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[ecrea] New Issue of Participations: Volume 7, Issue 2

Thu Dec 23 07:44:06 GMT 2010

Volume 7, Issue 2 (November 2010)

Special Edition: Screen Dance Audiences ? why now?
Reason, Matthew & Dee Reynolds (Guest Editors - Special Edition):

<>'Special Issue Introduction'

Bench, Harmony:

<>'Screendance 2.0: Social Dance-Media'

David, Ann:

<>'Dancing the diasporic dream? Embodied desires and the changing audiences for Bollywood film dance'

Pearlman, Karen:

<>'If a dancing figure falls in the forest and nobody see her...'

Reason, Matthew:

<>'Thinking about Audiences: a dance film-maker's perspective. An interview with Alex Reuben'

Wood, Karen:

<>'An investigation into audiences' televisual experience of Strictly Come Dancing<>'


Chopra-Gant, Mike:

<>'Dirty movies, or: why film scholars should stop worrying about Citizen Kane and learn to love bad films'

Lang, Anouk:

<>'"A Dirty Little Secret": Taste Hierarchies and Richard and Judy's Book Club'

McKinnon, Scott:

<>'Taking the Word 'Out' West: Movie Reception and Gay Spaces'

Radbourne, Jennifer, Katya Johanson & Hilary Glow:

<>'Empowering Audiences to Measure Quality'

Walker, Becky:

<>'The L Word<> fan fiction reimagining intimate partner violence'

Goode, Sarah D.:

<>Understanding and Addressing Sexual Attraction to Children: A Study of Peadophiles in Contemporary Society<>. Routledge (2010). ISBN: 9780415446266.

Snickars, Pelle & Patrick Vondreau (eds.):

<>The Youtube Reader<>. National Library of Sweden (2009). ISBN: 9789188468116.

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