June 10, 2018
[ecrea] Adria Information Disorder AI Tools 2018 Workshop
[ecrea] Open call University of Udine PhD Program
[ecrea] JICMS Conference CFP / Global Intersections and Artistic Interconnections: Italian Cinema and Media across Times and Spaces
June 11, 2018
[ecrea] CFP the political economy of local cinema
[ecrea] cfp replacement and replaceability
[ecrea] 50 years of agenda setting studies - International and Interdisciplinary Congress cFP
[ecrea] CFP: Visual Media in the Gulf Hosted by NYU Abu Dhabi
[ecrea] white paper on online content regulation and fake news
[ecrea] Screen Cultures Conference - Birmingham City University
June 12, 2018
[ecrea] cfp -
[ecrea] CFP: Crafting, Hacking, and Making: DIY Pasts, Presents, and Futures, Edited by Melanie Swalwell, David Murphy, and Maria B. Garda
[ecrea] Affect and Social Media#4 cfp
[ecrea] Everyday Creativity Conference
[ecrea] CFA Nordic Perspectives on Fandom in a Transmedia Landscape
[ecrea] Call for Papers - RuPaul's Drag Race and the Cultural Politics of Fame - Celebrity Studies (Special Edition)
June 13, 2018
[ecrea] (Post)Colonial images: an intermedial approach cfp
[ecrea] CFP: International Conference on Landscape and Cinema_FLUL_Lisbon
[ecrea] cfp - 2019 ECREA Journalism Studies conference
[ecrea] Borderlines VI: Performing Across the Frontiers of Fear Conference, De Montfort University, Leicester, 21st June 2018
June 14, 2018
[ecrea] cfp Journal for Discourse Studies (JfDS)
[ecrea] EiD II: Call for Papers
[ecrea] CfP: De-Westernizing Visual Culture: Perspectives from the Global South
[ecrea] cfp - Rethinking cultural journalism and cultural critique in digital media culture
[ecrea] VIEW Journal Call for Papers
June 15, 2018
[ecrea] PhD course on Future Media - technologies and markets
[ecrea] CFP: Sports media & femininity symposium
[ecrea] Call for papers - Religions and the digital: metamorphoses and conversions
[ecrea] Call for Proposals - IGSA@ND 2019
June 17, 2018
[ecrea] call for abstracts: VI International Conference on Online Journalism
June 18, 2018
[ecrea] Somatechnics Call for Special Issue Proposals
June 19, 2018
[ecrea] Call for Proposals. Review of Communication Research
[ecrea] CfP 'Journalism and Experientiality'
[ecrea] CfP Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics on "The Ethical Grounding and Instructional Value of Storytelling"
[ecrea] CfA 1 PhD Scholarship | Research School MEDAS 21 - Global Media Assistance in the 21st Century
[ecrea] Call for Papers, Edited Collection: Starring Tom Cruise
[ecrea] CfP Religion, new media and social change
[ecrea] Call for Applicants: Head of School of the Arts and Media, UNSW
[ecrea] Call for Chapter Proposals: Mixing Pop and Politics
June 20, 2018
[ecrea] CFP: InVisible Culture, "Poetics of Play" Issue 30
[ecrea] CfP - Virtual Reality for Pro-Social Attitude Change - Special issue of New Media & Society
[ecrea] Conference CfP: "MZES Open Social Science Conference 2019"
June 21, 2018
[ecrea] cfp - intermediality now: remapping in-betweenness
June 25, 2018
[ecrea] CFP: Media Fields Journal #14: At the Edge
[ecrea] CfA- Annual Conference of the Italian Association of Political Communication
[ecrea] Call for papers, Chinese DiGRA 2018
[ecrea] Digital Intimacies 4: Porousness & Permutations CFP
[ecrea] CFP - Frankenstein Unbound: An Interdisciplinary Conference Exploring Mary Shelley and Gothic Legacies
June 26, 2018
[ecrea] Call for applications! Senior Lecturer / Course Leader for MA Media & Digital Communications
[ecrea] Call for paper - Ownership Structures and Managerial Challenges in the African Media and Telecommunications Sectors
[ecrea] CfP iCS Symposium on Challenges to Studying Disinformation
[ecrea] QUT - DMRC call for PhD applications for 2019
[ecrea] Call For Papers - Race and (de)coloniality in culture, the media and the arts
[ecrea] CfP: Deception on Social Media
June 27, 2018
[ecrea] Call for Chapters: Book on Mental Illness in Entertainment Media
[ecrea] CFP edited collection - ReFocus: The Films of Rachid Bouchareb
June 28, 2018
[ecrea] CFP - Critical Discourse Studies > 'Decolonising Critical Discourse Studies'
June 29, 2018
[ecrea] CFP for Cine-Excess XII: I Know What You Starred in Last Summer: Global Perspectives on Cult Performance
[ecrea] CFP: The Labour of Media (Studies): Activism, Education, and Industry
[ecrea] Call for Articles in Communication/Media/Journalism studies for KOME