Archive for publications, July 2015

July 01, 2015
[ecrea] new book: The Borders of Subculture - Resistance and the Mainstream
[ecrea] new issue Communication & Society 28(3) - June 2015
[ecrea] New Book: Feminist Surveillance Studies
July 02, 2015
[ecrea] new publication - Culture, Trauma, and Conflict (Book of the Month - July 2015) - 60% discount
[ecrea] New issue of MATRIZes
July 03, 2015
[ecrea] new book - Journalism and Memorialization in the Age of Social Media
[ecrea] new issue - Journal of Fandom Studies 3.2
[ecrea] Migration issue of Cardiff's JOMEC Journal is out
[ecrea] new book - Surveillance Cinema
July 06, 2015
[ecrea] Interactions - new issue: Social media and citizen engagement in crises
[ecrea] new ECREA Summer School book - "Journalism, Representation and the Public Sphere"
July 08, 2015
[ecrea] New Book - Fatih Akin's HEAD-ON
[ecrea] E-Politics of Food - International Journal of E-Politics (IJEP) 6(3)
[ecrea] New publication: Mobile and Digital Communication: Approaches to Public and Private
[ecrea] New book - Worker Resistance and Media: Challenging Global Corporate Power in the 21st Century
[ecrea] Studies in Media and Communication: Vol. 3, No. 1, June 2015 issue published
[ecrea] Political Economy of Communication Journal Vol 3 Issue 1
[ecrea] New book on media ethics
July 10, 2015
[ecrea] IJDT Special Issue: Public service objectives
[ecrea] New Book - Gender and Media. Representing, Producing, Consuming
July 13, 2015
[ecrea] new book: Communication Shock!
[ecrea] New Book: Online Courtship Book Now Available Online
July 16, 2015
[ecrea] New Book - Jean Baudrillard: From Hyperreality to Disappearance
July 18, 2015
[ecrea] new book: Cameron's Conservatives and the Internet: Change, Culture and Cyber Toryism
[ecrea] new book - Bridging Gaps: Higher Education, Media and Society (2015)
[ecrea] Special issue of Critical Studies in Television - Gender and Television Comedy
July 21, 2015
[ecrea] new issue - Javnost - The Public
July 24, 2015
[ecrea] Special issue of Digital Journalism: Journalism, Citizenship and Surveillance Society
[ecrea] new book - The Theory of the Social Practice of Information
[ecrea] Announcing the launch of new journal Communication and the Public
[ecrea] open access SuSo book > "Journalism, Representation and the Public Sphere"
July 25, 2015
[ecrea] OJAD Journal - New issue - July 2015
July 27, 2015
[ecrea] New Book: The Routledge Companion to Labor and Media
July 28, 2015
[ecrea] Adaptation: Volume 8 Issue 2 now online
[ecrea] Special journal issue on "The Visuality of Scenes"
July 31, 2015
[ecrea] New Issue of Global Media Journal - German Edition on "Contemporary TV Drama Series"
[ecrea] New issue: Quaderns del CAC 41 - July 2015
[ecrea] New Book Announcement: Global Manga: "Japanese" Comics without Japan?
[ecrea] new book: Complex TV