Archive for publications, July 2010

July 01, 2010
[ecrea] New Book on Media Writing
July 05, 2010
[ecrea] Global Media Journal-American Edition
July 07, 2010
[ecrea] New Book on new media and cultural practices
[ecrea] New Book on Art, Space and Memory in the Digital Era
[ecrea] New Book on Organizational Communication: Contredire l'entreprise (Contradicting Firms)
July 09, 2010
[ecrea] Third Text - New Issue Now Available
July 12, 2010
[ecrea] New Book: Journalism and Meaning-making
[ecrea] Media Education Research Journal published
July 14, 2010
[ecrea] Digital Creativity - New Issue Now Available
[ecrea] new book: Media and audience at the gobalized society
July 15, 2010
[ecrea] Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture
July 16, 2010
[ecrea] new book The Danish Directors 2: Dialogues on the New Danish Fiction Cinema
[ecrea] new book: Trans-Reality Television
July 18, 2010
[ecrea] New book on 24-hour news
July 22, 2010
[ecrea] Music, Sound, and the Moving Image, Vol 4, Issue 1
[ecrea] New book: Intelligent Multimedia
July 23, 2010
[ecrea] Special issue of the Journal for Cultural Research - Autonomy and Creative Labour
July 25, 2010
[ecrea] New issue of Academic Quarter: Flesh
July 27, 2010
[ecrea] new book: Emerging Practices in Cyberculture and Social Networking